Lacrimosa Review: Mozart’s Final Music is a Board Game -

Lacrimosa Review: Mozart’s Final Music is a Board Game

The Dice Tower
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Tom, Chris & Wendy take a look at Lacrimosa!

Intro 0:00
Overview 1:37
Final Thoughts 5:32

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  1. This game is great at 3 and 4, I'm never playing with 2 because its not worth the annoying long set up

  2. As a musician I can’t get past the idea that multiple composers are working on the same piece of music lol. Composing is hardly ever (if not never) a collaborative effort.

  3. i'm super curious about which rule they got wrong. Played it last night and a unanimous thumbs up from our group.

  4. Cool theme but I’m not convinced yet I need the game in my collection as I have lots of other similar heavy games already like Rococo.

  5. Woh Dice Tower just giving me all the reviews i've been clamouring for at once just give me an ISS Vanguard review next guys? haha

  6. I would have gotten this if a friend didn't already go for it. I get Wendy. This is Mozart after all. But the melancholy does come across.

  7. Having two cards and using the top of one and bottom of another is not that unique 🙂

  8. Haaaard no on this game. No idea why it’s so hyped. Looks boring. Theme seems paper thin. Almost a one-note game 😉

    Excellent review DT crew! 🙂

  9. My first thought:
    "Mozart was a great composer" – The Barber of Siberia

  10. I'm still not sold that there's intentional and meaningful player interaction here. That's the big hangup for me, otherwise looking forward to it.

  11. First review I've heard someone say it's an interactive game. Chris's first play point is a concern as I'm worried that those two composers are going to dictate how you should play each game.

  12. Thanks for the review guys. This theme is a huge miss for me, which I really dont say often.

  13. So the name is a combination of "lachrymose" and "Mozart"? Hm…not sure if I think that's clever or not – should have been called LachryMozart. I dunno…I kind of think this sounds interesting, I do like Mozart and classical music, but somehow it's really not appealing to me. Maybe I'm just not feeling Euro right now; right now it's a try it, not buy it.

  14. Great Review! I really enjoyed hearing all the perspectives. I would've love to hear a bit more about player count. Tom mentioned that this game is not Multiplayer Solitaire but did you guys find that the 2 player experience was not as good then because less people to compete for things? Or was it still enjoyable at 2?

  15. Fantastic explanation, Wendy!! Thanks guys!!

  16. I was intending to get that game but it was sold out when I wanted to buy it. I'm not quite sure about that one. I love the theme, since I very much like classical music. But I'm unsure how much of the theme comes trough. I will give it some more time to think about it.

  17. How the "moving mozart" part works thematically for me is that the game is about remembering/ boasting who is the bidgeest Mozart fan/patron. "Hey remember how he wrote this piece form ME when i paid his voyage to london?"

  18. 'I'm amused it's a musical"~Tom. That's a Hamilton level bar!

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