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Let’s Play BETRAYAL AT BALDUR’S GATE | Board Game Club

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  1. Hang on, with the original rules the haunt was 6 dice and the haunt is if you roll less than the revealed omens, which becomes a certainty when you reveal the final 13th omen card. But if it happens when you roll a 6 then it’s possible, if unlikely, to never trigger the haunt. What happens if you run out of omens but never rolled a 6?

  2. All I want is for the traitor to be a Bhaalspawn. Will update when I get to that part of the video.

    Edit: Aww. And nah Jon Bhaal will murder anyone, including his own disciples.

  3. Jon's "space monday" joke almost made me choke on my food. Too bad the full reaction got intermissioned

  4. Starting the video, and saw Laurie's glasses. They look really, really cool. Kudos!

  5. Well well well, wouldn't this have been a great time to have good ole Margie Thatcher in your party.

  6. Keep up the high energy Laurie, you can do this!

  7. Watch Post has a gold door, at the top, with a body in laying in a pool of blood.

  8. I trust Maggie Thatcher to smash that coffin!

  9. It is not a Micsc & Boo statue, Minsc & Boo stole the statue and left a calling card! (the clean footprints is where the statue was)

  10. Okay I want to see the Baldurs Gate 3 voice actors play this with this exact haunt. We all know who the traitor should be

  11. You don't "attack" the coffin you do a "might check" or "sanity check" so you don't add weapon effects like extra dice. Yet again Holly accidently cheats.

  12. I'm hoping this is a preview of the cast of the upcoming RPG. Such a fun group with a good mix of silly and serious. And I keep forgetting that the cast are all working actors/comedians/voice actors beyond just being excellent on YouTube, so hearing that Tilly voiced a character in the Baldurs Gate video game was a bit of a surprise!

  13. I started in 3.5. I'm 100% on Dom's side, 4th ed is trash. 5th ed is fine as a beginner version. But 3 and 3.5 are where the fun's at.

  14. John really is a DnD expert. He even forgot to add his Hunter's Mark damage until the next turn. I dont know a single ranger who hasnt done that at least once

  15. How Jon didn't get joke of the day for "I hate space Mondays" is baffling to me, that sent me 🙂

  16. I think we all know the true hero of this video: the giant fly. Go on to that great garbage heap in the sky, sweet prince.

  17. Dom shouting out Dungeon Crawl Classics (as Jon's spooky shadow), I love it! On that note, I think I speak for a lot of people when I say nobody will mind if you just play 5e/1D&D, but I'd love to see a DCC or other deadlier system run. I think DCC specifically has an energy that would really play well with the personalities on this channel, and the level 0 "oh no my characters are dropping like flies" would be hilarious.

  18. Dabula was my favorite Bram Stoker character

  19. Betrayal at House on the Hill, basically? Alright!

  20. I hope they don't run into any rules issues. I actually got rid of this version of Betrayal because 4 out of 5 games we played ended so poorly because of the rules (or lack thereof). The original (and its expansion, Widow's Walk) had issues, but it's really inexcusable how little playtesting went into this game.

  21. Jons rolls were absurd in this game, you love to see it from the resident Wrestling historian.

  22. !:32:37 "Your rod is still firmly in my mouth"

  23. I was so rooting for Mugtilly to get off one good shot! The fly was great, but alas 'twas not two bees.

  24. House rules idea: the mind game (counting 1-100) but the view of the other player is blocked. Can see each others hands but not faces

  25. Was really hoping for another game of Terrorscape but with Tom as the killer. Thought him appearing at the end of that video was a tease for it.

  26. 1:35:48 “Count Dabula leans in, with Dom’s head in his hands, and whispers: Who’s your Daddy now?!”

    This would’ve been so much better imo.

  27. Hey! The Stonecleaners are a proud, dwarven clan!

  28. Still can't get over how clean the new intro is

  29. I didn't realise they made other Betrayal games. House on the hill is one of my favourite games so this should be good!

  30. I love Jon's quote to Dom "I like the idea your rod is still firmly in my mouth".

  31. Board Game Club 2023 Stats

    Weeks: 43
    Games: 68 (+1, Fun Facts)

    Laurie: 23-44
    Adam: 20-27
    Sully: 18-39
    Holly: 15-19
    Brooke: 8-11
    Dom: 8-13*
    Tilly: 5-14
    Jon: 4-8
    Rosie: 4-9
    Ken: 3-0
    Blair: 3-12
    Pete: 2-1**
    Luke: 2-4
    Tom: 2-5
    Izzy: 1-0
    Oli: 1-3
    Maanuv: 1-3
    Dan: 1-4
    Lorna: 0-1
    Ivan: 0-3
    Tempest: 0-5
    TomSka: 0-5

    *Watch Diamant
    **Watch Spicy

    (All-time stats in replies)

  32. I've been stuck bingewatching all these videos that I genuinely didn't realise this was a new one

  33. The gang need to play Escape From Colditz with Dom as the camp commandant, Sully as the Brits, Teri the French, Blair the Americans, Laurie the Dutch and Tilly as the Poles. People think this is an all vs one game but it's actually everyone for themselves and I could certainly see some people selling each other out whilst others work together.

  34. It doesn't seem possible to defeat this haunt 😞

  35. I noticed tilly was in bg3 when I started act 3 and found one of the npcs she voices… right after watching group communopoly.

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