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  1. Commenting for: Oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo SPACE

  2. I want to buy this game and play it with my friends, the only problem being that I have no money and no friends

  3. Reasons have sent me back here. Some day you'll understand.

  4. Was Laurie's card being double counted? He uses 1 action to play the crew, and he gets one action back, so a net gain of no actions. But in the game he was claiming an extra action. Edit: ah, it says play one of the drawn cards without using an action.

    And at 1:43:10, Sullivan paid $6 for two crew with a combined cost of $7. Maybe the crew shop had a sale on?

  5. Just like Holly in the beginning, I play cards in the “wrong place” and “upside-down” and stuff like that all the time and it drives all my friends insane and honestly makes me more powerful by watching them squirm beside my upside-down pyramids and the like! You go, Holly!

  6. For anyone wondering why there’s no listing currently on their website for the game. They are currently sold out, they are restocking in March.

  7. This game is impossible to find a new copy at the minute

  8. Adam and Holly both have beautiful glowing skin. I kept getting distracted from the gameplay and wondering what their skincare routine is lol

  9. 51:15 is absolutely hilarious with Sully boldly yelling lies and the timing of the ad break after what Holly says

  10. The art on the cards is very nice, it has to be said

  11. Oh GOD… as much as I love the happily whistling reveal of the saboteur card by Adam it's amazing how much that man shot himself in the foot with that. That's so risky. I LOVE it.
    Also, Yes Adam it was funny. But seeing you desperate for forgiveness afterwards was also very funny sooo…. Net win from my point of view, but a big loss for you in general. xD

  12. It's funny to me how so many people think the shields have to be split between hazards and mission but never even consider the possibility that damage/reactors would have to be split.

  13. Laurie won anyway, but he should have rolled multiple hazard dice every time there was more than one hazard die he needed to roll, instead of subtracting one hazard die, because the cloaking shield negated a hazard die. So he could negate a two hazard die in favor of a blank or a one hazard die. But like I said, he won anyway.

  14. Call this Wagyu because it's where the beef starts

  15. I like my sullies how I like my ties, a bow

  16. Unbelievable lolls from Raurie Brake

  17. Please play this again guys it is awesome

  18. 1 hr 1 min in….. 😮 just wow adam. Just wow 😂

  19. As a Yank that's new to UK entertainment, the abruptness and intensity that a laugh or uproar will emerge out of a quiet moment is jarring. I'm really enjoying watching these games being played.

  20. 11:45 And the action tree is sadly what takes the most time for most people I’ve taught to grok

  21. Adam just speedran destroying his credibility there huh

  22. Just to remind people: From the Bond Movie "Moonracker". Jaws is the only Bond Henchman to not only survive TWO encounters with Bond (between two movies). But also, he got the girl. What a legend. What a legend.

  23. I love everyone's fashion sense so much, it's inspiring me to update my wardrobe

  24. There's nothing special about the shield card. It's the same as the reactor (+2 energy) and the thruster (+2 cards), doing their thing while also counting towards the mission goal.

  25. am I crazy or, at around 1:43:10ish, when Sully is in his buy phase, does he pay 6 coins for two cards valued at 7?
    He said he paid 6 coins and then the two cards he got said 4 and 3 🤔

  26. Watching this makes me want to play duskers

  27. Wait are you sure? Playing shields count towards both dice and the goal. You don't have to pick.

  28. Laurie very much plays those types of board games as I do, that's probably why I like his playstyle.

  29. That was just 2 hours of me being astonished by Laurie's strategic skills

  30. those coins sound like real metal. Explains why the prices on their website are so extortionate

  31. this game didn't interest me the first time but after the atlantis video I am prepped for a TRIP

  32. Wow… I feel kind of bad for my brain. "Redacted" crew member comes up, I instantly think "so he's named Chris Benoit." Well…

  33. Sully screaming over and over again "I can't read" got me in stitches

  34. play sabotage card early is suicide but play it late game also ruin friendship. haha

  35. Laurie really deserved to win, his play was exemplary.
    I just wish we the game had gone on for a little longer, so that we could enjoy the results of Sully's shopping spree.

  36. Holly getting die/dice wrong almost every time was painful. 1 die, many dice.

  37. im not pro-hair-bleaching but adam goes from looking like a rat on a voyage to the new world to a dreamy boy on a boat headed to the new world with a nice bleaching

  38. I came here from Survive Atlantis after this video was constantly brought and I was not disappointed by Adam, that monster.

  39. With deck building i always go for near infinite deck build so i know i almost always can use everything in my deck. So powerfull

  40. I feel sorry where they mock Holly for placing her cards and then mock her by explaining how a pyramid should be big at the bottom. But when explaining I am sure they called it a 'tree' of cards which technically would be small at the bottom and then grow upwards!

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