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Let’s Play COSMIC ENCOUNTER | Board Game Club

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  1. There was a mistake at the beginning of the game, Sullivan should have discarded the love card when he used it because he was not the love.

  2. Why did everyone instantly remove their ships at 31:50? The card says any or all, and Tom has yet to specify whose ships he is using the force field on. Perhaps Tom would have preferred to only block specific players rather than all players.

  3. I would love to see you guys play forbidden island, it's a crazy good co-op game that me and my friends have had lots of fun with.

  4. Nice! Another gameplay of my favourite boardgame of all time!!!!

  5. Posted in the patreon exclusive uncut version, but worth repeating: Blair's alien power is that you may release your ships from the warp and must use THOSE SHIPS to establish a foreign colony. She didn't have any of her ships in the warp at the resolution of her alien power, therefore she shouldn't have won the game with it and there should have been a final encounter.

  6. Having said that, can we have a cosmic encounter say… every three months? Four episodes a year feels about right, and it's easily the best game besides Whitehall Mystery you guys have ever played!

  7. Brooke has decided to come back with a fire, I love it!

  8. Aw S***…. Here we go again. And I'm here for it!

  9. Question, will you be playing this again when when the new expansion comes out next month?

  10. love and a small dash of incompetence from John won the day

  11. Asking again for the friendly, waving bartender from the opening roll to be invited to sit in on a game.

  12. the only way that adam can avoid playing monopoly. is out of the remaining 30 board game clubs (cause its once a week with 30 weeks left in the year.) he has to win 26 of them to not have to play monopoly 5 times. unless he's already lost with him saying there will be roughly 50 board game clubs this year and he has now lost 30 of them. either way. Adam is in a terrible predicament

  13. For possible Saturday videos, you could do games that require less players to play like in LotB.

  14. Y’all should play Meadow. Whatever it is. It looks like a game that Jon would just yell at Laurie during.

  15. So they clearly have at least some of the expansions because of the white ships. But they aren't using the defender rewards deck?? Makes the game sooo much better to include it.

  16. I really enjoiyed the video. Had multiple good laughs. Keep it up everyone, because you're doing a great job!

  17. There is NOooOooway those alien cards were random. Those were too spot on.

  18. Is there a Laurie Blake Appreciation Society? If so, I wish to join.

  19. Couldn't adam have used his power first get zapped and then use the superflare for the upset win?

  20. I'd love to see a video from you guys about:
    -Best Aliens in Cosmic
    -Ratings of each module (I'm a fan of the defensive reward cards, and the spinners so players reveal who they are allying with simultaneously)

  21. This game deserves its own section of monthly videos

  22. Honestly, on a strategic level, the best play for Jon, on his last battle with Adam would have been to take the shared victory that Adam suggested.

  23. Laurie needs to come out to misarie cantare next BGC.

  24. Hello, firstly i love board game club and i really look forward to it every week. Just a question, i am a huge board game enthusiast, but i am completely blind, what are your best suggestions for games that r easily adaptable for a completely blind player?

  25. You know it's a good game when people are red from laughter 5 minutes in.

  26. With this episode, you mark a huge milestone, where the amount of Draughts BGC episodes released equals the amount of Zoom BGC episodes! (Since the two first BotC were released as BGC episodes before it became its own show.)
    40 Zoom Board Game Clubs, 40 Draughts Board Game Clubs! Congratulations on that milestone!

    I absolutely love how the roles came out this way, particularly Love, Hate, and Loser just seem to have aligned perfectly with their respective players. And Jon is somehow unraveling 10 minutes in – you gotta love it! Now I'm really hoping he'll get the Gambler token in the next BotC so he can carry on this character there!

  27. So wait, you guys point out how Hate is on the Love card but you never once point out how the Loser was on the Sycophant's card?! We even got an in-game example of Sully needing to flatter Adam! Are you all daft?! I expect such things from Jon, but Adam?!

  28. Tom didn’t “get on board” at the end and as a Patreon member I’m feel I’m owed one from him. Lol

  29. Great another Cosmic encounter playthrough! Now do 10 more 😉

    Seriously though, 3 more will do.

  30. Tom sounds like Richmond from the IT crowd

  31. Jon………Christ on a bike man. 😂😂😂

  32. Round 2 baby! Let’s go! My family have actually gotten the game sense the first video and we absolutely love it. Thank you for playing and introducing it to us.

  33. I’m gonna rewatch this until it hits 100k views together a part 3

  34. “I could eat an apple though a tennis racket.”

    Someone put that on a shirt if they don’t already have Adams W/L record planned for it.

  35. First Rosie with her "most terrifying dice in all board games" burn and now Tom gets a kicking in, poor Adam.

  36. Adam, you are a much more experienced player in Cosmic Encounter (I never played it myself), but I checked out some of the rules of the game and I was wondering why nobody attacks foreign colonies from their own planet when drawing themselves from the destiny deck. That seems like a huge opportunity the kick back people from the 4th slot…?

    Only mentioning this for your group to do a rematch asap. 😉

  37. Jon's gambling had me in stitches every damn time

  38. Ohhhhh my goodness. Laurie's character reveal was perfect.

  39. I decided to browse your channel, and was surprised to not see a certain collaborative boardgame. So I'm throwing it out there : Mountains of Madness!

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