Lands of Galzyr Board Game Review I Open World Board Game -

Lands of Galzyr Board Game Review I Open World Board Game

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Sometimes, when planets align in a certain way, there comes a game on which we have two different opinions. As different as two sides of the moon. This time it Lands of Galzyr from Snowdale Design.

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  1. I still absolutely love Forgotton Waters. The storytelling is a romp, and because it has so much voice acting, the comedy comes to live without the tedium of reading. Absolutely love that game.

  2. This is a great review with 2 opposing, yet thoughtful opinions. For me, this is a great couples game; I love playing this with my gf and I think it's best as a 2 player game rather than solo; it's cute, the writing is great, the world is great and it's chill, stress-free and interesting.Some remarks from me:* 4 players is too much for this game, this game is good at 1-3p.* Reading fatigue – me and my gf read each other's stories, so it's not a big problem for me.* I like skill checks, it's really an excuse to chuck some dice and see what happens. It can be funny to constantly fail skill checks, and rewarding to pass a really hard one.* From what I've seen, I would agree that Destinies is the game most similar to this one; it looks like a slightly more complex and darker version of this game.

  3. We love it when we don't have energy for a "real" game. It is a really good alternative to watching TV. Additionaly the World changes with your decisions 😊

  4. I backed Spire's End: Hildegard as my first narrative/choose-your-own-adventure game and really enjoyed it. So picked this up and love it as well. Both work well solo or 2p.
    It is best when you're in the mood to explore and chill. It always brings a smile to my face with it's immense charm. I also recommend using the soundtrack in the background for some added ambience.

  5. there are many no-goal harmless games. It all started from video games this time, animal crossing anyone, later harvest moon and rune factory?

    in board game land, Galzyr was the first of its kind and is the best, richest, most thought through version until today.
    Nowadays you have dorfromantik, and Mythwind.
    You might even put Isofarian Guard in this, endless battles that get you nowhere.
    This type of game is more like a pleasant activity, performing actions.

    I wouldn't call Galzyr a kids game though, there's quite a lot going on.
    but yeah solid keeper.

  6. Wow, I’ve always heard about this game and now am SOOOOO happy I never played it. Not for me at all. Great review as always!!

  7. Even though me and my wife are big fans of story games, we always need a certain amount of thrill. That seems to be missing here a bit. Nonetheless, I really like the artwork and it really looks like to be great as a solo adventure or with kids. Also: as always, a solid and entertaining review 🙂

  8. Regarding the "story book coming to life" part that you mentioned: I'd definitely recommend checking out Wonder Book if you haven't yet. Fantastic game, but only 6 story chapters, so not an open world like this one.

  9. My exact thought of this game when I played it with the designer was:
    Cool, but this isn’t a game. It’s a branching story where you read, read, read and then do some stuff which doesn’t matter for couple of seconds and continue reading.
    My thoughts to the designer at that time was ”if you won’t add narrative app, I’ll never buy it as my mouth is dry even after this ~1 hour session”. Which designer said that won’t happen as there was too much text to read.. which he actually is implying I should do to play this game

  10. we really wanted to like this game… but didn’t. we needed more “game” that this just didn’t have.

  11. Sounds kinda like Earthborne Rangers. Is that a fair comparison? I haven't played either.

  12. Love you kids. I don’t think this is for me, but still grateful to have watched the video. Keep it up!

  13. I'm a solo player and this is one of my favorite games. The "no aim" doesn't bother me at all. It's a "side-quests" game, to chill and wander around.

  14. I liked both of your top 3 points. I really enjoy the chill attitude of this game. When I don’t want a brain burn, when I just want to experience a story, and look at beautiful art…that’s when this one hits my table. I think solo is best, but I also play with my Mom who is older and with dementia. The side quests are short enough for her to hold on to. ❤

  15. Thank you for the thoughtful review!😊

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