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Let’s Play CASH N GUNS | Board Game Club

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  1. Spoiler for next week's Boardgame Club
    Absolutely excited that you guys are playing Fiasco! Definitely one of the most approachable and easiest roleplaying games out there! I've played my fair share of D&D, WoD, etc – and Fiasco is still in my personal top 10 games. Can't wait for the next episode!

  2. Oh yeah bring me American on the guns episode

  3. Even though it doesn't stray out of Blood on the Clocktower too often, Dom vs Sully was absolutely my top feud of NRB. But hot damn, if Rosie vs Sully hop to the top of the list after this episode lmao. Sully vs the world, can anybody stop the might of this dramatic lovely goober?!?!

  4. Omfg finally! Been seeing this game on the shelves for weeks.
    Plus Blair’s back?!?! What a happy day.

  5. 6 mins in and already dying at Adams, Mr Black Simpsons reference

  6. Reservoir Dogs in a box? Does that mean it was reimagined cough stolen from beginning to end cough from a Japanese game?

  7. Fightful Wrestling - WWE, AEW, Reviews & News says:

    How did I end up on this video of a bunch of people that I beat real bad at Spyfall? — SRS

  8. I have been wishing for you guys to play this game! wohoo!

  9. Just a little bit of rules policing, people who lay down so they don't get shot also don't shoot.

  10. The N.R.A. and Republican Conservative's wet dream of a game.

  11. not gonna lie, after that stint of Laurie doing the intros I forgot Adam did intros.

  12. Isaac's a lot bigger than I thought he'd be.

  13. Adam, I see you still have a victory there. We're still yet to see the video of the win… Just saying. 😉

    Another great video as always, can't wait until next week.

  14. Welcome back Adam! Also, really glad to see Isaac in this one! I've missed his brand of tactical play and manipulation

  15. Aw, I kinda felt bad for Rosie and Laurie in this game. This game is fun to watch, but it seems pretty frustrating to play, especially with the powers. I'm looking forward to the next episode, even though I don't know the game. I also hope to see the crew play equinox at some point, it seemed interesting in its collection starter.

  16. People who lay down don't get to shoot, but rules, shmules, this was a lot of fun.

  17. This was the first hobby board game I ever played and now I work in a board game store. I am so excited to see it, it has a huge special place in my heart, and so do all of you!

  18. Hey Adam……Play Everdell YOU COWARD!!!

  19. Hmm, people who lay down don't get to shoot their bullet. That's probably the biggest rules break this series has had so far. Unlike Nemesis, this one's a lot simpler so a lot less justifiable in that regard (though these things slip through every now and then… although it is CASH N GUNS). It would absolutely change people's strategy and definitely affected the scores a lot this game.

    Excited for Fiasco though!

  20. I can’t wait for the “Everybody Hates Laurie” memes!

  21. Laurie's insanity this game was a joy to behold.
    Congrats to Isaac for ruining Adam's day, you love to see it! Oh, and uh, winning BGC, I guess, that too.

  22. The intros are a lot better when Laurie does them xx

  23. The intros are a lot better when Laurie does them xx

  24. Are Rosie and sully coming to the Edinburgh fringe? I live in Edinburgh and I am keen to see them.

  25. Hey NRB players, anyway we can get an Adam Wins and Loses for the year counter. So we can see when he reaches his goal this year.

  26. Laurie totally got screwed on that one, I was angry on his behalf too. They should not be able to ask if somebody else was shooting him cause that just negates his power entirely

  27. Shoot Sully.
    Shoot Adam
    Shoot Laurie.

    Shoot them all!!! 🤪🤪

  28. feels like rosie is always targeting sully, no matter the game

  29. The only thing more dangerous than a drunk Blair is an armed Blair.

  30. Since Da Party finished on uudd. For me BGC has not only replaced it but left it for dust! You guys are hilarious!

  31. 17:39 Wait that's actually a crazy good impression, I couldn't hear a lick of British

  32. A nice upgrade for this game, attach a laser pointer to the guns

  33. Great episode lol. Laurie unraveling. Sully holding a grudge. Are we in a different universe? lol

  34. Seeing more and more of the crew on Board Game Club makes me want an in person Blood on the Clocktower so much, the chaos would be too much and I’m pretty sure Jon would end up in a straight jacket

  35. Bang bang, she shot me down
    Bang bang, I hit the ground
    Bang bang, that awful sound
    Bang bang, our Blair shot me down

  36. Never thought I’d audibly say “ Issac, he’s real”

  37. loving Blair's vendetta against Laurie but not the person who killed her and shot her like several times these 2 games. Great wins Issac and HAHAHAHAHAHA Adam's playing monopoly.

  38. You’re running into a whole load of legal problems with James Pond. From a certain uncover fish. He’s the Robocod for crying out loud!

  39. I think from now on it should be the winner to write on the board whether Adam wins or looses. If he looses it's like a prize for the winner

  40. love to see isaac at the table! Great game all

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