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Let’s Play Horrified American Monsters | Board Game Club

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  1. it's so nice of Dom to let his friends (and Sullivan) appear on his channel so often

  2. Hey, guys, thanks for all the great content and stuff. But where the f*** is Adam!

  3. That was hilarious. Dom is a riot. love Horrified American Monsters.

  4. The fact that the picture of the jock has him holding a baseball bat while standing on a football field annoys my far more than it should.

  5. No counting rolls outside the tray, you know better Laurie.

  6. Gonna be hearing from mothman's lawyers after all that slander

  7. Whats woth the weird music over Holly and Doms confessional

  8. Wow, GW is at the point where they're sponsoring youtubers? The new edition must be underperforming something fierce.

  9. So Laura has taken the place of he shall not be named.

  10. what was up with the weird music at 1:30:44 ? was that censorship or just an editing mistake

  11. So glad that Dom, the main and dare I say – most important person on the entire channel, is in this video!

  12. Guys, you're british. You can't mix content and sponsorship messages like that. It's not allowed by ofcom. A sponsorship or paid advert has to be clearly marked as such so as much as its fun to do the rug pull, 'this was actually a sponsorship message' joke its not allowed.

  13. Huh, I had no idea that Ravensburger published games!

  14. What on earth is going on with the audio in the final few minutes!?

  15. "Do all those words right?" I know people demand merch at every funny quote, but… this is just begging to be merch! 😂

    Sullivan: Loves football and wrestling. Also Sullivan: Makes fun of jocks. Sorry, Sully, but you're a theater jock through and through 😁

    I've never watched It's Always Sunny for myself, but I've been watching a few reactor channels do so, and I only recently saw the Nightman episode… hearing you reference it was glorious 😂

  16. Dang! Wish i didnt see the ad hashtag lol, just finished binging a bunch of warhammer lore vids, if i was just watching and sullivan suddenly had that "episode," id have one with 40k in my NRB 😂

  17. Anybody else really enjoy the subtlety of lauries reaction when Tom revealed he had a yellow helmet? Brilliant.

  18. quick rulesquestion – couldnt they have used sullys card to move the chupacabra 2 away from dom, so it only moves 1 towards him and cant attack? or would they have had to do that before drawing the monstercard?

  19. didn't sully have a move the moster spaces card? couldn't he have moved it 2 spaces away it moves 1 and has no one to hit?

  20. I am watching this with (currently) 40k views… I am happy 🙂

  21. Dom HAS to play Nixon in a 1-on-1 on the Twitch stream playing Watergate!

  22. Years of listening to the Chilluminati podcast have prepared me for this board game 😛

  23. In the intro, who is the one with pokemon shirt

  24. I thought Dom was gonna say he watched parts of the Conservatives Convention as last horror movie. Missed opportunity.

  25. Was what Holly said sooo horrible that it needed to be covered by music?!?😂

  26. In all honesty, it would be so wonderful to see warhmer 40k on house rules. It could be like lier’s Yahtzee but instead of lying about dice combinations you would be making up rules about your factions. Is the rule that orks make another shot with any weapon after rolling a 6 to hit with that weapon real or did Sullivan just made that up?

  27. I love nrb and the amazing team that they have, even Terry

  28. Did anyone notice that some of the sound was a bit squifffy towards the end. Like a whole cut away to Holly was just music and half one one to Dom was?

  29. Mothman took revenge and derailed the entire game and I love it

  30. what was with the editing at the end of this vid, did they suffer from a stroke? 😛

  31. Mothman, no! But also, glad to see Sullivan continues to be unleashed for ads. Who ever made the decision to approach ads in that way deserves a raise.

  32. What was happening with the random music playing over the to camera segments? I thought that they were to censor a Dom tirade but they occured in Hollys segment and briefly during the wrapping up of the game

  33. Another episode with Laurie, Holly, Sully, and Dom? Did Christmas come early? 😁

  34. Will Lord of the Board be coming back? Also would love to see you all play Sentinels of the Multiverse sometime.

  35. Not a big fan of GW of late, BUT get that bread where you can get it! That's still quite the sponsor.

  36. They shouldve moved the Chupacabra away with the card sullivan got

  37. Ah yes, all the famous American monsters.

    And a banshee.

  38. They all look very tired specially Laurie during the intro and Sully throughout the game. I hope they're all getting some rest !

  39. HAHAHAHAHAH plug for the plug gods, christ that got me good!

  40. Was thinking this was very familiar to another game you played… Checked and it was also Horrified heh.

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