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The Game of Life was one of my favourite board games of all time. Playing Monopoly and Uno were some of my most favourite memories growing up.
Discovering Euro games was something I have dived quite deep into when exploring this cool board game hobby. In this video we look at Village life in this Big Box Version of Village including its 3 expansions, The Inn, Port and Marriage Expansion.

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  1. Love this game. One of my favorites. However, the older 1st edition art was beautiful and didn't interfere with gameplay. Im sorry to say, that the new artwork is aweful. This new one comes with the expansions, but personally id seek out an older edition, purely because the new artwork is just terrible in comparison.

  2. G'day friends!
    When I was younger, I loved The Game of Life. I am so glad that this game encapsulates my memory of that game in a much more robust and strategic game.
    What are some other games you enjoy that evoke that feeling of travelling through life?
    This is a safe place to chat!
    Danny 🙂

  3. Was looking for a game similar to the Sims video game for a while. This might be the one! Great video!

  4. Nice review – thanks for posting

    Village has always been one of my favorite games.
    I'm really glad that it has been re-released, so that future gamers can experience this classic.

    One issue, that I always had with the game, is that it wasn't very colour blind friendly.
    From what I see, the cubes look a bit better, for a colour blind player – but the board looks worse.

    In addition, the artwork of the original version was so much better than the new version.
    I understand why companies can't reuse artwork, but the new version looks like a badly drawn cartoon.

    Even with any visual complaints I would have, I'd, definitely, encourage anyone to pickup this new version.
    The original game is extremely hard to get and the travel section, of the base game, is awful – which makes the "Port expansion" an absolute requirement to play. (Inn is a nice to have expansion, but not as essential as Port).

    Now, I just have to find out if it's possible to get the Marriage expansion seperately…..

  5. As always, great video. You have great humor. Thanks for sharing.

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