Lacrimosa - Board Game Review - Written Well, But Played A Little Off-Key -

Lacrimosa – Board Game Review – Written Well, But Played A Little Off-Key

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Lacrimosa – Board Game Review – Written Well, But Played A Little Off-Key

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In Lacrimosa, players take the roles of patrons of the late musician, contributing with their fundings to the composer’s works one last time. During the game, you play in two different timelines: the present and the past. In the present, you commission the missing parts of the Requiem from other composers in order to complete it. When developing past events, the game takes place in five epochs in which you contribute by buying new compositions from the composer to sell or exhibit, accompany him on the different journeys through the main courts and theaters in Europe, and gather the resources you need in order to support the musician during his career.

During the game, you play cards from a limited hand that you will improve as the game progresses. These cards can be played either as actions or as resource generators, and players need to optimize their resources and finances in order to support their best version of the story and their relationship with Mozart.



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00:00 – Introduction and Promo
01:00 – Background and Rules Overview
04:49 – Pretty Dry, A Waste of A Cool Theme
06:26 – The Prettiest Beige I’ve Seen, But Still Beige
09:33 – The Rulebook Is Out of Order!
11:52 – The Cards Are The Game. . . But Luck Hurts. . . A Lot!
13:37 – A Fun, Tight Experience, But Limited Variety
15:00 – Player Scaling Is Pretty Inconsequential
15:38 – Travel Is Weaker And Often A Tertiary Concern
18:19 – Winning Path Is Very One-Note
20:29 – Much Ado About Nothing (Bonus Tiles / Setup Nonsense)
23:21 – Replay Value Isn’t High Due To The Above
25:22 – Summary and Verdict

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  1. No theme? Your dismissive attitude about the music ("whatever half of these things are" 🙄) tells all, and I'm not surprised you missed it. The theme here is not about creating music; that's a common, mistaken preconception. It's about being a music patron as a member of the 18th century aristocracy. In that it succeeds outstandingly, and the sort of aphasic, back-and-forth-through-time nature of the evolving narrative is evocative of some of Nietzsche's profounder observations about music. The theme here isn't solid; it's immersive. I'd recommend going back over it with this in mind.

  2. Good, fair review. Played it tonight for the first time and was very on the fence about buying it or not. Seems like the same-y ness you mentioned could be a problem long term.

  3. My.god how can you not love this board? The use of the colors was spot on. They help bring the theme. Burgundy has more colors and looks completely uninspiring…

  4. Thank you for a critical and fair review. Every time I am fired up by something new I come to your channel for a cold bucket of truth.🙂 Jokes aside, although our tastes are a bit different, there are more crossovers among highly ranked games and almost none among lower. For example, Whistle Mountain (that I've got after watching your review) has hit the spot 👍

  5. I always enjoy your sincere and energetic reviews! I had a chance to play this at PAX Unplugged at 4 players and really enjoyed it. There was always a bit of tension on every play because of what you were able to do, what you wanted to do, and what someone else might get to first. I like that aspect, otherwise, it's too easy. I suppose I have quite a few games that are basically point salad with the theme pasted on that I absolutely love (Teotihuacan and Merv come to mind immediately) so I'm certainly not averse to it. I thought the splash of color from the cards and the components popped nicely off the subdued board. The card quality is nice and the dual layer boards worked seamlessly with tucking the (unsleeved) cards. I like the art overall, and I am super picky about that in games. I decided to pick this up as a gift for a couple of gamer friends, one who is a music major. I think it will get a good amount of play, especially considering his background. 😉

  6. I really appreciate how you played this one multiple times before the review.

  7. My wife and I setup and learned the rules yesterday. All the points you brought up seem right based on what I've seen. Still though looking forward to playing it – though may wait for Sat and see if we can get a third player. She's a Mozart fan even if mechanisms don't reflect that it's a bonus. So for us it is likely a good fit and with a larger game collection so the issue with variety across plays is less significant as we can take it out only on occasion for a fun time.

  8. I miss the Kienda ad where you're screaming at the empty shelf. 😀 Where can I still find that version?

  9. Wow! I guess you can't really sleeve the cards if they slot into the boards like that.

  10. Unfortunate. I would have loved to have a Euro with this theme in my collection but longevity is really important to me so I'll have to pass. Thanks for the indepth review

  11. So it doesn’t seem like you loved it…so are you sending it to me soon or….?

  12. I was so excited for this game, but as more playthrough and demo videos emerged, it seemed less and less of what I like in euros (meaningful player interaction, and variety of strategies).

    Would still love to play it as that card mechanism looks fun…but no longer a 'gotta have'..

  13. Yeah, every time I hear argument against Feld or Tascini/Luciani designs, I'm constantly reminded how hard it is to create a balanced, longstanding beige euro. People do think that it's easy, but it's the hardest thing to do. Good review…

  14. Thanks for the indepth review, very insightful. There aren't too many reviews out there, I was on the fence, now I have a better idea. So… are you going to review Lorenzo il Magnifico "the big box" now? Hahaha 😂

  15. Well, it seems very similar to Newton, but it also feels a weaker game. The card mechanic feels more restrictive and the replay value is also a big disadvantage compared to Newton. I don't think it worths to own this instead of Newton. Not to mention the price difference between them.

  16. I think music is the hardest theme to do and make it “thematic” It is hard to use musicology in a game unless you understand music it wouldn’t really sing with people.

    The art i feel are disconnected. From the box art to the rulebook to the board. I feel there’s no consistency in the graphic design.

    Having all that said. This is the only music themed game i ended up buying. Everything else music made so far was a bit of a miss. I bought this game and yet to play.

  17. Well, I cannot see my husband touching this one, so I would be buying it for solo play. Yeah, I think this one is not one I will be buying. A shame really as the theme is very appealing to me. Thanks for the review, Luke!

  18. One of your best reviews yet. Thanks for the transparency.

  19. Good game (7/10), but I too have a hard time seing it being played over and over. I also immediatly felt like comparing it to Newton, which I'd rather play honestly.

  20. Maybe a reviewer should tell us on how many plays his review is based. Because sometimes you don t see the flaws after some plays.

  21. Good review, but if this game has no theme (which, of course, it doesn't) I don't understand how Ark Nova has one.

  22. I focused on Requiem and Traveling (end game bonus tiles) and I won! I only performed two opuses and sold one opus throughout the entire game! I won with 92 points, then the scores were 89, 79 and 73. I agree with a lot of what you've said in this review though. Theme is non-existent for sure…

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