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Let’s Play HUES AND CUES | Board Game Club

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  1. I hate Pokechu more than the Devil.

    But I love this group.

  2. I really agree with Adam: tennis balls are yellow. Ok I admit that I too am slightly colour blind, but come on, I can't think of anything that's more yellow

  3. I'm going to need the full soundbite of the 'Ken' song, obviously. Expecting an NRB musical shortly.

  4. To anyone wondering Purple was the only dye that they couldn’t make in abundance. So the reason only the modern flags have purple in it is because you’d basically be making a flag out of solid gold because of how expensive it was.

    So yes in fact anyone with purple was either the Royal Family or they’re so high up the totem pole they’d might as well be royalty.

  5. This game would be so fun with like five or six colorblind people. I can only imagine the chaos.

  6. Is it disrespectful to her ladyship to say she became 1000x more attractive once I heard her eminence knows nothing of Pokémon?

  7. Great job by Laurie hiding the sneeze during Brooke's 13th Year story.

  8. I'm only 15 minutes in and I'm furious at everyone's WRONGNESS about colors lol

    I keep pointing at the screen and yelling.

  9. Pretty sure there are yellow tennis balls, and green tennis balls

  10. Did everyone except Ken forget that Julius Caesar was the first Emperor of Rome?

  11. Sully, Coventry are championship not league 1.

  12. Adam you are right, tennis balls are yellow …. having said that I am red, green colourblind so maybe you are too

  13. Aren't aquamarines slightly greener than any of them thought?

  14. Im color blind…this game make no sense to me

  15. Complete heel turn from Laurie with the Coventry comments. I mean, yes it is a shit hole, but it's OUR shit hole!

  16. Rules question: Is the clue required to refer directly to a color?

    If, for instance, I were to get a card that has D3, as my color, could I say the word "Dudleys", in the hope that a wrestling fan would place on "3D"?

  17. As fun as it is teasing Adam, as a lifelong tennis player and fan: TENNIS BALLS ARE YELLOW

  18. the purple royalty clue does make sense (and was my thought as well) because the way they used to make purple dye cost a gazillion dollars so only the most rich (i.e royals) would wear purple

  19. Tennis Balls are yellow Adam. everyone’s lying to you. 🎾

  20. lol at Adam’s Tory-ass shouting “I’ve played tennis!”

    Yeah. We know, bud.

  21. I was raised Jehovah's Witness, who don't celebrate Christmas, Birthdays etc. So there weren't many times in my life I received a gift — so times when I did, I remember very clearly.
    In 1996 I got a Barney the Dinosaur doll. I even took him to school on the 1 day of the year we were allowed to bring in a toy.

    Today he sits atop my wardrobe, a little sun-bleached on one side, from the six month stint he did sitting on my windowsill.
    Anyway, I'll never forget the exact hue of Barney the Dinosaur because the memory of unclipping him from his little cardboard gift box 26 years ago is etched in my mind forever.

  22. Ken just makes every game he's involved in slightly chaotic

  23. My favourite time of the week,keep up the good work guys👍🏻

  24. Damn it Adam! Stop making me want to buy all of the games! XD

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