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Let’s Play FORGOTTEN WATERS with Ellen from Oxventure | Board Game Club

No Rolls Barred
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  1. Is it just me, or did that sound more like the Indiana Jones theme than Pirates of the Caribbean.

  2. Not a collab I expected.
    But one I appreciate.

  3. The wild Ellen appeared!
    Quick throw the master ball!!!

  4. Both Ellen and Lorna are great, more of them please!

  5. Loving this crew and the game. Great stuff guys!

  6. I’m so happy to see my 2 favorite YouTube squads getting along

  7. My only complaint is that Ellen and Sullivan weren't both playing. Sure, you'd have to edit out six or seven hours of uncontrollable laughter, but it would be a treat!❤

  8. Ellen as a national treasure. I was pleasantly surprised to see her on this week’s NRB.

  9. Loved the episode. I do find it odd that a magnetic stone "Magnetite" would help in navigation. It actually messes with compasses as they use magnetic north and not true north. Board game logic. 🤣😂🤣😂

  10. Great to see a crossover between two of my favourite channels. Very fun episode and hopefully Ellen can come back for part 2 in the future.

  11. Wow, the editors did a really good job on this episode! They're great!

  12. Ĉu Lorna diris, ke ŝia unua lingvo estas Esperanto? Bone vidi alian esperantiston.

    Ho, cetere, "gain" signifas gajni 😉

  13. Another brilliant vid… hope there will be a part 2

  14. at 1:13:35 Ellen deserves a joke of the day for "we tried explaining sea horses." the layes of this joke are wonderful firstly as a sea horse fits the naming convention of sea squirrels but is a real thing but its also a call back to the characters origin of falling for a mer horse.

  15. I could watch Ellen and Blair play risk and I wouldn’t get bored

  16. Please can someone explain why Dom took a nice big sniff at Laurie at 1:11:45 😭

  17. This was great fun, would love to see a part 2!

  18. I would love to see you play….
    1970 game "Ploy" by 3M
    No video of it being played…..
    Erased from the internet.

  19. I really enjoyed this one. Looks like a great game

  20. Ellen's laugh just has such a healing energy to it. Great to see this crossover.

  21. Looks like a fun game, bummer it's app-based though; I'm always concerned that when I inevitably come back to the game after 10 or 15 years the app won't be functional any longer.

  22. I jsut noticed Ken has a figure on the YouTube banner! I was wondering if he was going to get a spot in the intro

  23. The big cannon should have been called the DOMinator

  24. Imagine fighting a walrus – clearly no one has read ice station.

  25. Good job on the episode, this looked like so much fun i had to go to my LGS and get it.

  26. Did I miss something when Ellen stolen a small cannon and they only re loaded instead of adding a third small one?

  27. Please please please keep playing this! This game seems absolutely delightful!!!!

  28. There is a wrestling board game called lucha wars I think you all would enjoy playing it

  29. Love seeing Ellen at NRB hope to see her there again

  30. This feels like 1001 Tales of Arabian Nights, but in a pirate setting.

  31. I enjoyed the episode and really hope you will make a part II, but I must say, that some rule breaks really frustrated me xD like, the scenario-hexes mixed with navigation-hexes or that you are supposed to immediately start the timer after revealing new page (or after reading the exclamation mark section, if there is one) and no calm reading through the options and then "are you ready, go" xD

  32. I would love to see this game again. This game is really well constructed and feels like a nice mix of a board game and a pseudo RPG.

  33. Does someone in the editiing team not know numbersß Like the rolls being displayed were hardly right. They even say them out loud.

  34. You guys need to cosmic encounters again😊

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