LEGO Board Game pieces -

LEGO Board Game pieces

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For those who were wondering I use stop motion studio pro to animate and I film at 12fps.


  1. 'so I guess I won' dude you just keep getting funnier and funnier and funnier, love your humour, utterly perfect delivery, I hope your friends and family enjoy your humour as much as it comes through on your YouTube channel =)

  2. Or the last one could be a peg from mastermind (i think thats what its called) – the game where you make a short sequence of coloured pegs and the opponent has to guess the colours and order.

  3. I’m your biggest fan I have tutorial video for you the name of the tutorial video is tutorial mechanical stormtrooper robot

  4. That bar piece with the ball at the end looks a whole lot like Dr. Kel from voices of the void

  5. Use these pieces to actually make the board games

  6. are you in front of a greenscreen or using an ai ? why is the furniture behind you twisting and warping ?

  7. Lego should hire you for new theme ideas.

  8. Ngl whenever we played life on Christmas Eve I always snuck in a car or a person to put in my pocket and steal

  9. I just have one thing to say
    lego piece 64776

  10. Bro looks like Voldemort with the somewhat thick nose

  11. Imagine making the game of life in Lego…

    Oh wait, I don’t have friends……………

  12. Bro the booty lips jesus please get some lip balm

  13. I also Played Battleship, speaking of It, Kreo company also made Lego of Battleship movie, Could You please make Video about Lego and Kreo and Mega bloks please? I also Love Lego and these pieces for this❤

  14. Lego needs to make board games again tbh, I miss them TwT

  15. The "revolver" for the Clue board game is actually a pepperbox pistol.

  16. I mean a wrench and revolver would look like a wrench and revolver….

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