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  1. How did you miss the Great Honkers of China?

  2. “They wouldn’t have kings today” Adam… you stupid country has kings n queens and dum Royal family like the colonial past

  3. How could someone suffer so much in a board game (excluding anyone subjected to Monopoly)?

  4. The law of Rosie sounds like Biden made it 😂

  5. Hey Adam, would you ever consider playing space hulk or hero quest on NRB?

  6. Oh GOD, this is super funny and that second law that was passed was the BEST thing that has ever been said. Sounds like some weird law for sure. Too short still though xD

  7. The assassin really should just turn off the character's power, rather than take away their whole turn.

  8. You guys need to play this once again. Next time play with the blackmailer. And Dom. Oh God, the chaos….

  9. This has to be one of your funniest videos yet 😂

  10. You know what compared to how Sullivan's time in 'House Rules' was John got off easy.

  11. I’m not quite sure what it is.. but Carly for some reason just slightly annoys me in these games an I don’t know why haha she seems lovely but there’s just something that irks me an I can’t quite put my finger on it

  12. Jon is spot on about Dune! 3 hours of my life wasted

  13. I feel like spiritually (no pun intended lol), Jon deserved an extra point for each death he got… since it was like 6?

  14. One of rare times they didn't immediately gang up on Laurie for no reason, and I'm glad. His jokes were a delight!

  15. 1:24:36 Can someone please tell me what melody they are singing to? It’s been driving me crazy

  16. it seems like it wouldn’t be too hard to have a rule saying “if you were assassinated last round, then you are immune this round.” I don’t think that would be over powered

  17. Include Terri in the a game please

  18. what animal should offer the most coin, because beavers have eaten most monetary value, if badgers stopped humping the priests from graceland, however finances may accrue, don't count chickens

  19. Almost every BGC i think Sullivan is the MVP (of comedy not of the game) but this episode that crown 100% goes to Jon. I have been in absolute tears thanks to him.

  20. 5:00 If the second person to pick knows all the cards then they will know what card the first person picked.
    So a better way would to just give everyone a random card. For example by someone holding them face down and shuffled and people one by one pick a character.

  21. Nobody has mentioned the SIX reference in the intro?

    There's absolutely zero chance that "Let's see who's the King of the castle and who's the dirty rascal" wasn't a reference to SIX.

  22. That was fun, but the rules require that the assassinated character "remain silent… without revealing his character".
    BTW, most of the comments are from people who seem to prefer games like Chutes And Ladders. Citadels is not for crybabies. It's cutthroat, and the rules have been carefully crafted over a couple of decades. If you want to make your own rules, great, but it won't be the real game.

  23. carly looks and talks like an adult hermione

  24. The assassin mechanic is so nasty, I would be equally as upset as Jon was.

  25. "they wouldnt have kings today" that didnt age well huh xD

  26. "He's got a Dragon Gate!" I'm dead 💀😂

  27. Adam: …and you wouldn't have Kings today.
    That aged poorly.

  28. If I have my math correct, guessing the same person 4 times in a row is a 1 in 2401 chance. Poor Jon. Lol

  29. This was fantastic! Do you guys play board games often on this channel?

  30. I was thinking how I recognised this game, but here in the Netherlands it is called Machiavelli and I have it 😂

  31. At some point I just stopped watching. Might be nice for the people that they have fun, but this was way too much trashtalk and distracting laughing about any kind of nonsense. Just annoying after a while.

  32. Adam, who lives in Britain, a place with a monarchy: there wouldn’t be Kings today!!

  33. I mean, in today’s world that first rule makes sense.

  34. 51:45 In my head this bit plays like
    king: "Do we have a magician?"
    a magician appears "It's me!"
    behind her another "it me~"
    and two more! "Megician" "It's Megician"

  35. Adam really is bad at targeting Sully qith thief, considering he chose one of the 3 cards that weren't in his hand to steal when he picked thief, and Sully picked after him 😂

  36. I loved when Jon passed up the opportunity to take the Assassin character and was immediately assassinated!

  37. Jon was murdered in the game room with the l lead pipe, cuz he kept getting bludgeoned to death by the assassin

  38. Board Game Club Quote of the Year: "HE'S GOT A MYTHICAL GATE TO THE OTHER REALM! I'VE GOT A TAVERN!"
    -Who else but Jon Gracey

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