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  1. Hey Adam, I have a great idea for another top 10 list: Top 10 best Board Game Mechanics. It's about niche and creative rules that make Board Games more enjoyable and set them apart from similar games.
    Some examples would be for me the everyone gets to talk for 30 seconds uninterupted in Deception: Murder in Hong Kong, the catch up mechanic from Wavelength and the landing the plane phase from Hit the Silk.

  2. There has to exist some board game that features mermaids… and I kind of hope that they manage to find it, but play an episode without Brooke since she'd be too OP for it!

  3. Is there not semi-sweet chocolate in the uk?

  4. I’m shocked you guys haven’t played this before lol for some reason, I feel like you have.

  5. As everyone knows, paint brushes are famously NOT made with horse hair.

  6. 19:58 Adam: "What team are we?"
    I thought parachute was one of Adam's words when he gave the clue, rocket. Since Team Rocket is always on one.

  7. The end of this was so good they had to release a little mermaid trailer 😄

  8. Can someone send Sully and Brooke a painting of a hippocampus, please?

  9. Honestly an extremely fun episode. Thank you guys for the laughs

  10. Holy crap if Bolt had been the clue and Brooke had unknowingly thrown the game…I may have died with laughter hahaha

  11. This is a good one but I feel like there needs to be a time limit

  12. 33:30 Tilly's little shoulder pat while Brooke tries to defend her statement, like "oh honey, just stop" lmaooo

  13. Everyone is mentioning the "She's a princess" bit, but neglecting to mention the rapid devolution into a goblin Brooke undergoes when she actually succeeds right after.

  14. I genuinely thought Lab was the right answer because right before he said 'Rocket' he asked the team 'what color are we?' and I thought that was a subtle way of adding 'red' to the start of rocket, making red rocket which implies dog, and Labradors are a type of dog.

  15. Is it just me or is this just the greatest episode? So many bits, so many laugh out loud moments, a tense game.

  16. Riding the lightning, ride equals bolt, saw that instantly

  17. the rules is still one word. john cena is two.

  18. I see that Twilight Imperium box in the background.

    I know a playthrough is coming.

  19. Not sure people in the UK can throw shade at Europe lol

  20. Sully pulled towards horses, Brooke pulled towards fish.

    Nobody tell them about seahorses.

  21. Tilly and Jon Gracey, Wrestling Aficionado (TM) for Quizzlemania!

  22. “You can deliver food via missile…”. 😂

  23. When you get the clue "John Cena," the first word that caught my eye was "horn" because of his entrance music. Sooooo glad it wasn't chosen.

  24. Two things I didn't expect from this:

    That "drill music" IS actually a thing (i looked it up)

    That John Cena was not a clue for "horn."

  25. My stomach is hurting from all the laughing! what an amazing episode! This was so fun! We need more Codenames!

  26. "lock, Mexico, shadow, and bomb"
    Clue: Cod (4)

  27. I was YELLING 'Brush!!!!" at the goddamn screen repeatedly during the 'Create' clue my GOD

  28. Hotel not being music, when hotel California exists, uncultured beans on toast eaters, /j

  29. If Jawbone were a wrestler they would 100% have been in Retribution.

  30. Team Rocket lost when the clue was "Rocket." How ironic?

  31. Oh, wow… Brooke & Tilly look even smaller during game 2 😛

  32. So, we also usually play with proper nouns… but the examples in question “New York,” “John Cena” also violate the multiple-word restriction.

  33. Brooke’s “it’s me, Laurie” reminded me why they’re my favorite duo 😂 they play so well off each other, they seem like they get along as genuine friends outside of BGC. They’re always an interesting pair in games (botc and the one with the plane falling and the heist and they had to share the parachute come immediately to mind).

  34. 33:20 the earnest “she’s a princess.” Had me DYINGGGG 😂😂😂😂

  35. The ending was so iconic. The buildup for the whole thing to come down to the greatest underdog story of all time

  36. I have never heard of drill music OR grime music. TIL

  37. "Let's say that Sullivan figured out there are four food ones… but, I guess, chose to give us one less point."

  38. Semi-sweet is wine tasting parlance… or at least semi-dry is.

  39. Cloak, poison, film, and bermuda? I would have run in head-first with "Mystery, 4"

  40. Petition for Sully to perform a UK Drill song

  41. A food missile is a submarine sandwich surely?

  42. man that last clue i would have guessed horn and lost the game because i thought he was being clever with jawbone sounding like trombone

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