Laurie's Top 10 Board Games Of All Time | Collection Starter -

Laurie’s Top 10 Board Games Of All Time | Collection Starter

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He may be the best at beard games, but what’s topping Laurie’s list of BOARD games? TELL US, LAURIE, TELL US

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D&D maps featured with kind permission from @reclusivemaps. You can support his AMAZING work at:

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10. Dungeons & Dragons – USA: // UK:
9. 5 Minute Marvel – USA: // UK:
8. Onitama – USA: // UK:
7. Coup – USA: // UK:
6. Sushi Go! – USA: // UK:
5. Funemployed : USA – / UK –
4. Love Letter – USA: // UK:
3. Keyforge – USA: // UK:
2. One Night Ultimate Werewolf – USA: // UK:
1. Smash Up – USA: // UK:

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  1. I love FunEmployed. My favorite party game. I’ve never laughed so hard while playing games than when playing this game. Of course, it helps that my gaming groups consist primarily of actors.

  2. Finally, some love for Coup 🙌🙌🙌

  3. I’m happy that Laurie loves these games but Jesus Christ there’s just about no board based games

  4. This looks like my top ten board games when I started to play them, simpler times…

  5. So did the Fakidor gimmick come from your love of social deception games or is the gimmick forming the list? Or is it all just a coincidence?

  6. Entertaining. Quick. Good editing. Real talk.

  7. “Usually the spy” – laughs in Laurie was the Scarlett woman

  8. Love this video as I do all of this channels videos. You should try and convince Tom to do one as well. His voice is to perfect not to do at least one list on the channel.

  9. Really shocked that there's not alot of social deduction games in this list since Laurie always shines in those type of games…the man is an underrated genius in finding out whodunnnit and also excellent at lying and turning the game on its head

  10. Things are so expensive now. my favorite games are near 30+ years old. And no card games (okay, One. )

  11. Thumbs down for including card games on a list of board games, and for using the American spelling of "favourite", which is unforgivable for a Brit.

  12. Game I might be able to get my dad to play, Love letter, count me in.

  13. Are your Smash Up decks in an audiocassette case?

  14. A THOUSAND TIMES YES TO 5-MINUTE DUNGEON! I have the classic, but I get how and why the Marvel is just as popular. And I put the promo out for the sequel, 5-Minute Mystery. Find a way to get that, too, then argue like my family does which is actually better.

  15. What the heck did I just watch? Top 10 party/card games? Lol, lots of fun little games but I wouldn't call this a top 10 "board" games.

  16. I approve of all the shots of Satine Phoenix. She's great.

  17. D&D had a board? I think you were out of ideas at 9 and just included D&D to fill out the list and draw some votes.
    D&D was actually a "sand table game"

  18. Ah. Yes. FunEmployed.
    In which my mother, a 50 something pastor, was applying for the role of "evil villain" and was hit with the card "Tramp Stamp".
    Without missing a beat she simply said "I love killing the homeless". Jesus was so proud.

  19. That just felt like the same game ten times. At least the guy's consistent in his tastes. Personally I like to mix things up xD

  20. I too really like Smash Up and I found another game that scratches that itch. It's a game about building theme parks called Unfair. Like Smash Up there's pre made themed decks to shuffle together, but they become the common pool everyone draws from. I really got into it after the first (and so far only) expansion. My only gripe is that they're not exactly quick with releasing expansions.

  21. I think the Archer and Lovecraft versions of Love Letter are better than the original.

  22. @15:14, I'm glad you were able to get some video of Luna in your top ten list! 😂

  23. This channel got me addicted to Smash up. And by god it’s amazing. And Blood on the Clock Tower… we play on index cards. Can’t wait for it to come out!!!!!

  24. The D&D episode of "Community" is one of my absolute favorites for how it shows the appeal of the system, even if you're skeptical.

  25. I love boardgames! Did you know Lagim card game? I found it at Kickstarter and it captured my interest. It is a card game battle against monsters and other players. Plus, the art and quality of the game set (based on Filipino folklore) are impressive. I think you’d love it. 🙂

  26. I love the way like a Tory has become a catchphrase 😂

  27. Just returning to this video to confirm that Onitama is now the go to head-to-head strategy game to play with my old man. Thanks for saving Fathers Day Laurie!

  28. A board game can be played on a board or table top. So, Dungeons & Dragons is a board game, along with Battleship, Connect 4, Darts, Pool, Snooker & Subbuteo.

  29. Love Sushi go !! Would try also Smash up someday or even a D&D

  30. My man Laurie with a double whammy: the Top 10 list and Fall Out Boy shoutout!

  31. I actually do consider D&D a board game. I play it on a board much of the time (or a battle matte, anyway) and there are miniatures. I approve #10.

  32. Wow, this is the only list I've ever seen with so many very, very light board games. Like, Love Letter in your top ten, that's a fascinating take.

  33. Why no D&D or Smash Up! on BGC? Do it! DO IT NOW! Please 😀

  34. As a recent convert from M:tG to Keyforge. I can also endorse Keyforge's virtues!

  35. Not really understanding why Laurie thinks Chess is complicated – I would say there is less going on/moving parts than most euro type games

  36. DnD is a board game, at least kinda. We use miniatures, 3D terrain and so on. And yes, there are rules for how many squares (or hexes for the outdoors stuff, I use Dwarven forged fur buildings, dungeons and caverns and Hexon for outdoors) each character and NPC can move which means it is a boardgame.
    Sure, you can play it just in your mind as well *(you cheapskate 😉 so it isn't a board game every time and in every group. If your characters are trying to figure out who murdered the king among his courtiers you probably don't need a board but if you are running a huge dungeon I strongly recommend it since it is pretty hopeless for anyone to keep track of everything going on otherwise.

    Besides, props make the game more fun (personal opinion though, or maybe me trying to explain to myself why I spent so much money on miniatures and terrain).

    I do think Laurie should have added a game that takes more time then the 9 pretty fast paced games but less then D&D which basically can go on forever. Sometimes it is nice to have a game you can play for 4-6 hours, far from always but I am always trying to have games that fits the time me and my friends have for gaming. We have an evening but probably wont see each other again for a while? Maybe Dead of winter or Stone age? Got 25 minutes before the Call of Cthulhu player who called in saying they were late comes? Maybe Red dragon inn or Sheriff of Nottingham?

    It is good to have a collection of games that have a range of time it takes to play them and a bit of variation in difficulty as well.

  37. I am currently playing Mansions of Madness. Incredible game.

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