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“Are You Gonna Bark All Day, Little Doggy, Or Are You Gonna Bite?”

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  1. 56:32 If Alan Bennett directed and narrated a film in the style of Quentin Tarantino.

  2. You guys should play Family Business. It’s a card game where you each control a mob family and try to be the last player with any gangsters left. It’s so much fun and has amazing moments of scheming, betrayal, absolute massacres!

  3. Frankie Little Arms? I wonder if he knows Bobby Little Legs

  4. I can always count on this group to provide me with the laughter I desperately need some days. 🤣

  5. I was LITERALLY about to ask if you all would be playing FIASCO at some point!!! I'm extremely excited to see what kind of story you've all got in store for us! XD

  6. Laurie looks like he would approach people at a club, very aggressively trying to get them to invest in his startup

  7. Hell yeah Isaac in the house! Great to see you on BGC again mate!

  8. Weird that if you run away and take no damage, your still able to shot and cause damage to another player. I think if you run then you forfeit your shot as well …!?!? 🤔🧐

  9. It's a good thing the foam rubber "guns" have orange tips to show they aren't real.

  10. The chemistry between Laurie and Rosie always puts a smile on my face

  11. No wonder Blaire keep pointing gun at Laurie, look at his costume, he's so similar to the villain in a kid's cartoon! LOL

  12. Adam- I'm baaack and better than ever!
    (I mean he is the son of Eric Bischoff after all)

  13. Let’s be honest rosie is on the mount rushmore of NRB 😭❤️

  14. I'm only at @13:18, but Im seeing Isaac as Vito and Sully as Fredo. Let's see what happens… 🤔

  15. Oh boots. She said big chunky Boots everyone. 🤣 Thanks again for making my day team.

  16. It's fun either way but, regarding taking your player out of the round: a player who lays down their Character discards their Bullet card facedown (they're not shooting), and will not take part in the sharing of the loot. However, that player is guaranteed not to be wounded.

  17. 42:00 Love wins! It's the arc words of Sullivan Beau Brown, on this channel.

    His love of love lead him, and boytoy Laurie, to victory in Cosmic Encounter. His mutual love of new boyfriend Adam led him to remaining, inexplicibly, at the top of the Blood on the Clocktower leaderboards. And, Isaac's love for him led to he and Isaac taking first and second place, in that game.

    At this point, can we get a "Love Wins" t-shirt?

  18. I would like to formally request that this game be played again and if you do a extended stream again at least twice I adored this chaos and would like to see Jon Gracey unravel during it

  19. Thank god sully killed Rosie the joy we all felt truly united

  20. I love all the classic Simpsons references Adam makes.

  21. I think Jon Gracy would lose his mind playing this game and I need to see it?

  22. Very fun game. You have assembled an excellent gaming group of varied personalities. I'm a sucker for inside/running gags too, which is No Rolls' specialty. Wow, Laurie would NOT let go of that gun, held it even when he wasn't using it! I am really enjoying the uncut Patreon versions. Keep up the great gameplay, NRB. Cheers.

  23. Why do I want Adam to have to play Monopoly SOOO bad?! Lol. There is something wrong with me

  24. Please tell me that board is only counting the "win" from the 6 Nimmt Board Game Masterpieces video.

  25. "And Adam, as Isaac is the winner of the previous game, that then makes you…"
    "That makes me the loser of the previous game! Yes I GET IT!!!"

  26. Amazing watch & definitely want to pick it up now whenever I can! Welcome back Isaac!

  27. Adam's godfather voice is less Marlon Brando and more Donald Trump, which somehow makes it even better because I can't tell if he can tell how close it is.

  28. I love how Laurie is rocking that Irish Mobster look for the occasion!

  29. Laurie and Isaac both look so well dressed for this episode. And they’re both hilarious ahaha

  30. Pedros story deserves to be told in a big screen movie release!

  31. WE are so honoured that you guys like the tower and that it came in one piece 😂😂

    More stuff in the pipeline.
    We love you guys.
    Beeing mentioned is a big, big honor.
    YOU ROCK!!

  32. I love watching your videos you guys are a great group of friends and I really want to play with you all

  33. I love that Isaac won. Did Laurie have a hit on him? Everyone seemed to have it out for him. Another great job from all the players!

  34. “Blair, be a dear, shoot someone else.” Adam saying this line is just the best sinister villain, with just a touch of humor, ever. Loki-levels of awesomeness.

  35. Ok…after that second game Laurie is my spirit animal. I react the same way he does which I guess is part of the reason why sometimes in games such as these my friends unreasonably just go for me…because it's FUN… Look guys, we are ALL having FUN here!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  36. I used to love James Pond on the Amiga, so I'm cheering for Isaac

  37. Can we see a good Co-OP of the Crew? Also the popular thing no doubt thanks to the dice tower is everyones top 100. Lets see a NRB Top 10/20? For your more hobbiest members.

  38. The one time I played this game I had an experience like Laurie in round two. Entertaining video but would be happy to never play this one again!

  39. This is my first video with my name in the credits 😀

  40. This was a good one. Team Isaac and Tom 🍻

  41. That diamond bonus seems too big. Never seen the diamond collector lose in a game I have played, and here Isaac got the bonus with only 2 cards.

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