Let's Play BETRAYAL AT HOUSE ON THE HILL (3rd ed.) | Board Game Club - cutlassboardgame.com

Let’s Play BETRAYAL AT HOUSE ON THE HILL (3rd ed.) | Board Game Club

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  1. In my head, all of the neighbors are Sock Sullivan.

  2. Please, if you enjoy this channel think about joining their Patreon. They have great content in there and it’s one $5 a month.

  3. Yay, one of my favorite games I'll never get to see in the channel again but I'm gonna try & stay excited…

  4. Don't listen to the haters Sully, I loved your voice in the BaHotH2 video! 😁

  5. Glad this came out! I started watching the other one a few days ago and realized it wasn’t third edition! Your group play-throughs are great!

  6. Haha. I literally just played this game today and never heard of it before. Loved it.

  7. I love the idea that at just a completely normal halloween party laurie's character was drunk and high enough to convince everyone else it was actually haunted to the point that a fight broke out between the host and their special guests.

  8. I got this and Hellboy collectors edition coming oh yeah….snap into a slim jim!

  9. Look, hating the Brandon Jaspers voice *was the point*! It was still fun.

  10. I'm thinking making the haunt roll's target 7 instead of 5 would be reasonable house-rule.

  11. Which video had "Smoker?" the Dog that Tom mentioned Laurie hated?

  12. I absolutely love betrayal at house on the hill. great vid.

  13. 1:13:18 speed has a 5/27 chance of success while knowledge has a 4/27 chance. Speed is technically the more likely to succeed, but the difference is so small that it is almost negligible.

  14. "Beer pong is for nerds! Where it's really at is Neigh-beer pong!"

  15. "Why is there NO ASS in this room to rock?!"

    Uhhh, SAYS THE PREACHER?!?!? WUT?!?

  16. The dog delivered a necklace of teeth. How did Laurie, Adam, or Sully not call it DanHOUNDsen?

  17. Yep. Adam is already looking to pad wins with team wins. Also would like to see the other versions of Betrayal in the future maybe. Baldur's Gate and the Scooby-Doo version. (Wonder if you could pull off a clean game for the Scooby-Doo one with no swearing, just for another challenge.)

  18. Carley is such a beautiful person… happy to see her coming around more often

  19. Backlash? The voice was the best thing about the last betrayal video!

  20. 34:00 – I think Tom should have been attacked by the neighbour in his space because he used an action other than attack. Or maybe this is a rule they got rid of in this new edition?

  21. No other episode of BGC has felt more like tired friends playing DnD which has gone all the way to 3am.

  22. Wait…
    Do people hate Sully's voices?
    I love em!

  23. Is there a place, where one could watch the cast or parts of the cast play DnD?

  24. Ok here's my question… does 3rd edition have an event card for "Rough Ralph" the grave digging hunch back? If so, then why wasn't this 'card sharked' into Sully's draws when he was playing?!?

  25. I feel like “say hello to my lucha friend” deserved a bigger reaction

  26. Imagine if they play this after dark

  27. A great video guys. This game is great, but honestly, I see no reason to get this edition if you own the previous one.

  28. Watching Laurie's slow descent into madness XD

  29. Sullivan has my whole heart ❤ So happy he got to host the opening!!

  30. I empathise with Tom, Blair's reaction to his joke is pretty much how people react to mine.

  31. Somehow this video became about ass and kept escalating lol

  32. Blair: thats not how I need to be used

    Carley's face: Oh Blair no…phrasing!

  33. We’re they using might to fight the monsters? i might have missed something but i thought they were gonna have to use their sanity

    edit: nvm just sully with the ring.

  34. Ahh yes… Betrayal at Ass on the Hill

  35. 55:56 My God that face! I did not know Adam's face could mould like that

  36. Laurie: "Don't go to parties on acid." And where was this wisdom when I was in my 20's?

  37. You guys should play this game way more there are so many scenarios

  38. This is what playing Board Games is all about. Enjoyed the video.

  39. Dont understand how the evil side is supposed to win here? I think the neighbors should have multiple lives. Or the kill count should be reduced. Seems like the game was just prolonging the inevitable.

    Looks unbalanced.

  40. As a Hoosier, it’s wonderful to see Joseph addai on a British board game show

  41. Monstrs can wander down to the basement from the Ground Floor Landing, by the by, just to avoid Heroes hiding down there, I assume… :p

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