Kids Board Games Turned Into Horror movies (PT 4) #shorts -

Kids Board Games Turned Into Horror movies (PT 4) #shorts

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  1. ♥︎bffs: enzo lee lily devi refzty and tiffany!♥︎ says:

    It says coming soon are they actually coming to be real?

  2. Tbh if the “stay alive” movie was real I would definitely watch it :’)

  3. Wait a minute…stay alive already have A HORROR MOVIE

  4. Stay alive: sword art online except less sword art and more torture death game escape room in virtual reality oh and if you don't make it out alive you die in real life as well

  5. ripper the indoraptor from Jurassic world2 says:

    I loved my children games

  6. Just imagine all those horror board games in a timeline

  7. Hungry hippos reminds me of the titanic

  8. The stay alive film is literally so different

  9. Very cool as always I Iimagen hungry hungry hippos to be like a horror version of jungle cruse these rich people go on a fancy jungle cruse however unbounded to them the boat guy is using them as a sacrifice to the killer hippos he makes it look like he dies but didn’t leaving the family to fend for themselves and twords the end of the movie the boat guy died for real and I’m going to try making this a real thing might take a while though

  10. hungry hippos:one day a man name Dan was planning to go on to a swamp to explore the cool looking animals but while he was trying to get back on land a hippo came next to him started shaking the boat but he managed to escape but the Hippo is still following him his freind Olivia try to help but she getting eaten by the Hippo so his only option is to try to get away fast as possible ASP and he also packed a gun with him but it only has 4 bullets left so he said to him self I need to use it wisely or I'm dead and on this swamp there is no one here this place was off limits but and he went to the wrong destination and lead him to the hungry venomous Hippos.

  11. "you die in the game, you die for real."
    Me: well no s*** sherlock.

  12. The first movie ruined my childhood😅😂

  13. Stay alive a human named jake gets torchered along with 100000 more players dying each day and soon jake makes it out but faints and dies

  14. Stay alive is kinda a good name for a horror movie though

  15. OK, that song needs to be BANNED from shorts.



  18. 𝕽𝖊𝖕𝖚𝖇𝖑𝖎𝖈 𝖔𝖋 𝕭𝖔𝖓𝖗𝖆𝖛𝖎𝖆 says:

    Congrats mate

  19. The hungry hippos horror movie what is it on??

  20. Bro This is actually perfect for theaters :'

  21. They don't star the rock for hungry hippos ima cry

  22. Stay alive could be about teenagers playing the game and gets transported there and somebody is chasing them with a knife and u have to run and there is traps that can kill you and there's chains if u are on the chains at the wrong time you get pulled up and killed by a saw at the top?
    Hungry hippos can be about there are adults on a boat fishing and suddenly the boat goes out of the control and starts driving it self and I drives into a ice lake and if u fall off the boat there are hippos in the water that eat you and strong wind comes and sharks and hippos can jump over the boat that how u can fall off?

  23. I guess I it's only supposed to see at least one original idea but another wise mad I would say good Beyond I think you did a good job you know you want to help out smoke weed when you but you just got to be honest it wasn't the best but it wasn't bad the good fight about 10

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