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  1. Ironically, for this game I think they could use a smaller table.

  2. Great play, but i think you made it harder on the shark, when you flip a boat tile in phase 2 all the people should fall into the water for free shark attacks nom nom nom.

  3. “Shark Phase Ooh Haha!” Is a FANTASTIC joke!

  4. I'm sure the rules state all of q charaters actions must be performed before another's may be started.

  5. wow it was really close. imagine sully would ahve gotten 1 or 2 more swimmers O.o

  6. I know what a shark cage is but when Holly said she had a shark cage I had a quick mental image of her trying to stuff Sullivan into it.

  7. "Look like a chubby James Dreyfus"

    So just James Dreyfus then. Difference being we actually like Dom.

  8. At around the one hour mark when Dom loses it was such an amazing moment!

  9. 24 hours later and Ive been singing “I’m having a nice time” the whole damn time…

  10. sully really needs to learn about the saying "rome wasn't build in one day." because if he chose some sea tiles with less dice he was safe and would tear the boat down safely.

  11. “Hello Holly, are you as hungry as I am?”

  12. What Sully didn't relize is that he likely could have revealed the same token twice for the chum.

  13. 2 things they did wrong in Act 2:

    Moving from a Water Space onto an adjacent Boat space requires climbing back onto the boat and takes both of your moves.

    If a space is damaged or broken, all crew members on the space are supposed to fall into the water.

    Sully should have won 😔

  14. this is probably just me but whenever a game has longer than a 5 minute explanation at the start, I am not motivated to watch the video. That's no slight on NRB or the explanation, it just comes across as a game that's overly complicated and packed with lots of little rules. I feel like less is more when it comes to rules of board games.

  15. When both Chum cards were played against Sully in the same turn, couldn't Sully just reveal the same token he just revealed for the first chum? i.e. reveal "C" both time?

  16. Honestly, Sully was so smart the whole time. He made the last show down hilarious and it really was so close.

    Sully is the real winner in my heart.

  17. Dom looks like Kenneth Connor in this vid, just saying, another great game 👍

  18. Wild that the sponser was so telegraphed and i still didnt pieve it togeather

  19. 1:39:30 “He mostly killed in self-defence” The 4 dead Schwimmers disliked that.

  20. Just letting you know, you can only use one Chum card per turn. Sully got done dirty!

  21. Between Sully's absolutely delightful American accent as a shark, followed immediately by some of Laurie's best intro puns ever… you know you're in for a good time.

  22. I hope Dom's okay. He seems really subdued this episode. Sending hugs to ya!

  23. Now all I can picture is that Sully is Jeff the baby landshark

  24. On the next episode of NRB: JAWS the Boardgame the Musical!!!

  25. You have unlocked a memory buried deep in my subconscious. Sharky and George. I haven't thought of that in probably close to 30 years.

  26. Sully really should of targeted Dom earlier to get rid of that hammer.

  27. Sullivan 'Sink Da -Bo-at' Brown was having a Nice Time. This was great content. Can't wait for Snake Oil!

  28. I think this is the first time I've been happy that a channel is getting a sponsor. This hopefully means that production quality can start to improve, and things like BotC live can happen more often. And the ads are actually funny. I loved SurfShark Sully!

  29. maybe I'm reading it wrong, but could on the double chum turn, could Sully not have just revealed C twice?

  30. So when is Sully releasing "I`m having a nice time (I`m a shark)"?

  31. Another banger of an episode!!! Good luck trying to get that song out of me head now… I've been infected.
    It's cool revisiting some of the old bangers. I'd very much like if you end up playing Villainous but with more than 2 people this time. I think it will fuel a great episode. Naturally I need not say this but Nemesis has to happena gain, right guys?

    About Jaws the game. I like this game but haven't played it myself and have no real desire to as everytime I've watched it played it looks just way too easy for the shark. Yes I realize that's not what happened here but I think they missed a rule there. Anyway it just feels like there are too many ways for the shark to murder the people and in contrast the crew just have too many obstacles to overcome. Target the right space, roll well, beat the evade value in addition after all that don't fall in the water and don't die. Perhaps I'm missing something hard for the shark to do but it generally feels like it just needs to pop out max twice per side and win the game. Alternatively just murder the people by easily chomping them to bits. I'm not saying it's not a fun game though. Becaue I'm having a good time… oh no…oh no… send help!

  32. 1:29:20 Sully can only attack the boat section of the tile he's on, since the water section he's on is not adjacent to the boat sections of any other tiles. Effectively, this means the shark can't attack adjacent tiles when they're on an undamaged tile.

  33. 1:30:54 Laurie's attack is completely legal, since the boat section he's on is adjacent to the water section he's targeting.

  34. 55:42 why didn't Sullivan just reveal C again? It doesn't say he can not reveal the same location again.

  35. A few internet people and I once edited the Jaws movie poster in funny ways lol. One funny thing we did was change the names of the actors to "Dr. Roy," "Robert Bobert," and "Richard Dry" lol

  36. me watching laurie explain the rules even though I know I won't understand it at all until they start playing

  37. I was confused by what Teri meant about “shark advantage” when Sully brought it up in Phase One… and then Phase Two started.

    Side note, where can I get a Portal to the Cat Dimension t-shirt?

  38. Surfshark got their money's worth with this one.

  39. Great video. Sullivan…youre an idiot for giving up in the end.

  40. Oh what an ending. I was rooting for the loser. I say it like that to avoid spoilers. But fantastic. Bravo!!!

  41. Was there anyone watching who didn't want Sully Shark to win?

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