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Let’s Play BETRAYAL AT HOUSE ON THE HILL | Board Game Club

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Happy Halloween, everyone! The gang get their spook on, explore a haunted house, and battle terrible evil, all for YOU!

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  1. Daphene punches the clown in the face, the clown recoils in pain, before turning around, microphone in hand, and sneers "knock knock"

  2. I randomly starting playing this during first lockdown, I’m so happy to see this

  3. It's no suprise the priest sits next to the little boy

  4. In my friend group we call the characters standard female protagonist, dr. Father, child link, demon child, leaning Daphne, and chad dickly (Dick Chadly). Much more fun that way

  5. Love the video. Just as a note for people playing Betrayal in the future – iirc monsters (unless mentioned otherwise) can choose where the mystic elevator goes, travel up from ballroom to gallery, go up the coal chute etc.

  6. This is great content, and a great playthrough of my favorite boardgame.

  7. So the ending is, In short and in order of the characters from left to right: a fortune teller has to go to the E.R. for chronic laughing while an egotistical speedy wannabe and a martial arts master who looks like daphne Blake kill an evil psycho clown who was somehow disguised as an 8-yr old girl while a drunk 12 year old runs around with a spear and shotgun repeatedly stabbing and shooting a dog as a dead German vampire priest imbues his spirit into this child… even I don’t know what I just typed.

  8. The Haunt in this game is one hell of a story to tell.

  9. 55:46 I KNOW THE STRUGGLE, my dnd is a grug(frogfolk) warforge(its complicated) and he has a slavic accent and i always find myself slipping into Scottish and dracula

  10. A very British channel, where the F-bomb is just dropped by 12 year olds without a problem 😂

  11. I think it is funny the overpowered kid with a spear and a shotgun is just walking around having fun while everyone else is fighting a cloud win in the basement

  12. Flash was rolling like he was a Thief or a Warlord or a Magician

  13. I do like the idea that Sully changing his voice just means that his character basically drank his way through puberty

  14. I have an old more basic version of the game. It is interesting to see some of the new stuff during this wonderful adventure.

  15. This game didn't seem fun for the players, or for the killer. But the characters they all invented were very good and fun and were the saving grace for this video. It also didn't hurt to see Adam in drag. <3

  16. I wish sully would've role-played this episode like the rest of the group did, he was just being his annoying, drunk 12 year old self with a spear and a shotgun.

  17. I've seen smosh play legacy, they focused on the roleplay but neglected actually showing much of the game. This way is much better, well done.

  18. 1:54:52
    The image of Daphne Blake sucker punching an 8ft killer clown so hard that he falls over and cracks his neck on the basement floor will never not be funny to me🤣

  19. Heather seems to be excited to be there, if you know what I mean.

  20. Jon sounds like biff from back to the future in the intro

  21. I never noticed it until I saw Adam in this Daphne costume but he looks a lot like Tim Curry.

  22. It's interesting to see how they interpret the tarot cards as a tarot user myself

  23. So a smoke filled panic room where you have to roll 3 using a single die that can show 0, 1, or 2? Useful.

  24. I'm 5'10 and have size 12 feet, if that clown is 8 feet tall and has size 12 feet he has completely missed the memo about giant feet for clowns

  25. "I'm Brandon Jaspers and I'm a little (wooden) boy!

  26. First thing you learn in tarrot, death just means change, its the tower thats bad

  27. I was so hoping that Jon would trigger this one haunt where the betrayer is literally a Shakespearean King reincarnated. They even get bonuses for throwing in Shakespeare quotes.

  28. why attack instead of stealing a gag Adam? and why isnt rosie moving her own character anymore and just the clown?

  29. SOOOO… A priest is inside a 12 year old boy… that checks XD

  30. So is a remake of the Dnd horror one?

    Edit: just looked it up

    The Baldurs Gate is a dnd themed version of this game

  31. "I'm brandom jaspers. I took a bad kick once and now I just sing tenor!" I keep laughing every time.

  32. Tom got real blue exorcist in this one.

  33. That voice had me rooting for Brandon to get killed.

  34. Normally i like sully but i had to skip the voices.

  35. Omg…just when you didn't think Sully could more any more annoying….he breaks out the 12yr old voice…Tom is the MVP for lasting as long as he did sitting next to Sully lol
    Love this channel

  36. A little note from someone who's played Betrayal an uncountable amount of times: it's more fun if you don't read your own events, read each others instead.

  37. He should of Said let's split up when they're ready for the haunt

  38. A Chad with babyblue nail polish and a love for Shakesperean literature is astonishing

  39. A couple of rules incorrect, when moving in a space with an enemy there'sa penalt and, the evil character can move through all obstacles. She should have run…

  40. Bad idea to put the twelve year old boy next to the priest

  41. I expected to enjoy this. Then I heard the voice.

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