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Let’s Play 6 NIMMT | Board Game Club

No Rolls Barred
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  1. 9:53 Seriously, how/why does 73 go next to 65 instead of 67 (which, ironically was just laid down so it's not like a simple oversight, but a total "I'm going to put this here and see if anybody notices my blunder in time" then, "Enter the Jurassic Park insanity!"

  2. "Faster.. Must go faster… STAMPEDE!!"

  3. Honestly the thumbnail image really is what got me here. What is THAT in there on the right?!

  4. There’s not enough love for Joke of the Quack. I guffawed when he said that 😂

  5. This game devolved sooooo quickly into insanity. like 1 turn in and the game was an afterthought, just magical.

  6. Dang, ten minutes in and already a mistake by Adam. 73 should go after 67, not 65, you big dummy.

  7. As someone who hasn't seen Jurassic Park I can confirm that the bits about Bull Park are hilarious with no context, and my life is in severe need of correction

  8. Yall smoked some 🔥 before this one.

  9. Like…seriously can we cash app the editor lol. Beautiful

  10. Honestly left crying watching this. But for all the Bullock Park jokes, the two that really got me were Tom with "I don't care" and "Joke of the Quack".

    Absolutely dying, his delivery is perfect every time 😂


  12. Team Redhead will never recover from this.

  13. So did any other ghost video people catch the orb the dropped above doms head at 17:53. It starts at the top and goes behind the mean girls game.

  14. Very interesting. I work in an elder care home, where one of my main tasks is the psycho social aspect, so activating them, making them offers to spend their time. In my experience it is really hard to teach the clients there new games, because you know it gets harder to learn new things the older you get, but I think this game might actually work for some of my clients. I might have to pick up a copy. Thanks a lot for the inspiration today and good job as always.

    Also are Sully and Dom okay? There was a worrying lack of hostility between the two today. xD

  15. Omg, that bull bit had me cryingggg. Fantastic ep everyone!

  16. I was surprised that no one commented on the low humor.

  17. Did I miss or did they not even mention the scene in bullasic park where they lower the cow into the pen? I mean that’s a whole different type of movie…..

  18. "The bulls are moving in herds…..they do move in herds…."

  19. The boys will play with their bulls while Broke needs to watch the park.

  20. I work retail, and I watch these episodes, after I get home from work.

    It might should weird to say, but the wave from the guy at the beginning of the video puts me at ease, for some reason. Maybe it's just the sight of someone being friendly.

  21. First 15 minutes was everyone dying of laughter

  22. I think Sully reached the limit of how red any human should be

  23. Adam would drive me crazy touching everyone’s cards like that. Let US play the game too!

  24. My first thought was how is the scene where they feed an actual bull to the raptors? Would they be feeding a bull to other bulls and they free him and he turns against the humans as well? And becomes the "clever girl" himself? Omg, I've never laughed this hard.

  25. "Brooke, very calmly, leave the room." "His vision is based on movement!"

  26. Where is Jon gracey? ,he would have been perfect for this game…

  27. OK, but imagine 'The Island Of Doctor Moreau', where he combines bulls… With bulls!!!

  28. I knew I recognized this game! It was from your Boardgame Masterpiece Video!

  29. Sucj a funny episode…. btw 73 in the first game in the wrong row

  30. Took such little time for this to go off the rails😂😂😂 they literally put 2 cards down and they began to lose the plot

  31. One of the best episodes I have watched on NRB, can't help but love the cast, as it descends in to complete madness and bovine tom foolery

  32. This BULL talk got me thinkin of the brahma variety of bulls, if ya smell what I'm cookin

  33. actually it's pronounced closer to "zechs" with the ch like in the Scottish "loch ness"

  34. This was video was posted on 2/22/2022 which has 6 2's, so NIMMT that!

  35. I love how it takes exactly two rounds for things fall off the rails.

  36. You know it's good episode when you crack Tom…

  37. I can see the movie reviews now…

    "What a load of bull!"

    "Never in my life have i seen this much bullcrap in one film"

    "Safe to say, I have a beef with this movie"

    "Bah Hamburg(er)"

    "STEER clear of this one…"

    "With these many red flags, no wonder the bulls went crazy"

    "Like the bulls in this film, you too will see red…"

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