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Lets Play MYTHIC MISCHIEF | Board Game Club

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  1. You guys should do something with hat films. Your basically neighbours since your both in the UK. That’s how that works.

  2. You did Moonrakers, now you’ve done Mythic Mischief. I think it’s time for Veiled Fate, the IV game perfect for NRB!

  3. obsessed with holly's heathers reference 🙏🏻

  4. Board Game Club 2023 Stats

    Weeks: 21
    Games: 37

    Adam: 18-19
    Laurie: 14-23
    Sully: 13-23
    Brooke: 8-11
    Holly: 6-6
    Dom: 5-7*
    Rosie: 4-8
    Tom: 2-4
    Jon: 1-2
    Blair: 1-2
    Maanuv: 1-3
    Dan: 1-4
    Tilly: 1-5
    Ivan: 0-3
    TomSka: 0-5

    *Watch Diamant

    (All-time stats in replies)

  5. I would love if they would do Burgle Bros. Similar feel, but I feel a much better game to play and for the audience to watch!

  6. I appreciated hollys heathers reference

  7. I can't believe Adam is asking Laurie to insult him. "Put me down!" Adam says.

  8. 24:36 Sully is such a gold mine of slightly obscure yet immensely interesting facts. i didn't know about the tuberculosis-related (potential) origin of vampires, that's so cool!

    also: the WHO estimates that about one quarter of the world's population has been infected with TB / is an asymptomatic carrier so the chances of someone around the table having TB aren't that slim.

  9. Been watching Feed the Kraken Boardgame months ago. That is a perfect game for NRB. Hope to see more of the crew on board for this.

  10. Holly seems pretty tactical. When Adam is complaining about her as a partner all I could think is aren't you lucky that chaotic Rosie isn't here this week!

  11. that's right you all heard him Adam want to end the monarchy. kill the king, kill the king, kill the king.

  12. That was clearly Holly's win– Adam was the "plus one"

    The track record speaks for itself.

  13. i love mythic myschief, i love watching NRB but this didnt make for a good watch for whatever reason -_('.')_/-

  14. Hold up, how does Laurie doing an impression of himself sound more like him than he does 😮😮😮

  15. For the record you method of picking teams is not equal – basically people next to each other are more likely to be on teams together/ For a 2-2 split the best way would be for player 1 to roll a dice to pick their teammate 1&2 – player 2, 3&4 -player 3, 5&6 player 4. This way all pairings are equally likely.

  16. Chelsea being a team of creatures that melt in daylight certainly sums up their season 😂

  17. Damn, 20 minutes till the game actually starts, this feels like a NRB record

  18. Whatever happened to the masterpiece series? Surely we didnt run out did we?

  19. I still don‘t get the end. Clutters count as two movement spaces. Laurie distracted it into the clutter. But the Purple thing can only walk 3 turns. Hoe did it end up walking 4?

  20. Dom’s Tower of Destiny songs remain unmatched 😂

  21. Took me two years to connect this in my mind but this channel is very similar to Wil Wheatons Tabletop from Geek and Sundry! No wonder I love it so much!!!

  22. 20 minutes in and I'm not confused at all.

  23. Those Mythic Witches… thayre solid Teflon, never bothered, never harassed… I'd give anything to be like that ❤

  24. This channel makes me wanna play board games with my friends that i dont have

  25. I would love to see the team play 'Kragmortha', it too is set in a library about knicking a book but there are physical consequences to getting caught. You might get cursed with lead jaw, so you have to put your jaw on the table and not be able to move it, or only being able to play with 1 arm or not being able to talk or a broken leg so you have to play standing up. could be good physical comedy content.

  26. Not that many team TT games out there but its always fun to see all of you working together, laughing and joking. You should do a Team Survival Nemesis Escape.. (TSNE) with increased roll penalty's Aid will only comes from your allies and what special gear they Roll to equip, just a silly idea…Team Work Makes the dream Work lol.

  27. Having never seen this show before, ummm…. So why do they hate each other? 😂

  28. You had me at "magical library" 🤑
    However, I would argue it's an oversimplification to call this Nerds vs. Jocks. I submit:
    Wizards: Nerds
    Witches: Hipsters
    Monsters: Jocks
    Vampires: Goths

  29. Sully should be the official retriever of the dice tower

  30. can there please be an episode without holly please. she is in every episode now and keeps behaving like a toddler

  31. I can only hope I get an invitation to Holly and Adam’s wedding

  32. Jesus Herbert Christ. Sully's dice tower song had me in absolute stitches!

  33. is it just me or was laurie and sully keeping boosts all game or am i reading their cards wrong? Ik Sully gets more boosts for blood but he only ever had 1 blood per turn no?

  34. NRB you need to do IV studio's Veiled Fate. It plays up to 8 and is a mix of strategy, luck, and deduction.

  35. No. Nope. Din't buy that impression of Laurie one bit. Not. One. At all. Nary a one.

  36. So happy to see this one featured. Would be interesting to see the team play it once they're more familiar with the mechanics. Feel like it would be a great tournament game.

    It's amazing how simple but deep the mechanics are. Have played it 1v1, 4 player free for all and teams and all variations are good. In a 3 player you can do a 2v1 which is good if you have an experienced player and 2 that haven't played it before or haven't mastered it yet.

  37. It's weird, i randomly see a strange camera angle and Sullivan turns a unique direction and he almost disappears and i think I see a bit of Bradley Cooper. They must have some direct parallel ancestors.

  38. "It seems a little early for hubris" says Adam, as if wizard hubris isn't the most famously insane of all

  39. So like why does NRB not have “advertisement” in the top right corner? It feels like recently, once per episode Adam pulls a Jimmy Fallon and just says “and that’s why I LOVE this game” and just tells about the instructions

  40. 😂 gosh i love Laurie's yelling bouts

  41. Adam's back must've been killing him because he carried that

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