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Let’s cull… | Help me declutter my board game collection!

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Soooo I need to get rid of some games… let’s do it together!

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  1. My son and I love citadels… what do you have that is similar?

  2. I feel the same way about Meadow. Artwork is nice, but I just look at icons.

  3. Had this on in the background and you said "Cull the ponies!" but what I heard was "Call the police!" and was very confused what turn the stream had taken hahaha

  4. I know I'm late, but if it's this hard….don't actually cull them. Just move them to a different room out of sight and then wait and see. If you don't think or care about it after a few months, it's a good sign to cull. If you kind of want to put it back on the shelf…go for it, do that.

  5. Okay, but where do I get that hoodie? I have never seen that hoodie on the IV Studios apparel line!

  6. Great content Jenna!! I am not sure if you mentioned it, if/how are you selling these games? I would love to buy Pandemic from you if possible. I have never played the original and would love a game from THE Garden!! Thank you for the videos.

  7. Splendor is probably my most played game,I would never get rid of it,three actions but a good amount of analysis alongside it.

  8. This was so much fun to watch! Re watching it now because I missed the end. ❤

  9. The choice between cull or buy more expansions is very real😂

  10. I just tried Fossilis, and it is a great game, I think, cozy and fun, and my daughter who is ten, loves it.

  11. I so enjoyed being able to attend the live stream Jenna and watch the fun. It inspired me enough that I am now a Patreon to help keep this great content going. 😊

  12. Always bad about catching these live, but enjoyed the video after the fact—bravo for an effective culling! Hope you're able to make a good profit on them at the local con. 🙂

    I'm not alone on Meadow!!! One of the most beautiful games I've played, but I agree with you, the puzzle didn't sing for me. Made me just want to play Wingspan more (as far as an animal/nature-centric game with beautiful art).

    As far as Pandemic, I feel like vanilla Pandemic is easy and cheap to get back. If you have any desire to dive into the game, honestly I'd say go for the legacy version. Once you play that, you'll never want to go back (and likely feel satisfied enough at the end that you'll never need to play it again.)

    King of Tokyo is one I'm SO torn on. I've got a couple monster expansions, the cards that make it slightly asymmetric, and even have an insert for the box… and I just can't decide whether it's worth keeping.

    If you want a game that's charming, themed for younger audiences, but has a surprising amount of depth, I might suggest The Tea Dragon Society. Cute enough for younger games, but deep enough for adults to play with them and have fun. It's also small box!

  13. very good cull ! now you have space for more games 😁

  14. Ciao io ti seguo dall'Italia qui siamo ancora in piena estate (25 gradi)guardando la live il camino acceso mi ha fatto sudare tutto il tempo😂 prenderò sicuramente Clank Catacombs👍😉

  15. Sounds like you could give Catan to his family along with Splendor and free up the space!

  16. Best part of the video is Francis’ reaction 😂

  17. I always think this game deserves a home where it will be more appriciated. And the money is nice but the space is more important then. But I keep my collection small, around 30 (5 Kallax shelves)

    I should have been here to stop you.

    all those tiny critters are gonna be homeless now! HOW DARE YOU!?!?!!?

  19. The King of Tokyo is trash,the kind of New York is much better,don't know why people feel feel Tokyo better 😡 It does annoy me

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