Let's Play COUP feat. Brennan Lee Mulligan from CollegeHumor | Overboard, Episode 12 - cutlassboardgame.com

Let’s Play COUP feat. Brennan Lee Mulligan from CollegeHumor | Overboard, Episode 12

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For this Overboard with Brennan Lee Mulligan, we played a bunch of small games — so many, in fact, that we couldn’t fit them all in one episode (yes, we know that’s ironic). In part one, special guest Brennan Lee Mulligan of CollegeHumor joins us for a heated game of Coup. Stay tuned for part 2, and don’t forget to subscribe!

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  1. They're not playing by the rules lol. I'm not saying you can't create your own rules but first of all, if you lose an influence card you have to turn it face up and it should not go back in the deck. It stays in front of you until the end of the game. Second, you cannot counter an assassination or a stealing of it wasn't directed at you. "The player who is being assassinated may claim the contessa…", "The player who is being stolen from may claim either the ambassador or the captain". Just a little nitpicky and maybe the rules they're playing by could be more fun, idk. I think that the latter could be more fun the way they are playing it but the former seems better to do normally

  2. The way Jenna was able to avoid the spotlight all game long is majestic. Big brain.

  3. Does everyone else suck at hearing what the game is vs just playing a second?

  4. Pat: Duke you want to challenge?

    Brian, two minutes in and already suffering from intense psychological damage: I don'k't

  5. Brennan really made a mistake going for his only ally 🤣

  6. 3 years later and they still don't know your supposed to reveal your card when it dies.

  7. The way Brennan screached, "Vase?!" I died.

  8. Well heeellllooooo my fellow dukes! 🧐

  9. who is here in 2023 and realizing that Pat said among us 😢😢😢

  10. It turns out you can't block with the Contessa on someone else's behalf. For you to use your Contessa, it's got to be you who's the Assassination target.

  11. I don't what this is, but 0:01 Brennan Lee Mulligan was on screen so I've placed my bets.

  12. I know this is three years old but it's really bothering me that they're putting "killed" influence back into the deck. You flip it over so people can see it, and it's out of the game. Please don't play like them!

  13. I don't think other people's contessa can block assassinations…

  14. Karen shouldn't have lost her card when her assassination on Brennan got blocked – poor karen was a card down unfairly 🙁

  15. Simone claiming that she had Contessa immediately after allowing her other card to be assassinated made zero sense and I can't believe nobody pointed it out.

  16. If you had a conntessa you would have saved yourself

  17. Why did the most annoying of the bunch have to win?

  18. There's a Drawfee stream where Brennan guests, and he says that, yes, he knows he could have done things differently and perhaps better, but as soon as there was a hint of roleplay involved, he had to make the most interesting choices for the story. He was not playing to win. He was roleplaying a corrupt duke

  19. The guest it awesome. Please make him stay and get rid of someone more boring.

  20. Um actually, the rules of coup dictate that "*The player who is being assassinated* may claim the contessa and counteract to block the assassination"

  21. big fan of Brennan doing Brennan Voice™ for this whole episode

  22. Shouldn’t Jenna have been forced to give a card up when she unsuccessfully challenged BDG?

  23. i have a good strat if you play 1v1 vs someone and you don't think they have a duke and you have a duke is take foreign aid, and when they take foreign aid you block it with your duke and they will be cvery suspiscious and may challange you when you reveal that you have a duke they lose a card

  24. When we played we always put our lost influence cards face up rather than shuffling them in… oops! (For me)

  25. Love seeing that Starstruck rep. What a good good son.

  26. 1) You’re suppose to leave cards face up once you’ve lost influence, not return them to the deck.

    2) Contessa can only block assassinations for yourself (can’t be used to intervene between two other players).

  27. Am I missing something? The Contessa can only block their own assassination. They can't block others being assassinated.

  28. 6:53 “Um, ACTUALLY….” Caesar, Pompey and Antony never made up a triumvirate – the First Triumvirate comprised Caesar, Pompey and the senator Crassus, and the Second Antony, Octavian and Lepidus.

  29. I like watching them play this game, but it hurt me when they failed to follow the most basic of rules of the game

  30. Was actually part of a small program that helped playtest this game shortly before release. Great game, great guy Brennen Lee Mulligan, great video

  31. I played this with my family and it went so quickly we played 10 rounds in the span of an hour. Funnily enough, in a game of manipulation, lies, and subterfuge I won every game by being overtly and completely honest.

  32. Sometimes i think bdg's abbreviation is actually bmw

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