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  1. Hay nrb glad to be here for another game

  2. Everybody’s favourite day of the week 👍🏻

  3. I can just see Dom in a white linen suit and sipping a Gin Sling, 1920s style.

  4. I thought you had to roll the dice of the island you are going to. If so, wouldn't that mean that Laurie would have to roll before everyone makes a decision at the first island?

  5. Oh wow, Adam, that haircut looks so good on you!

  6. I've only recently started watching NRB and I've already binged so much BGC and BOTC, I love everything you guys have done, thank you for being so amazing <3

  7. Don't know if I'd like this more than Incan Gold – seems a bit more clunky, but never played it live and that would probably matter.

  8. Strong recommendation (which I expect you're already planning, but just in case you aren't yet): Release a new digital BOTC episode with the advertisement for the Kickstarter. Some interested people may only be watching the NRB Clocktower episodes, so that's probably the best way to get the info out there for them.

  9. You're playing (slightly) wrong. You don't roll the dice shown on the city you're on, you roll the dice shown on the next city. The thematic reason for this is that it is not the cities themselves that are dangerous (as Adam says) but instead the routes between them.

    This is also why you'd want to jump off at the first city (because you may not believe the captain can make it to the second city) and why there's dice shown on the final city (which, by NRB's rules, are redundant, as there is no further city to go to)

  10. Having only played this on Board Game Arena, I had no idea the physical game had a little boat to put your player pieces in. How delightful!

    And surely, "being Dom'd" should be "Dominated!"

  11. Number of games Adam won : 9

    Number of games Adam lost : 33

    Games played total in 2022 : 44

    Number of times Adam WILLINGLY chooses yellow: 12

    Number of games Adam wins BotC: 3

    Number of games Adam's wins in other series: 12

    Number of games Sully has broken his resolution to always win: 37

    Number of games Laurie has won BotC in 2022: 0

    Has Adam played Diplomacy with Dom yet? Yes: No: ✓

  12. My head canon for how they got the thumbnail was that they just Photoshopped Blair’s Face on Brooke’s Head.

  13. Awesome! I love it when the NRB folks play social deduction games! I could learn a thing or two from you guys!

  14. The baddie on the thumbnail made me click the video

    Plot twist:
    It was another Blair from a different Multiverse

  15. Board Game Club 2022 Stats

    Weeks: 26
    Games: 41 +1(Fiasco)

    Laurie:     15-25
    Sullivan:  11-29
    Adam:     9-31 (+2 not on YouTube)
    Brooke:   8-6
    Carley:     7-4
    Tom:        7-10
    Jon:         6-8
    Blair:        5-12
    Rosie:      4-21
    Dom:       3-7
    Isaac:      3-7
    Isa:           0-1
    Ken:         0-4
    Tilly:         0-8

  16. How many people has Dom declared never-ending furious revenge against at this point?

  17. Great to have Dom back! Haven't seen him in a while…

  18. The ending was one of the most intense endings in a while, had no idea who was going to win!

  19. Can u put the adds at the end or beginning and not in the middle. Kind of annoying when u get into the game u r playing

  20. This was very fun to watch, I really thought Adam was finally going to get his second solo win this time. The only weird thing was that jetpacks seemed pretty unfair, they would be more interesting if they sent you to the previous island rather than the current one, or if everyone started with one. Also, no one said "get on board" when they were the captain. But still, this was very enjoyable.

  21. I know they are busy, but bluffing games are not the same without the cool, calm and collected energy of Rosie and Jon.

  22. Hot Pirates? Adam just confirmed he's a lover of Arrested Development, huzzah!

  23. Who's the hottie in the thumbnail and why isn't she gracing our YouTubes?

  24. I feel Laurie's pain in those first few rounds. He actually should have been rolling dice to get to the 2nd location. Slight rules issue.
    Not a big deal though, unless you're Laurie 🙂

  25. Next week, the estates. YES, YES, A THOUSAND TIMES YES

  26. Uh why does Blair have Rey style googles on in the thumbnail?

  27. Legit thought it was Brooke in the thumbnail for a second, the meme is real.

  28. Oh man, the Estates next time. That's going to be absolutely B R U T A L.

  29. Haven’t watched the video yet but this thumbnail is very confusing for anyone who gets Brooke and Blair mixed up.

  30. To be fair I’m 99% sure a video of Sully sitting alone in a dark room repeatedly saying “Blair” would still pull in the views

  31. Adam continues to morph his look into 90s boy band member who appears on this morning years later with a tell all book to promote

  32. IDK if it was like this last week, but Adam looks very good with his hair the way it is in this awesome BGC (haven't watched it all the way yet)!
    Edit: got a kick out of it this week, awesome job to the winner, 10 out of 10, best captain!

  33. Great video! Love Celestia, it's a great game and ideal for trying to get non-board gamers into the hobby. Couple of things for people wanting to play the game and learning the rules:

    1) The captain declaring whether they can beat the obstacles or not isn't in the rules of the game, I think NRB have made this a house rule for extra spice. In a normal game, the captain rolls the dice and then the passengers decide whether or not to stay on with no input from the captain. Personally I think the game plays better when the captain doesn't give any information away, but its more fun watching the game played with the extra meta of "am I lying?" so can see why they've done it for the video.

    2) NRB seem to be rolling the number of dice shown on the City the airship is currently at. You are supposed to roll the number of dice shown on the City you are trying to get to. This means on the journey from the first City to the second, you should roll one die (and not zero like they do in the video). There is never a situation in the game where the captain doesn't roll at least one die.

  34. ahhh so adam hates danhausen because of the voice

  35. This is one of my favorite games in my collection! It’s so brilliant with the cardboard cutouts and the exciting art, it’s an all around great game! So happy watching you guys play!

  36. Everyone just seemed to have so much fun with this game! I love this game, the art alone is gorgeous! But the gameplay is light and fun too.

  37. I like how Brandon Jaspers has now become the measurement for annoying voices.

  38. very "viewer-friendly" for Blair to count with fingers, so we have an accurate tally at all times

  39. Dom was great in this one, so funny! Even better moments in the Patreon video, I love his enthusiastic "Yeah!"

  40. You guys should do a playthrough of Obsession victorian era costumes… would be fun

  41. Is Blair in the thumbnail a Skies of Arcadia reference or just vintage pilot attire?

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