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Let’s Play MUFFIN TIME (feat. TomSka) | Board Game Club

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  1. Is it just me or do you guys also wanna live there?

  2. 43:56
    Sorry, the line is "do you have MY lemons?"
    Once more, from the top.

  3. I belive the line was "Do you have my lemons?" Not
    "Do you have any lemons?"
    Im sorry we're gonna have to ask you to leave the audition sir.

  4. Tilly reminds me of Jessica Hide from Utopia. I think it's her voice

  5. How dare he! Blueberry muffins are amazing!!!

  6. Adam baby voice sounds more like Elmo then a baby

  7. Dan will always find a way to talk about Janet no matter the situation

  8. Blueberry muffins is the best 🫐

  9. I didn't realise he made this game. I'm 100% going to get this. Looks so much fun

  10. I once played a round with some friends. for 5h straight. we all lost our mind

  11. I wish there was a gaming club like that where I live. Thankfully there's a local store, that's good for me. 🙂

  12. Sully does a much better baby voice than Adam and he's not even doing it on purpose

  13. Seeing Dan made me think about how chaotic it would be to get dodie and Rosie in a room together

  14. this was one of the funniest episodes for sure, dan is hilarious

  15. The ultimate move is to make an action card named (name) wins, and use it to end the game without the person being present and then phone them and tell they won a game they weren’t a part of

  16. This is the first game I just had to buy for myself after watching the video. Played it today with some mates and it was great! Highly recommend it. The video is hilarious too!

  17. Does “what?” Have to be in English? Because if not I could just say “omae wa mou shindeiru” and cause the other players to say “nani?”, guaranteeing a successful play.

  18. I feel as if Luke would lose his mind playing this game.

  19. I would love to see you guys Play this game again

  20. Oh please bring Tomska and Dan back please enjoyed their bant xD

  21. Physically bopped to intro game edit: song

  22. All the jokes about "Muff Time" and not one about "Inmuff Time"?

  23. Do you have any lemons. The supervillian backstory waiting to happen.

  24. Laurie loses the Shoot Me card and somehow, many turns later, wrests it back in an even better position.

  25. I do love how Tom wasn't chosen for a thumb war or arm wrestle because he's said in one of his vids that he always loses

  26. This looks SO FUN!
    wish I could buy it here in Brazil! (Only options are importing at unreasonable prices)

  27. Lorry didn’t put his traps in his hand, what is this bs. Jk, Muy funny game, sehr good.

  28. I love how Tom is on his best behaviour for this, it's adorable

  29. It's very relatable to see Tom's designer brain freaking over the cards' specific effects

  30. I quite enjoyed watching this video. I truly did

  31. Adams baby voice sounds like Elmo if he was British

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