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  1. So, how long until we get a "Suck Shit, Adam" t-shirt?

  2. This was unbelievably funny I couldn't figure out which one it was, the marionette made me think it was the seamstress because they were both feminine, I didn't draw any parallels from the other cards until adam clarified his thinking

  3. "this ghost doesn't deserve to have his murder solved"

  4. I like when Adam let's his natural hair color grow through…

  5. Is it just me or has NRB become incredibly fecal matter related over the past few weeks?😂

  6. "Bustin' makes us feel good."
    Give Laurie most NRB hosting episodes immediately.

  7. Your Not supposed to be looking or discussing the cards till everyone has their cards and the timer is started. I’m also pretty sure in the end game everyone has to have the right/same number on their token. Even if one person puts the wrong number you lose. For example If the answer was 4 and if 3 people put 4 and one person put 2 then You all lose every player must have the same number.
    This is one of my favourite games.

  8. And to think this was their 2nd time playing this game. lololol

  9. Have you guys played the Pathologic board game? It's a hidden movement game, which I know you like, similar to things like Whitehall Mystery. I personally love it, but I'm personally worried it might not resonate as strongly with people who haven't played the games and thus aren't as emotionally invested in the characters. I still think it's got solid gameplay, focused on the healers protecting their wards from the invisible plague.

  10. I had the same breakthrough as Jon and thought that I had it with the rope on the doll 🙁 Damn Adam that was a yikes, hope you get better my guy 🙂

  11. This way of voting at the end seems so much harder than the way I interpreted how you do it….I've always just shown one card for the killer, then whoever got only 1 votes, then show the one for the place and whoever got to 2 cards votes, then same for 3….feels so much more fair

  12. Dead of winter with this crew.
    Gods help them all.

  13. I'd watch this Moron Agency as a movie. but only if we got Ghost Adam being frustrated.

  14. Loving the "already absolutely furious with each other" energy from the start of the video. That first game must have been frightful to see even Sully this vicious! (Or maybe they were all just hungry and exhausted, poor things)

    Adam… I would have picked the same as Jon and Sully, and I had paused the video to think about it.

    [light spoilers]
    cage = prison, marionette strings = rope, and the last is a stretch but I assumed bad cards… coins = saving = larder.

  15. I absolutely love Sully introducing the squad at the beginning as these being the worst people for a co-op game, for the same people to then spend the rest of the video proving him right! (Well, Jon and Sully have great chemistry as always, but Laurie, Rosie, and Jon are basically all chaos in this video. x) )

    As a side note, I now fully believe that Jon Gracey would unravel in a game of solitaire and somehow accuse himself of being the spy!

  16. Dead of winter, the less stressful game… those poor morons. Haha

  17. What was the rule you got wrong first time round?

  18. How was this MORE personal than Burn Book?

  19. I'm all for banter but can you dial back the aggression levels a bit please? It's not an easy watch.

  20. Everytime I watch Board Game Club I think "Can't wait for them to play Cash n Guns! Can't wait for them to play Sheriff of Nottingham! "

  21. The most uncooperative, cooperative game ever lol

  22. After watching this game I can honestly say I am NOT prepared for the inevitable train wreck next week's game will be.

  23. Next week is Dead of Winter? Oh boy, Jon gonna lose his mind about traitors 😀

  24. Wellll… with lock down back adam, you can call Tempest for board games 👍

  25. Adam: This is a cooperative game…
    Me: CAN THEY COEXIST!?!?!?

  26. Adam’s not in isolation because of *the thing*, he went into isolation because this chaos gave him a psychotic break.
    In all seriousness, get well soon, Adam.

  27. 4:50 Sullivan has the most accurate description of the players in this video's boardgame. He's the goat of NRB.

  28. Morons unite! Lmao the only thing that would make this better would be Tom lmao 🤣

  29. LAURIE you need to tell me where that green jacket is from, pretty please?

  30. Oh goodness. Last minutes of everyone just berating Adam had me in tears. Thanks for the laugh. Great game and video as always.

  31. Amazing episode! Hope you guys can play it again sometime soon. I was laughing throughout, loved it all. The chaos was genuinely entertaining 🤣.

  32. Ha ha! Brilliant playthrough. Last round is always difficult. So much ambiguity. Hope Adam is out of Isolation for Dead of Winter. Was the first game I introduced to my non-gaming friends to get them hooked on the hobby. Still love it and John’s favorite type(co-op with hidden traitor) by the sounds of it! 😂 can’t wait to see that.

  33. That ending!!!! LMAO!!!! Oh, you guys are great though. Good show, highly entertaining game! 🙂

  34. Oh man I've been wanting them to play "Dead of Winter" but I didn't think it was going to happen. Can't wait.!

  35. This was absolutely the funniest thing I've seen in a while. Morons unite!

  36. A question for Sully, if I could be so bold:

    like we all know that Sully's a Toff
    since I've been on an operetta kick the last few days
    I'm wondering if Sully is related to Sir Arthur Sullivan – yes, THAT one
    I'm going to apologize in advance because I know this whole comment is peak cringe
    but please do answer

  37. Without doubt the best board game channel- no, just the BEST CHANNEL- on YouTube. No debate. Always great watching and learning (PS: Adam, you’re the reason my game group loves Cosmic Encounter). Also, every week I spy Villainous on the shelf in the bg and I wonder… could it ever get played here? I mean, think of the costumes and ROLEPLAY opportunities….. all I’m saying……..

  38. I love this game. It's a cooperative approach to solve an old murder. There is a sequel to this game that takes place in a carnival. The artwork is incredible

  39. The game is timed so everyone needs to be quick in figuring it out

  40. "Bustin' makes us feel good." 😂

  41. Dunno what to think about Jon but golly, does his nails match with the table lighting!

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