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This week our players journey to arctic Zombieland, to kick undead ass, chew bubblegum, and hopefully outwit the traitor that’s (maybe) in their midst. Can they survive the… DEAD OF WINTER?

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  1. Completely agree with Adam, Blur are better.

  2. Brilliant episode! I really loved this one, and DoW is such a good game: Please play it again!

  3. I think Laurie is the only member who’s sat in the same seat every game now and I’ll unsubscribe if he ever moves! It’s tradition!

  4. You know, I'm not usually a huge fan of Rosie's comedy. But that impression of Adam fucking MURDERED me, well done

  5. Rosie keeps gettin all the hot survivors… though maybe I'm biased towards Rod as a former construction worker

  6. 1:52:07 The release of the stress that Jon had obviously built up inside of him wondering if there actually was a traitor was an absolute joy to behold! I almost pi$$ed myself laughing along with him! Classic gaming moment! Great play through of one of my favourite games. Cheers guys!

  7. Spoilers***

    I feel like Adam could have increased his dice with food from the supply on his Traitor turn to really hurt them then that would make their last round more important to avoid starvation tokens.

  8. Sully wasting a fuel just for the mental image of a dog driving a car and then getting one of the most influential characters in the game killed have gone straight into my top 3 Sully moments in NRB history.

    1. Learning he was the lunatic in botc
    2. This moment
    3. Summoning the queen twice in nemesis

  9. Good lord, this lineup is spectacular! They are hilarious beyond measure. #RIP Rod

  10. I haven't even finished the episode yet, but Sully's first turn is the funniest, worst turn of Dead of Winter I've ever seen.

  11. Would absolutely love to see you guys play this (or maybe one of the expansions) again

  12. “Scariest dice in board gaming”…Rosie makes me laugh every time!

  13. Everyone sings a different Maria songs yet, No one sing the one made by Santana …There are 5 traitor in this game.

  14. This is one of those episodes I click just before bed and end up laughing my ass off at 1am with out realizing how much time has gone by.
    Adding this to the wishlist of games to someday play with a group.

  15. U fine a guitar let's play some Dave Matthews. Love u Jon that made my day

  16. Well there's an entry for Adam's next list on worst ever heel turns.

  17. Support No Rolls Barred! Give 'em a subscribe and Get on Board! Great first episode of Board Game Club of 2022!

  18. King of Tokyo is a favorite of mine, looking forward to it!

  19. @1:18:08 Shouldn't the Thumbs up/down options be hidden from the players who are voting until they make a choice? I think it makes more thematic sense.

  20. Do I misremember it that it's actually 2 normal secret goals per player and 1 betrayer goal in total?
    They had 5 normal and 1 betrayer but should have had 10 and 1?
    Edit: Also, do the outsiders cards immediately have to be played or can they be picked up like normal cards and played later?

  21. Am I wrong or wasn't there a crying baby that was supposed to be adding 5 Zombies every round

  22. Sparky is the best survivor in the whole game and there’s not a damn thing anyone could say or do to change my mind about that

  23. Adam should have used some food cards to increase his die rolls in the last round, to let him do more actions. Players are normally allowed to spend food tokens to do this, but Exiles have to spend the food cards from their hands.

  24. Cheers all for yet another entertaining session. A freat playthrough and yet another game to add to my must buy list!


  26. Thank you all for an amazing time watching, honestly my week was crap but this did lift my spirits! Thank you for the amazing laughs and poor some seven eleven grease out for Rod.

  27. I have now binged all of board game club and i have to say: Thank you so much for all the content and entertainment to all of you and i am looking forward to the next one. Much love! <3

  28. Is there an unmentioned expansion involved here? I have played this game *a lot* and they're pulling items and Crossroads cards that I've never seen before.

  29. Discovered this game in college. Haven't won a game yet in it but still so enjoyable

  30. Number of games Adam won : 0
    Number of games Adam lost : 1

    Games played total in 2022 : 1

  31. This was the best episode since Hit The Silk. Would love another episode playing that. 7 stars.

  32. Jon, from 1:52:20 is one of the best things I have ever seen, laughter is contagious

  33. their not meant to reveal the options of the crossroads V_V

  34. Oh my goodness… Rosie @ 1:55 🤣 so funny. You have to watch most of the video to truly appreciate it. Also the comments from the others afterwards so funny. I rewound like 4 times, it was so funny. I thought the game was going way too easy but that comment made it worth watching. Oh and that dog bugs me too 🙂

  35. Laurie is Still King. I hope you win blood on the clocktower as you rightfully should


    I really appreciate Adam taking the time to explain the game and give an inside on what is happening for those who don't know it and questioning if there's a traitor when he's the traitor.

  37. I'm sure Jon can ask for medicine, even if he doesn't share location with another player. If he does, and they give home a medicine card, he would have to use it immediately. I'm sure that's a rule

  38. Quick rules clarification and a story.
    Okay, so you're not supposed to read the mechanical effects of Crossroads card choices along with the flavor text before making the choice. You're supposed to make your decision based solely on the flavor text.
    My group and I made that same mistake too and learned our mistake when I bought the app (as that's how it works with the app). By the way, definitely get the app. It adds ambient music, voice overs, and sometimes even sound effects. Well worth the small price, is completely optional, and is not intrusive to the experience. It simply enhances the game.

    Story time now! Okay, so I was playing with my normal group and we had not considered giving Sparky (the dog) a gun because, you know, it's a dog. A player looked over at me (the rules person in our group) and asked if there was actually a rule against it. I looked for a while but couldn't find any so they immediately gave the dog a gun.
    A whole back story quickly developed about how the dog was basically Rambo or John Wick. He was never meant to use a gun but he had a dark mysterious and violent past. He vowed never to use a gun again but the zombies came. So Sparky said "Yeah, I guess I'm back!"
    Every turn, that dog went around blasting zombies away as the group cheered him on. Then… He got hurt. We quickly gave that player pain killers the dog took them.
    Unfortunately, that triggered a Crossroads card and Sparky ended up addicted. We did our best but simply couldn't feed his addiction and, well, RIP Sparky.

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