kids board games as horror movies -

kids board games as horror movies

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this is just shows how popular theses board games are!


  1. FUN FACT: Don’t wake daddy is a real movie made in 2014 and it’s about a family in the beginning of the movie there are flashbacks of the family having fun then it goes into the real time and it shows a scene were the dad has a knife and he committs suicide then he was sent to the hospital he hears doctors and his wife and daughter crying because he heard he was in a coma while at the hospital it becomes night time and the husband is awake and he then gets up walking to a asleep patients room he then turns off the lights and gets a sharp tool and kills the patient after that morning comes and they find the dad just fine he gets sent back home and he didn’t say a word he just went to his room and pretended to sleep the mom then notices that she has work then she leaves her daughter with her dad a few minutes passed and the daughter asks her dad to play he just replied be quiet or death will come for you I don’t know the rest SORRY 😤😔

  2. Here’s what I imagine each plot for each one would be about
    Chutes and ladders:main protagonist competes in a squid game version of the board game
    Don’t wake daddy:four siblings must work together to get to the kitchen to get some food in the middle of the night, because their father is violent and neglectful and abusive all at the same time however they have to be careful and not wake there dad up or else they will experience his wrath
    Sorry:I don’t know what it would be about
    Uno:a family that has been haunted by a demon for a very long time figured out the only way to defeat the demon is to win a game of uno

  3. Don't wake Daddy douse not exist

  4. I'm watching to UNO it's the best story

  5. 🤗🤗🤗🤗😫😫😫😫

  6. Sorry is saw but The title is Not saw it’s sorry

  7. i think sorry would be you choose a card and it tells you how to hurt a person really bad then you say sorry

  8. Cómo que sorry es la 12va película de saw

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