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Let’s Play BURKE’S GAMBIT | Board Game Club

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#AD – Check out Disney Lorcana for yourself here:

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N.B. At 2:59, the little dice face should be a radioactive sign for quarantine. Sorry about that, enjoy!

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  1. the real behind the scenes footage is the other half of the table behind the camera, with evil clone versions of the cast… they are French too.

  2. I love it when creators make sponsorship ads entertaining and fit their personal style. I look forward to more cast members kicking in the door with games they want to play.

  3. Is the mockumentary format now gone for good?

  4. I think Tilly is pretty cute. There I said it.

  5. Holly should write a book full of inspirational quotes

  6. Gotta say Holly and Tilly are my favorite chaos gremlins of the channel ❤️❤️ the absolute madness they manage to conjure out of fucking nowhere is a treat every single time

  7. The ending of that second game was glorious!

  8. Haha Tilly pointing with BOTH fingers was hilarious xD

  9. Lorcana is impossible to find for most people who can't afford to pay exorbitant prices.

    This was a little tone-deaf as far as adverts go, but hopefully it's all sorted out by mid 2024.

  10. Sully interputing the intro was so good that i didn't care it was for a ad

  11. Honestly, without Adam there the others get so much more space to be fun, happy, and joyous. Loving these recent episodes!

  12. That copy of Kings Dilema makes me nostalgic. I love that game.

  13. Jon and Laurie lost to a 25%
    F to pay respects 🙏

  14. "He's in the pocket of big ass!" Made me laugh harder than I want to admit 😂

  15. This is an extremely difficult game. Do you know how difficult it is to have a card sitting faceside down in front of you which you cannot look at without ruining the game?

  16. I wish I could play Lorcana but it’s been sold out everywhere since release and the scalpers are crazy.

  17. Dom needs to be here every week. Every time he's on is a riot.

  18. Spoiler

    The same people were infected in both games.

  19. What's the witch game that Sullivan was refering to?

  20. It's good to see Holly not being to bothered by being killed 😂

  21. Will Brandon Jaspers and his dulcet tones be making an appearance at Baldur's Gate too?

  22. I need to know if Tilly player RA2, or just a memer.

  23. I want to buy this game after watching this, but it's not available anywhere.

  24. Are we getting another call of Cthulhu video for spooky season?

  25. The lorcana plug was amazing, can we get an episode where sully sings all the disney songs😂

  26. The Laurie curse reigns supreme. Also Tilly forgot she had a cancel. She could of stopped Laurie from killing himself

  27. My gawd! The ending to that second game. Pure poetry that cannot be scripted

  28. I rewatch the ending of second games many times 🤣 , love their reactions

  29. If I had a nickel every time Sullivan woke up as an evil player in a social deduction game and the other evil player forgot to do the same, I'd have two nickels. Which isn't a lot, but it's weird that it happened twice

  30. I suspect it's "Burke" because that was the Corpo stooge in Aliens

  31. I really liked Tilly in this game, until she checked Sullivan for a second Time.
    Good vid!

  32. What happened to Adam? Was he launched from the airlock before they could get the new table?

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