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Let’s Play CHEESE THIEF | Board Game Club

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This squeek we’re playing INCREDIBLY ADORABLE social deduction game, Cheese Thief! Someone’s stolen some cheese, who can it brie?! I camembert the tension! Can the gouda players find their neme-swiss, before they’re left feeling bleu? You cheddar believe it!!

Our gorgeous board game table was provided by GeekNSon:

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  1. While I will miss the ability to have guests with the online BGC format this in-person format with the cool studio is great entertainment.

  2. Sully was a masterful accomplish in that penultimate round!

  3. Would have liked to see it go on for longer!

  4. The insane amount of chemistry between Sully and Tom just drive this game to perfection <3

  5. This channel just might be my favorite thing of all time, ever. If I moved from the US to the UK just to be a part of NRB, could I be a part of NRB…?

  6. This was hilarious. If this is them playing this sober. I can't wait for the drunk version

  7. I'm SO curious what would have happened in the final round if Tom had voted for Jon instead and there would have been a tie in the vote hahaha

  8. In the last game, why did Tom point at Laurie?
    What would have happened if the vote was tied?

  9. I'm on my third time watching this and it's only been out for a day. I cannot get over how hilarious this is, keep up the good work guys, Board Game Club is absolutely the highlight of the week.

  10. I'm just sad we didn't get Tom doing the night time roll call, he's the best at them

  11. Y’all gonna start playing in-person Blood on the Clocktower? It’s soooooo good!

  12. Tweedle-100%-Competent and Tweedle-Liability! 😂

  13. "Tweedle-100% Competent and Tweedle-Liability Over There" is a phrase that will CERTAINLY make it into my work vocabulary, so thank you for that Tom!

  14. “I’ve got cheese blindness!”
    I’m going to find a way to use that in regular conversation!
    These are incredible videos guys. Inspired me to start my own gaming group. Keep up the good work.

  15. I hope you guys do Exploding Kittens one day, it is a super fun game

  16. Will we ever get a D&D series on the channel

  17. Im going to sound like a broken record but tom is the best. The way he reacts to things is so freaking amazing

  18. As much as I like this game, and as accessible as it seems, it’s probably too easy to bootleg this by using post-it’s and any other kind of prop to sub for the cheese

  19. You don’t even need the box to play this. Just some dice and paper

  20. Does Sullivan win as the acomplice or lose as the fall mouse in that round?

  21. It took me the entire round to realize they were saying “FALL “ mouse and not “FOUR” mouse. I was so surprised they didn’t explain wth a four mouse was.

  22. Can we appreciate how smart tom is in the last round for not backing up sully to make it look as if he has no follower so that others wouldn't suspect him, but it is sully so of course he's gonna fuck it up 😅😅😅😅😅😅

  23. Nothing makes me nostalgic for where I used to live in the Bay Area like seeing a REALLY FUCKING COOL, FRIENDLY LOOKING BAR.

    And God bless Sully the Living Smokescreen.

  24. I only had one go-to board game channel now I have two, PLEASEE DON'T STOP DOING THIS

  25. First one of these I have watched, it was really good, well done

  26. Tom's disappointment after that second game, wow, if he were any more disappointed, I'd think he was my dad.

  27. wow, if there's one thing i bet nobody expected about having everyone together in person it's all the unintentional asmr. 😂😂

  28. Oh great thanks, now I want that game too!

  29. I want Tom and Sully to travel the English countryside together solving crimes.

  30. There's a fine line between banter and abuse 😅 Poor Blair, always taking the fall for others

  31. Now you guys can game together would love to see Mansions of Madness with you all RPing the shit out of it.
    Just a shame the games costs so much money, that someone of my circumstances can't afford to buy it.

  32. will CBW be returning also will it be on this channel or on partsFUNknown

  33. Laurie's lie on the first round was magnificent.

  34. I hope that you guys play Tragedy Looper, because I have been interested in that one after seeing Adam's Mystery Solving Games that are Better than Cluedo (Clue since I am American) Collection Starter video.

  35. Love the Burns reference. No Luke Owen, Robbie not Monty

  36. A lot of fun, thank you. Would love to see more of this in the future.

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