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  1. Kudos for knowing who Men at Work are and singing a song.

  2. Dom carried this episode like a brick and a beam

  3. Is "Oh fridge magnets" gonna be the next tshirt? 😂

  4. Dom could the "priest" in Theocratic Monopoly….

  5. Yes! Very excited for next week! I've been waiting for a Horrified BGC for forever

  6. “9.5 on the pricktor scale” well done Laurie. I’m using that one.

  7. I loved how much fun they were clearly having throughout this one

  8. Dom is always the main character. He is phenomenal.

  9. When the episode started I fully expected shenanigans.

    What I did not expect, was them devolving to Event Horizon kind of unhinged.

  10. We miss you, Adam! You don't know what you've got until it's gone… glad to have a dream team in your absence. Big fan of the whole crew!

  11. God this game is dark man. Its about workers falling to their deaths on construction properties jeeeeeeze😂😢😂😢😢😂…😢

  12. This is by far the funniest episode ever it’s been a long time since I laughed so much

  13. Hogs of War is a great game highly recommend checking it out

  14. Are you sure they were only drinking coffee?!?!? LMAO, this was amazingly fun to watch!!!!

  15. I just cannot pick a favourite part of this episode, but I think around 3:15 through 1:37:21 is the best best bit : )

  16. * says in Nic Cage voice * The beams! Not the beams!

  17. I like this Dom guy, I can’t believe he hasn’t been on the channel before, you should get him on more often

  18. 1:19:25 when Dom just through his gerder into the construction site after making a mistake XD

  19. I think i could watch Tom and Sully play with toy soldiers for hours

  20. It's always great seeing Dom in the video.

  21. Please upload the streams to YouTube when you do make them… my internet is too terrible for live video…

  22. i love how much sully always loses it at dom's jokes

  23. As someone coming from house rules I don't know how I feel about this content. It's a bit strange to do one on ones with the camera talking about something that happened while the game was being played but obviously after the fact since it doesn't appear you would stop the game every time to let somebody talk to the camera. This isn't big brother and it feels out of place in a video like this for me.

  24. Well, you see Sullivan you win the game by getting points when Rita comes out or being the last worker not fired for safety violations. I know, I know, I am SUPER HELPFUL thank you.

  25. this is the first episode ive seen without adam, kinda weird for me to process

  26. I cannot express how happy i am to see a land down under opening the video title had me going off to listen to it.

  27. I really wish Dom instead of destroying the whole thing, tried to remove the load bearing worker 😭

  28. i like the old intro. did you guys leave draughts?

  29. Every video with Dom is a great one, and this is certainly no exception! Please have him on more

  30. You don't build around a crain do you?

    Actually you do. It then becomes the shaft for the lift.

  31. Real Legend of Savipipu over here (patrons of The Apocalypse Players will know what I’m on about)

  32. Placing the girder on a worker and a beam to be more stable is nonsense. You would have to put it on two workers to be stable. Why do they think angles are stable in this game? Is this their first encounter with friction and gravity ever?

  33. Cut scene monologues are getting a bit long-winded. Just saying.

  34. Spoilers
    So at about 47:00, Holly had the most safety certificates remaining, so at that point, could she deliberately caused a massive mess, so that when cleaning it up, it was basically guaranteed the cleaner would knock over more stuff, causing them to lose their safety cards, thus winning her the game? Or is there a rule against intentionally making a mess?
    Cheap? Sure. Legal? Also yes?

  35. Deaths less successful little brother says:

    Dom is in the episode, Dom fans assemble!

  36. brick slips off girder "THAT DOESNT COUNT" knocks a little man off anyway Poor little Dom

  37. I feel like playing this game with the goal of running out of a certain/many ressources could be an absolutely hellish concept for an episode of house rules

  38. Thank you for saying the lyrics and saving me from doing a parody of a Men at Work song..

    Down Under…

    Traveling in a fried-out Kombi
    On a hippie trail, head full of zombie
    I met a strange lady, she made me nervous
    She took me in and gave me breakfast
    And she said

    "Do you come from a land down under
    Where women glow and men plunder?
    Can't you hear, can't you hear the thunder?
    You better run, you better take cover"

  39. My favorite part is when Stalin yelled about wanting it to collapse at 13:55.

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