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  1. This game is so confusing to me. Seems like too many moving parts to keep track of tbh 😂😂 props to them for having a good time

  2. Ah Coup, my cousin bought this and a game called "RESISTANCE" to our house and I loved them both. They were the first of many cool board games he would introduce me to.

    I'd very much like to see them play Resistance.

  3. I was so confused when i seen that art. Didn't think coup had multiple versions that are just reskins. Actually it looks like the one i played was a reskin, or well just a different language with different art.

  4. Awe I think the intro missed the fact that you can spend 7 coins to perform a coup on another player 😂

  5. Brooke just reminds me of meg giry with her hair and height

  6. I wish I had a group like you guys'. Looks so fun to be able to do this stuff!

  7. i love coup, its one of my favorite card games

  8. round 2 dan could have just saved up and then couped

  9. My intro to social deduction was Mafia. Kinda wonder if they have played that one.

  10. No "counting coup" jokes? Perhaps they are not familiar with the term in UK.

  11. You naively want things to be "better", however your ignorance makes things worse because you forgot economics is a thing and that authoritarian collectivism makes destroys lives in the worst way possible.

    Centrism, take the good things from left (freedom and liberty) and leave the childish ignorant destructive policies behind (authoritarian collectivism) 🙂

  12. 47:00 Oh, Dan, you fool! You should have flipped Laurie's allegiance so that the only people he could coup were the other three!

  13. 17:11 there once was a girl named brookeat her love she did lookwith a vicious attackshe stabbed him in his back turns out shes a no good crook

  14. What is the name of the Coup expansion I was hoping to find that in the information for the video!?!

  15. the first two games had me giggling and laughing out loud at everyone's antics… Dan was basically born to play Coup

  16. dan could have one that second game but he threw, he had a coin up on sully so if they had both just kept taking money dan would have got to coup first and one, there was no need to call out his contessa

  17. The round that ends at the 36th minute could have been won by Dan, because he would have won the race to 7 coins for a Coup

  18. The "Of Mice and Men" reference at 34:50 was incredibly underappreciated!

  19. I’ve played this game once at the end of a very long drinking session and I have to say I enjoyed it immensely

  20. Dude these guys bother me sometimes. Ex at 34:00 all Dan had to do was save up to coup and he was guaranteed to win.

  21. Please do a game with the expansion as well!!

  22. 34:15 that is the worst move he could have possibly made. he would just coup first. Dan just fking threw

  23. I used to play coup in the library at school, it is always gonna be at the top of my list for favorite card games!

  24. Damm was excited to watch this one Dan is great too but have to click off cause tomSka is in it… Please do Coup again without him

  25. Is that an Extras reference around about 10 minutes?

  26. 14:52 Of course he lied at the start. If there's one thing I know from you guys after watching you play so many games, it's that Sully doesn't like lying, and Brooke, like most people, wouldn't lie about having a duke while at the same time accusing someone else of lying about having one because there's no "long game" to play here. So when she challenged Sully, (Really Brooke? Do I know Sully better than you do? xD) , while also claiming to have a duke it only really left us with two potential liars, and I would have picked Dan 10/10 times. He isn't afraid of lying on his first turn. I would expect as much from him by now. x)
    16:20 Come on Brooke! Have you been paying any attention to what Laurie said? He said he knew one of those was still in the deck, and why would Dan not pick that shield from assassinations?
    Well done in that first game, Dan. The others were not paying attention, you in an almost literal sense held all the cards.

  27. This game could easily be renamed to Duck, Duck, Duke 🙂

  28. When my family plays the first round is everyone playing Duke and no one is confident enough to call anyone out

  29. Looks like a bunch of cheating going on with ambassador card swap out. They take two cards and choose which of the four cards rather then put their old cards into the deck.

  30. I was wondering if y'all had played this game, AND THEN I RECOGNIZED THAT CARD ON THE THUMBNAIL

  31. 36:00 but like, seriously, you were going to win on the money race, you already had one to Sullivan's zero, right?
    so there was a guaranteed win as long as you challenged nothing but captain and assassin! foolish behavior

  32. I loved the mercenary card and kept drawing my friends kept guseeing wrong and gave up – created a new strat most people are too scared to double check

  33. The greatest part of game 2 is this: Sullivan had just spent all his money on a coup, Dan had 4. At this point the max either could gain per turn was 2 from foreign aid. Dan could have just used foreign aid in a race to coup and won. What makes this even greater is that after using the Assassin, Dan still had a coin. from that point he was 3 turns from coup money, whereas Sullivan was 4. The only way Dan could lose was attempting to assassinate twice, and that was the situation which occurred

  34. My favorite way to play this is not looking at my cards and just claiming things

  35. 35:44 Dan should have just saved up and coup'ed Sully because he had one up on him in money so eventually he could have got 7 coins before Sully did and won

  36. Omg Tom actually said "get on board" for once

  37. Damn Adam left out a lot of rules when he was explaining the game lmao
    Didn't even explain how to coup in the game Coup

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