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  1. I love the fact that Sully came up with Stanley Twobrick. That's something my family has been saying for years when we play Catan

  2. Deeply disappointed we don’t see the phase of them deciding where to put initial settlements.

  3. My catan group never trades, cuts out like 76% of all fights

  4. Catan doesn’t ruin friendships. No good, ore hogging sons of bitches ruin friendships 😂

  5. A true classic.
    But I prefer the older edition with separate water tiles, because that allows to build differently shaped islands. Oh, and the villages, cities and roads are made of wooden pieces instead of plastic.

  6. Too bad adam is gone he was the sole reason I watched nrb.

  7. I wish we'd seen the initial placement phases! The politicking and kibbutzing that goes on then does so much to set up the rest of the game.

  8. its great I can live vicariously through you guys lol, ive never got to play these board games myself due to having no one to play them with so its nice to sorta feel like included as a viewer, ive never played catan

  9. oh god they're playing on the beginner map.

    Right, three of them are beginners, that tracks.

  10. Ah nah. Can't have this ending can we?
    <– To Be Continued

  11. There are so many different strategies you can use in Catan but if you don't get the rolls, you're screwed. One of those games as it doesn't matter how good, it's only about the dice (a good thing for new players and bad thing for old players).

  12. If only the English language had a word for a "sheep man."

    Adam's big book of grudges is just Laurie, for Board Game Club, and Carley, for Blood on the Clocktower.

  13. Here's a good house rule for two player Catan. A neutral 3rd player will take the two best spots on the board and then build the shortest road possible to connect the two spots. Then, during gameplay, a player may choose to connect their roads to the neutral player's road or settlement. If they do this, on all future turns, they may trade with the bank any resource the neutral player does not have access to at 3:1.
    For example: if the neutral player is not on any brick or sheep hex, then connecting your roads to that neutral player means you can trade either sheep or brick to the bank at 3:1.

  14. more games where you screw eachother over

  15. I picked this game up recently and play it with my parents. Some house rules we use are that you only need to have a road connected to a harbor to use the harbor, the resources in our hands are public knowledge, and when you rob someone they can ask if you’re looking for something specific and choose to just give it to you or make you rob them normally. Makes it easier for my parents to compete with me.

  16. I used to have this game but nearly no one plays board games with me

  17. Watching this episode was super weird to me as someone who plays exclusively Catan with at the very least the cities and knights expansion.

  18. Hey guys, first of all, another great video!

    I'm from Brazil, always loved board games but here is not very popular, I'm starting a collection soon to play with some friends and your videos are being really helpful on helping me chose some cool ones for different amount of people and categories


  20. it isn't a proper game of catan without someone flipping the board.

  21. Blaire pulled the "book of grudge joke" and nobody noticed. It was the most adorable thing 01:01:46

  22. I have played this swedish version its so fun but i allways lose 😢

  23. Actually, the expression is, "Keep your cards close to your vest." It's from riverboat gambler days when an accomplice would read your cards over your shoulder and tip off his or her card sharp partner.

  24. Why did they all start with so many resources in their hands already? Official rules say you only get 2 or 3 resources at the start, right? Based on where you've placed your second village.

  25. 43:10 “I can’t unload these baaah-stards” was the best unintentional pun Adam has ever delivered.

  26. I feel Laurie’s pain, the first time I played Catan I got one sheep in the first seven rolls and was never able to do anything all game.

  27. can't believe i just noticed how much adam looks like the Poketuber Alpharad……

  28. Sullivan is my f*ing hero! This episode was absolutely hilarious from all of you!

  29. How were the dice trays connected to the inner edge? 😮
    There seems to be a little space beneath..

  30. We absolutely ruined our catan game by naming all the sheep. We wrote the names on the cards. We just fought over who had what sheep.

  31. i love blair her personality is contagious and the anxiety some games give her like poetry for neanderthals is adorable

  32. Settlers of Catan but with cards from It's Muffin Time would be peak House Rules chaos.

  33. In Catan you keep your enemies close and your cards closer

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