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Let’s Play DUNE IMPERIUM:UPRISING | Board Game Club

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  1. Can you go fishing for trout and turn into a worm?

  2. He who controls the spice eats well seasoned food

  3. Thank you very much NRB for playing the games I'd love to play, but I know two people in three different circles who would also be interested, so I could never rationalize forking out for those games.

  4. Did they not notice on battle for imperial basin said no worms?? 🤔

  5. Muad'dib gained two influence with the Freman faction, just as the prophecy foretold! Lisan al'Gaib!

  6. An excellent game of BGC today! It was so close all the way to the end, so much fun to watch! Thanks guys!

  7. Love your videos! Binging your botc playlist right now 🙂

  8. Deep in the human unconscious is a pervasive need for a Dom episode that makes sense. But the real Dom is always one step beyond logic

  9. Fuck yeah!!! This is my current favorite game and the 6p version is so freaking good!!!

  10. "Fremen Bond" only triggers, if another Fremen card is in play.

  11. Would love to see more Dire Wolf games. Clank! for sure, maybe Wild Tiled West.

  12. Week 29 of asking you all to play
    the superhero coopertive card game.

  13. Never having read or watched any Dune content makes this just confusing enough to be hilariously weird

  14. Some corrections:

    Dom shouldn't have started as the Reverend Mother, he would become her through Lady Jessica's ability on the other side.
    30:59 , Sully wouldn't gain the spice here as starter cards do not have a cost.
    53:46 , Sully's sword doesn't count if he doesn't have any troops in the combat (not that it mattered in this case).

  15. Great game, hope we see it again in the future

  16. Roll the Rest, indeed. I need that mug!

  17. Damn I wish I had known about your affiliate link before I bought Twilight Imperium with them… I'll remember it for future purchases with them, great site tbh. Definitely interested in picking Dune up.

  18. "What are the Atreides doing today?"
    "It seems that they tore down walls of Arrakeen and then laid siege to the city, my lord. Twice."

  19. Really hard to get into the game, probably because the game tokens are what they are. But players were awesome, they transferred that intensity they felt to the audience very well.

  20. As always great content.
    You should give "Sons of Anarchy: Men of Mayhem" a try, its great fun and realy a pvp board game

  21. The timing of this coming out the day after my copy delivered is quite excellent.

  22. freeman bond works if you have another freeman card on the reveal. As played on turn 2 that card would be so busted

  23. Duncan Idaho? That's the most powerful card in all of duel monsters!

  24. The amount of rules gone wrong is absolutely hilarious

  25. Couple of rule corrections:

    1) If you're not using Chaom contracts, you get 2 Solari coins instead.

    2) If you don't have any troops/sandworms deployed, you cannot partake in combat at all, even with cards that give you combat points.

    3) Spacing Guild's Favor's reveal effect is supposed to give you 2 influence instead of costing 2 influence + 3 spice.

  26. If you can dream it, you can achieve it. – Zig Ziglar

  27. So sad that Blair, author of the official prequel Duone, isn't here for this.

  28. Not gonna spoil but a well deserved victory. They had the same two intrege attack cards for three turns. So no matter what rules all of them did wrong it was already over, it did make it intesne at the end though.

  29. "doesn't the emperor look a bit tired?" love the Dr. Who reference, Sully!

  30. your knowledge of the batshit insane stuff of Dune made this a lot of fun to watch 😀

  31. When did Board Game Club become House Rules?😅

  32. Dune is a great game to play and watch. Had a lot of fun watching.
    Two small errors:
    – Fremen bond only triggers when another Fremen card is in play
    – swords in the reveal phase don't count if you're not part of the conflict with troops
    – when you don't play with contracts you receive two Solari instead

  33. Hope they play again with better understanding of the rules but it was fun watching them love the dune bord games

  34. One of the few games that takes a similar amount of time as watching the movie

  35. 2:45 I thought he said Asian phase, and that you could sent Asians to places 😢

  36. Was not expecting a game this heavy! You'll be playing Mage Knight before we know it 😂

  37. Dom is not playing the Emperor? The game is screwed up from the beginning

  38. 1:28:40 Why does Big Spice, the largest Spice Girl, not simply eat the other five?

  39. I guess when this was filmed it was hard to get but its can easily be obtained here at least in the US. I don't have Dune Imperium but I have the CMON Dune game. I think I like the way Dune Uprising plays compared to 1st Dune Imperium which I had debated playing. I do hear if you have the original game you can add the heroes from that into this one?

  40. This is one of my favourite and probably one of my most played games and knowing Teri owns the copy they played makes her even cooler.

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