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Let’s Play CELESTIA | Board Game Club

No Rolls Barred
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  1. Sully presenting, "look the propeller moves!". It's an instant like in the first minutes.🎉

  2. The thumbnail is misleading. I thought Brooke was in the episode.Lol I love this channel! Thanks guys for the content and constant entertainment!

  3. For those wondering,this is a fantastic game played more than 100 times

  4. Love this game, love this crew (and i know ill get hate for this) and quite partial to random silly voiced comments in game play and general.
    Could not stand contiual daft voice blair decided to do!
    Had to stop watching bout round three, was too grating.
    If it stopped later, then, i guess i jumped ship too soon…

  5. I would love to see another scenario of Vagrant Song 🙂

  6. This would have been a great showcase of that “eat sh** Blair” tshirt because she had it until the announcement of she’ s going to win…. Btw Blair’s hair color goes 1. Red like in the thumbnail 2. Blond like on her in the video.. somewhere around 14 is that green that was actually referenced as a carrot in a previous video

  7. You know what would be a cool dynamic? Letting people vote on the next games played. But ig we'll do it here for now

    Adam, please play Intrigue, I want the world to burn.

    Then, play Stuffed Fables, because I want my heart to overflow with love

  8. Adam Blampied will be playing Monopoly if he doesn't win and he will probably drag all of you with him as he will be doing 10 rounds of it on a livestream.

  9. At 100k subscribers they should be forced to play Monopoly

  10. You guys should play Jaws the board game since it’s July!

  11. Awesome episode congrats on reaching the KS 1st goal!!!

  12. I love the thumbnail for this, Blair looks stunning!

  13. You always roll for the next location fyi, so the first captain will start rolling two dice.

  14. What kind of ship has a rotating captaincy? Let alone a new captain at EVERY port of call? No wonder this ship is constantly on the brink of crashing.

  15. 48:39 i had a mouth full of tea when that happened and it was a real struggle to not burst out laughing.
    Really enjoying watching this game and would love to see you play it again.

  16. 53:35 I like how Adam rolled the dice just to see what he would have got. It made me think of a game of Yahtzee i lost the other month where all i needed was one 5 on my last turn. Took my 3 turns and got none. I sat there like "wtf?" for about 30 seconds…. then i rolled the 5 dice and got at least one 5 in the next six rolls or so.

  17. Nothing personal. I just want to see the ship crash on the very first turn. While nobody gets off.
    42:35 I thought adam said the captain can't jump off as long as there are passengers on board. So what's stopping him from jumping off here? I thought the goal of a good captain who can't face the challenge was to get everyone off, so they could jump off too.

  18. Rules: the rulebook states that the Captain declares if they can/cannot reach the island, after, the other passengers choose to stay or not. Your way of playing is probably better because it adds deception elements to the game.

  19. Cloud Lightning sounds like the next Final Fantasy protag.

  20. the card not saying wehat they do and instead relying on pictographic cues is bad game design imo

  21. This one appears to have flown under the radar a little bit. Must have been the clouds interfering with the signal.

  22. i would watch "the night time man" if it was a real horror movie

  23. Love how as suddenly as Sully starts to introduce the game he wrecks it….

  24. “Sailed it to victory bitches” funny Lauri

  25. Watching the blood on the clock tower episodes have been on my list for a while. in this episode they just said that they spend 37k per episode? That either means they are being pretty greedy, spending the money poorly, or the episodes are insanely good.

  26. I maybe the first one here, you strange people.😎

  27. Yay my first new BGC since I subscribed. Been watching the older ones all week.

  28. Oh sully out sullied himself in this intro 😂 can’t wait for the game to start 😂

  29. Support No Rolls Barred! Give 'em a subscribe and Get on Board!

  30. This is a great little game. Can't wait to watch this!

  31. Errybody has nice new haircuts! And Laurie's here too!

  32. Is that Blair on the thumbnail? I'm genuinely not sure 😅

  33. NRB is genuinely better than 99% of terrestrial TV. Thanks so much for your efforts everyone!

  34. Is the Blair's British accent? Also, they are close to 100k subscribers and then we get Blair's official British accent.

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