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  1. Care was a horrible hint for devil… Great episode

  2. Did not expect everyone to breakout into Stacey’s mom

  3. I honestly didn't even think of lance armstrong. I was sitting here thinking I didn't know Neil Armstrong had cancer?

  4. Finally, a game I recognize! My cousins and I play this game a ton lol
    Edit: On the second round, when Molly-Rose was talking through her thought process, and how rocket connected to space, I connected first and space and thought of Neil Armstrong lol. I would have just been like idk how cancer connects, so let’s go for it

  5. Shellac a preservative made from the shellac beetle

  6. I think they forgot about the mechanic of saying Pass. Which means you don't have to lose the second card giving better chances of points.

  7. Think the intro needs changed so Jon has his crown and sceptre!

  8. Molly-Rose is great! She brings such a fun energy. I hope you bring her back for more episodes

  9. They could have passed to not lose so many points but of course, that’s as much fun as guessing.

  10. Molly-Rose must absolutely be invited back

  11. Rosie is always such a perfect addition to these sorts of games with her left field entries 😂

  12. First buses had me in stitches😂😂😂

  13. 13:50 "If this carries on I will have to eat some Bran Flakes" I nearly spat out my drink

  14. The devil round made me YELL at my phone. Hot boy Sullivan PLEASE

  15. Biff was a top tier clue, can’t believe nobody got that

  16. 5:19 Laurie, I certainly hope what you meant to say was “-let’s put an ugly cock on it!”

    Oh Sully beat me to it.

  17. Fun episode!

    The –2 rule seems kind of pointless, though. It’s a cooperative game, so there are no balancing issues. It just forces players to play less of the fun game.

  18. Finally time to break the stereotypes: hot boys such as myself, Sully and Jon do play board games

  19. Really hope we see more of Molly-Rose in the future! Amazing addition!

  20. How did you not get devil Sullivan. I am absolutely livid. That…. Was quite honestly the easiest one to get the whole game. I almost threw my phone at the wall…

  21. 15:00 i played along with Tilly and my guess was also bath. Would never have been able to guess soap from those words

  22. Wonderful, 10 hours LOTB stream, 2 hours stream and now this! 13 hours of content and i've watched it all.

  23. I was about to write "Molly-Rose is a great addition! Would love to see her more" when she said "I keep wondering if the words I write are actually words…." which now brings me to the conclusion:
    Molly-Rose is an incredible addition. It would be a real shame if she would not appear again from time to time!!!

  24. If you lose the card when ever you get somethign wrong, you can't even get 12 points in the game?

  25. This video was edited SO WELL! THANK YOU so much for the graphics of the clues they write! Made it so easy to follow.

  26. maybe she might grow on me but not a massive fan at the moment

  27. They should have like a dedicated NRB blindfold for these kinds of games 😁

  28. Sullivan is technically correct. The best kind of correct.

  29. We used to have Marks and Spencer’s in Canada. Used to… sigh.

  30. Fun fact, the "future" in Back to the Future 2 was 8 years ago!

  31. I keep rewatching the bit where they sing Any Dream Will Do–the most theater kid energy (and I mean this in the best way possible)

  32. loving the couple of sing alongs in this episode haha

  33. I would love to see you guys play “Dutch Blitz” such a fun intense game and this group would be hilarious playing it!

  34. Is there any game that forces to sing? Specially with this exact cast. I'd love to see some pictures of it.

  35. So glad you guys played this one. Also excited to see Millions Of Dollars. I haven't played my copy yet.

  36. I just have to say it, i am not a fan of the in this episode start. I am already here to watch the episode and would like to see that when it comes up. Personally don't really understand why so many channels use them, but since they are so wide spread I suppose there is a good reason to use them.

  37. Jon wearing a Kumamon shirt made me so happy because I live near Kumamoto in Japan!!! Yaaaaay!

  38. Sully ‘well actually’ beau brown… I do that as well…

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