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Let’s Play DIAMANT | Board Game Club

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  1. Board Game Club 2023 Stats

    Weeks: 5
    Games: 6

    Adam: 3-3
    Brooke: 2-2
    Laurie: 2-4
    Holly: 1-1
    Rosie: 1-2
    Dom: 1-2*
    Sully: 1-5
    Tilly: 0-1
    Tom: 0-1

  2. Laurie this is my formal request for your full cover of just by Radiohead

  3. I own the prequel or evolution to this it same game but added idol cards were worth more points but no silly board in middle which had no actual mechanic to the game.

  4. Love the bits, but OG Adam ( welcome back ) is right: TMI in that camp. Better staying in the caves. 🤣

  5. 53:00 I wish they’d flipped the next card just to see what Laurie’s fate would have been I was dying to know lol

  6. "Yes! I eat diamonds! I have a medical problem…" -Sullivan, 2023.

  7. My cheeks hurt from laughing so much. Oh well back to camp for a wank.

  8. Dom is just the best. This is a universal truth. Every day the fanDom grows, therefore we need a name.
    Any suggestions?
    Dom-inators, Dom-vivants, Dom-Perignons?

  9. It's an R-rated Carry On movie, Carry On Splunking.

  10. Fun game to watch, seems fun to play! Run it back soon!

  11. This whole game was weighted against Adam as he is incapable of stopping when he's ahead.

  12. Adam: plays a very risky game which is bound to give a few 0 gems rounds
    Also Adam: THE GAME HATES ME

  13. This game is a belter, such a brilliant laugh when played with the right group. Played the online version over Lockdown at least 1,000 times, and this wonderfully shows the tension and silliness that a fun shared experience (not wanking) can bring. I always ran away when a snake appeared, and we always played the Indiana Jones music once one person was left.

  14. Adam repeatedly going too deep into the cave and dying for his greed makes this the second BGC where he’s exhibited big ‘Beni from The Mummy’ energy

  15. The dead look on Adams face at 30:21 next to Sullivan just laughing away is hysterical

  16. This game looks so fun! Is it the same as Incan Gold?

  17. the barrage of spiders cracked me up; I wish this version of the game was available in the us but I buy too many games based off nrb as is 😆

  18. The main first name Colonel Mustard has in Cluedo is Michael or Mike – Reverend Green is Jonathan or John

  19. Board game club sure has a lot of first rules to remember.

  20. can’t wait for next week! my favorite board game of all time!!!

  21. "Incan Gold" (as it was known in a previous edition) one of my fave group games! Highly recommend this to anyone looking for a 5+ game for their group.

  22. This went from: NRB Presents to Indiana Jones and The Master of Bation way too quickly…
    And I'm here for it!

  23. Sidenote: All the innuendos, not a single mention of Space Mountain.

  24. I'm unreasonably annoyed by the fact that they didn't follow the cave cards when building the cave… they have walls and turns for a reason!

  25. that sequence at 59:00 is awesome. first they find snakes, then the gigantig blender to shred all the snakes in pieces. in the wok they go and then they find the lava pit to cook them.
    all as it should be

  26. Genuinely, non Patrons need to get on board. This month's exclusive BGC was a hilarious dose of chaos and punkachus that will keep you laughing from start to finish

  27. Love One Night Ultimate Werewolf I have the game myself and have played it many times with friends such a good game can’t wait

  28. I think the most underrated joke in this video is "Nobody escapes the wok." in a Sean Connery accent. Brilliant.

  29. My only regret was that Jon Gracey wasn't here to continue his feud with Bruno

  30. So did he change his hair hoping his luck would change?

  31. The spiders hate Adam, and now thanks to this game, Adam hates the spiders right back.

  32. hey love the video, isn't there a game that play like this too. can you guys play "a war of whispers" too.

  33. The reaction every time there's a cave in makes me giggle with joy 😂

  34. Bruno really loves when people can't have a go in his games

  35. There is a Sonic the Hedgehog themed game very similar to this… 😀

  36. The cards hate Adam. He's not wanking hard enough

  37. “average person gets ambushed by 3 spiders a year” factoid actualy just statistical error. average person gets ambushed by 0 spiders per year. Spiders Adam, who keeps wandering into caves & gets ambushed by over 10,000 each day, is an outlier and should not have been counted.


  39. Honestly, as an elementary teacher, I would totally use this game to help my students practice quick division with remainders. Won't recommend this playthrough though 🤣

  40. I would watch you guys play this game again. It was super fun.

  41. I’ve been watching this channel for months and still can’t figure out why Brooke is the lord of the board every episode she’s in

  42. I don't know how difficult it'd be to set it up for recording but I've seen and enjoyed others playing Echoes: The Cocktail and Echoes: The Dancer and would love to see these guys give them a try too.
    These two games from Ravensburger are sound-based mystery board games where you must use the sounds to figure out the correct order of the objects to form a chapter.

  43. The game looks so easy. But the comments about tents and masterbation made this so much better

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