Kingdom Come: Deliverance – The Board Game | Launch Trailer -

Kingdom Come: Deliverance – The Board Game | Launch Trailer

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Kingdom Come: Deliverance – The Board Game launches on Gamefound on September 19th. Follow the campaign before the launch to receive a free reward with your pledge!

Kingdom Come: Deliverance – The Board Game is an app-driven, cooperative, campaign game that focuses on a rich narrative and living world that players can explore. In 1421, the Lands of Bohemia were torn apart by the conflict between the Crusades and the Hussites, and the common folk were caught in the middle. The only thing anyone can grasp at is faith, and even that is slowly fading away.

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The Amazing Video Crew:
ACTORS Robert Holík, Stanislav Callas, Alex Montyro, Soňa Beaumont Tichá, Kevin Michael Clarke, Daniel Brown, Jack Stephens, Zdeněk Dino Žlůva, Ondřej Benda
DIRECTOR Štěpán FOK Vodrážka
DOP Matěj Piňos
PRODUCER Anna Bělková
EDITOR Tomáš Elšík
1st AD Janek Palovský
GAFFER Jiří Vrána
CASTING Gabriela Dorantová, Warhorse Studios
ACKNOWLEDGMENTS for the loan of historical costumes from ARGO and Housův filmový mlýn v Táboře

Music used with kind permission of Warhorse Studios

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  1. Man, if I knew this was a thing, I'd back it up. I hope it gets put back on again and it gets more backers. Looks like an amazing game!

  2. Cool & difference really nice concept 😎

  3. Man I really wish they spent more time on the gameplay and components than in the players… It takes over 2 minutes for them to get to talking about the gameplay.

  4. Such a shame the campaign (and the studio!) had to shut down.

  5. Man, if I knew this was a thing, I'd back it up. I hope it gets put back on again and it gets more backers. Looks like an amazing game!

  6. Wait before you hide the body can I have the chainmail and waffenrock :DD 😇

    Great and high quality trailer!

  7. Good job guys! Greetings from polish neighbours!

  8. Best board game trailer I‘ve seen in a while

  9. Excelent trailer. I Cant wait for This Bcs my love to KCD is huge. I feel quite hungry about that game!

  10. I do serve a mighty fine ale there! Looking forward to the game!

  11. So you're saying I can backstab? In a tavern??

  12. Love it! I was expecting Tom McKay to appear too 😛

  13. This was soooo much fun to be a part of!! Can´t wait to play the game!

  14. So it's DND but kingdom come deliverance.

    Really wishing I hadnt spent 3 months writing my own kcd DND campaign now. /S

  15. Really nice trailer guys, but to be honest, I am really anxious about the app inclusion and I know I'm not the only one.

  16. you need a smartphone for a board game? i´m out.

  17. is the mobile app really necessary though?

  18. Very much looking forward to this. I really do love the video game, so this is a total surprise. I'm think my board game group would enjoy this too.

  19. It was a real pleasure to be part of this project.

  20. I'm excited to try this out, even moreso since it takes place 18 years after KCD. Christ be praised!

  21. Does the app also help you using the several tokens?

  22. The anouncer sounds like Bardic Broadcasts. Can he say Heroquest?

  23. Beautiful! Can't wait for Sxy Biscuit to make a full video playing this!!

  24. Guys, but 180 EU??? Ohhh not for me this time, pity.

  25. Would love to drink some Old Wheat Ale while playing this game. 😀

  26. Can you change the language of the audio in the app?

  27. Tututtuuuutu tutututututuutuuuuu Henry's come to see us !

  28. I already like it !!! 😄❤️❤️❤️❤️cheers from France.

  29. It reminds me holy grail the monty python movie ! 🙂

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