Kids Board Games As Horror Movies 🍿 -

Kids Board Games As Horror Movies 🍿

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  1. Guess who is a deadly movie just look at the saw blades!!!

  2. I hate the candy land one that looks sooo scary

  3. pls don't put me like this in a horror movie

  4. I think guess who is like you're family trapped in boxes then you have to figure out you're loved one

  5. I would rather die from old age instead of dying like that

  6. I dunno why but guess who gives me goosebumps

  7. Jëlly 👂𝓓𝓸𝓵𝓸𝓻𝓮𝓼 💋 says:

    The candy land one looks so cool tbh

  8. Guess who looks gruesome and graphic it’s gonna be rated R

  9. I’m going wit the first bc I’m a baddie😈

  10. Ok but when are these coming out though?!

  11. Idea for them guess who your loved one trapped in box and have to guess who they are if your wrong they die
    Candy land 5 kids go in to candy land and the candy tries to eat them
    Monopoly the monopoly man kidnapped a man's kid he leaves clues that leads him in houses with 10 other people who all had their kid kidnapped they go through torture if they want their kid back now you may be thinking what does that have do with monopoly? short answer NOTHING long answer its really hard to make a horror movie based off a board game and I tried my best

  12. I love how all of them just saying coming soon

  13. I think the story’s of candy land and guess who would be (guess who) a group of friends went to a party that they got invited to but then they got knocked out then they all wake up in these boxes and one of the friends must guess who the killer is but if they guess wrong to many times all there friends die… (candy land) a family of 4 went to a carnival but then the kids got lost then the carnival closed when they got to the exit they got taken and then when they looked around all they saw was candy and blood and body’s if there parents they must find a way out before the gingerbread man finds them (monopoly) a family bought a house with a weird land lord but one night they forgot to pay rent then the landlord broke a window and is now looking for them they have to find a phone to call the police or find a way out before the land lord gets them

  14. We fr not gonna talk about the fact that the horror version of the monopoly guy looks like fucking hisenberg from re village

  15. The music gives me the creeps cuz I heard it to many times it gives me goosebumps😫😩😥😓😢😞😣😖🤐

  16. Guess who plot:There's a serial killer at one of the boxes… guess right or you doomed us all

    Candy land plot:Cannibalistic candies is surrounding the whole area so don't die 🙂

    Monopoly:If you lose to the monopoly man the whole town will be killed 🙁

  17. Monopoly and Guess Who looks interesting.

  18. Guess who: Guess who's the name but if you guess it wrong the people will die and you too

  19. They all board game to horror movie so they want to let them see the game about the horror? 😐


  21. Me and. My sister have some of those games


  23. What the guess who movie would be about:
    It starts off with three teenage boys who are walking on the streets of New York and then they get kidnapped by a a criminal who escaped from an insane asylum 20 years ago and he was never caught. He brings them to his house where he kidnaps different kids and traps them in boxes where he makes them compete in different death games and the last one when there is only two people left is where they take one kid who has to guess who the person in the box is and if he fails them they both die

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