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No Rolls Barred
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  1. I swear the first ten minutes of this video I heard them saying balls instead of bulls. It's just my American hearing making it hard to hear, but it made Dom's joke about the farm so much funnier to me. Also I can't believe they didn't call it Bulltastic Park.

  2. @11:41, I think that would have been the right time for Brooke to make her reveal. 😂

  3. The way it fell off the rails so quickly with the Bullock Park stuff had me dying. 😂😂😂

  4. God Brooke not watching Jurassic park was the cherry on top

  5. Please correct me if I'm wrong, but about 10 minutes in, Adam makes a maths mistake On the board there is a row with 48, 55, 57 and 65, and a row of 61, 63 66 and 67. The next card is a 73. Adam places this next to the 65, when it should be next to the 67.

    Firstly, joke bit, I call this a "magical 2," in reference to what I used to say when I added or subtracted 2 to the total and got the wrong doubles bed in darts. But it also means that later on Dom takes the wrong pile and more points when he should. I believe Adam screwed Dom… giggity

  6. WHo would say that a simple game of cards and numbers would make Tom so angry?

  7. The thumbnail is making me miss CBW!!! Will it ever have a season 2?

  8. Patreon goal to get a video of the crew watching Jurassic Park with Brooke?

  9. Sully's at the very end when he has to tally up his one card…. PRICELESS!!!

  10. You bastards! I watched this on my lunch break and literally had to stop eating because I was choking from laughing so hard at Bullock Park!


  12. Unrelated to the game, but Brooke’s outfit is amazing!

  13. How much would it cost on Patreon to be these guys’ friend? No matter how much, it would be absolutely worth it. Probably. Ok, 90%, I hope.

  14. I have never seen a man go as Purple as Sully did from laughing

  15. Hey Adam tour german fans here, should we come to you and teach you how to pronounce "sechs" because your "nimmt" is already amazing 😗
    So glad seeing that game. After the masterpiece video,which was the in no way the reason I bought this game….or patchwork….or onitama….

  16. Spent so long at the start of this begging someone to spot the 73 was placed wrong (on a 65 instead of the 67 at 9:50).

    Not got to the point of finding out if it mattered, but Dom got screwed by picking up 12 instead of the 8 he was meant to. It was also Doms own 73 too, which kinda makes it feel worse lol.

  17. Waiting for the day these guys play Uno, with THOSE rules. You know what ones I’m talking about. Look up any Uno video from UpUpDownDown and you’ll see what I’m talking about.

  18. 10 minutes into the actual game and it’s madness! Love this channel🤣

  19. Idk who copied who but you can see that Brooke and Sully are literally having the same interviews. lol

  20. Last I recall Sully also hadn't watched Die Hard either so now I guess he can finally talk about not having watched a classic like his significant other nor I have watched…

  21. Jon looking at Laurie this episode:
    "You're starting to unravel a bit mate, might want to calm down a bit."

  22. With this and Lord of the Board we've got a week of Double Dom on the channel. Exciting times.

  23. Welcome to Bullasic Park–6 Nimmt edition

  24. Jurassic Park…. one of my favorite bits..

  25. Waiting for adam too go on a reverse goldberg run and have lost 2000 games between episodes

  26. jurrasica park references were great. best first 15 minutes BUT PLEASE PLAY CARCASSONNE WITH ALL THE EXPANSIONS!! 6 player game.

    no items final destination.(another reference that will go over brooke's head)

  27. By far the funniest video you have done, shame it's only one game, looking forward to another round if you do one. Finding out that Brooke has not seen Jurassic Park broke me. Thank you all.

  28. 45:19 must be one of the best moments in history

    and best player constellation ever btw

  29. Someone needs to teach Adam how numbers work, in the 1st round the 73 is on the wrong row

  30. I always miss Blair so much when's she's not playing. As always, a wonderful game.

  31. This is hillarious 🤣🤣🤣🤣🐃🐃

  32. I've never seen Tom so hysterical 😂 🤣

  33. “They’re moving in herds… they do move in herds…”

  34. I'm having a bully day!

    Are you having a bully day?


  35. Brooke never seeing Jurassic Park Vs Sully never seeing Die Hard. Both lead to some of the absolute funniest moments in all of the WT channel family XD

  36. Bullock Park jokes, just…killing me, too funny

  37. 6:29 OF COURSE, Dom…of ALL people would start by playing the WORST card in the deck!!
    6:59 "I'm reliably told", this either references how much BGC reads their comments for real (kudos) or he got corrected by someone else lol.
    8:56 YAYYY! The second Jurassic Park reference I've encountered today!
    9:53 Wait, why does 73 go next to 65 instead of 67???
    32:34 Actually, that isn't such a good point from Laurie. The sh*t would still "come from an animal" it would be useless to a vegetarian.

    I'd love to see another round played with one of the variations on the rules. My personal favourite is "Tactics" which actually limits the number of cards based on how many players are in a given game. It's much tighter and intense…and addictively fun!

  38. "Ugh, my core muscles aren't strong enough for this…" XD

  39. Wait?
    I thought sully was dating rosie?
    What have i missed here
    And also
    That jurrasic park banter
    Killed me

  40. 9:53 Seriously, how/why does 73 go next to 65 instead of 67 (which, ironically was just laid down so it's not like a simple oversight, but a total "I'm going to put this here and see if anybody notices my blunder in time" then, "Enter the Jurassic Park insanity!"

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