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Let’s Play CHEESE THIEF | Board Game Club

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This squeek we’re playing INCREDIBLY ADORABLE social deduction game, Cheese Thief! Someone’s stolen some cheese, who can it brie?! I camembert the tension! Can the gouda players find their neme-swiss, before they’re left feeling bleu? You cheddar believe it!!

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  1. A lot of fun, thank you. Would love to see more of this in the future.

  2. le sigh…. yet another game i want to buy lol

  3. just curious whos the girl in the thumbnail of the video?

  4. 37:23 you're welcome

    39: 21 you're very welcome

    40:09 poor Jon… but hot damn Tom ruled with that one!

  5. First Board game club and like why have I slept on this so much. I love NRB lists, I'm asking myself why this took so long.

  6. Adam, thanks to this video I have went and bought Cheese Thief. Can't wait too play it with my friends.

  7. It's both frustrating and funny that Jon and Laurie didn't use their wake up times to figure out instantly that it was impossible for it to be anyone else than Laurie or Adam. Love the content tho

  8. Adam's looks of confusion on round 2 had me dying

  9. Sullivan is the definition of chaotic neutral in almost any game.

  10. Sully is just the BEST third imposter. It's a beautiful thing

  11. On the sully round, could Tom just agree with the crowd, and wait for town to see there is no accomplice, or raise that question late?

  12. Love seeing Jon go on a rant. Funniest part of the episode..lol

  13. Jon convincing himself that Blair and Tom did it despite waking up after and seeing the cheese was still there was an unmentioned bit of beauty

  14. Wow how did i miss this one, Now I wanna see you play One Night Ultimate Werewolf

  15. Watching the second. Adam reminds Sully to look at the cheese. I watch his eyes when he opens he does not look down. Didn't catch that Laurie didn't either. Absolute golden content.

  16. Who needs Derren Brown convincing you that you have seen something that wasn't there when you have Sully!

  17. On the surface it seems like a simple game but after thinking about it, not true. Even getting unlucky with half the players waking on the same night and fall mouse being the only accomplice there was still enough bluff room for thief to win, very cool. Good job all, especially Sully with the accusation that time 🙂

  18. Adam. How could you steal the cheese… when I stole the cheese?

  19. "Wake up, to take the cheese for themselves….bastard " that got me rolling

  20. Rewatching this after Mafia di Cuba for the origin of Sully's cheese blindness.

    It's amazing how much more…CASUAL, is the nice word I'll use, it's amazing how much more CASUAL this has all gotten after a year.

  21. This is 100% one of my favourite games! …. I totally need to find some more friends who'll play games with me!

  22. I just looked this game up on Amazon to purchase my own and Amazon lists the Minimum Age Recommended as "96." Only 68 more years until I can fully enjoy playing Cheese Thief! Haha loved this episode and the entire series!

  23. Blair, Sully, and Tom make such an incredible trio 😆

  24. Great video but this is the most incompetent playthrough of a game ever. Round 1 & 2 people not looking at the cheese. And then the 3rd round them falling for Sully's bs even though they saw the cheese after 2am. Like they are all pretty good board game players but seem to have forgot their brains

  25. What Adam did at the end is actually a brilliant play for the cheese thief to do! At that point they are going to think you are the full mouse and not want to pick you! lol

  26. That second game was mental…I noticed Laurie and Sully look at each other and not the cheese, I was dumbfounded. I think Sully has cheese blindness!

  27. I did get a bit confused in game 3 with the fall mouse. I'm guessing it was introduced in the uncut version but I take it they need to try and claim guilt to win? Overall a very fun game and I enjoy the shorter social deduction games.

  28. Rewatchimg this because I love it so much… this game (and episode!) is so underrated!!!!!!!!!

  29. So happy to see one of our favorite games! The double dice version is also fun and brings more uncertainties, recommended 💅🏻

  30. 27:25 oh God. This had me cracking up. Lololol. Oh, they thought they were safe, and then Sully out of nowhere with the betrayal.
    Oh man that's killing me. Blair thought she was safe, hahahaha. Ah good stuff.

  31. So looking at a piece of plastic is harder than playing jenga with box gloves

  32. Sully, rubbing his head, ashamed: I'm such a tweedle liability
    Best part of the whole video

  33. I have it paused on 21:19 and the sheer disbelief on Blair's face at whatever the hell this plan is… it's sublime.

  34. I’m confused what does the four mouse do

  35. Im going to add "cheesethiefery" to my vocabulary

  36. I still think this is the funniest board game club. The entire cheese blindness of the first 2 games is gold.

  37. Over the past week, NRB has become my new favourite YT channel, I’m having such a blast watching the crew review and play some games that otherwise would simply have passed me by. I tracked down a copy of 6 Nimmt just 3 days ago which is getting its first airing this weekend.
    I instantly fell in love with Cheese Thief once I started watching this video……HOWEVER, I cannot find a retailer online or physical that stocks the game. Anyone know where I could locate one? Or alternatively, can I buy the NRB copy? 😂😂

  38. I think the strategy once the Fool Card became an option was for the actual Cheese Thief to claim to be the Cheese Thief. Then, everyone would dismiss his claims because he's "obviously" the Fool.

  39. 20:12 you can see the cheese thief have an existential crisis and thinking did I even steal the cheese.

  40. everyone is going off on Laurie and Sully but in the first fall mouse game Jon woke up at 3 and the cheese was still there and still voted for blair

  41. Lmfao at Adam's comedic timing there with, "No, I didn't think so UNPACK that for me, Laurie" 😂

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