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Let’s Play NEMESIS LOCKDOWN | Part 1 | Board Game Club

No Rolls Barred
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  1. Anyone else see Laurie's reaction at 1:36:50 when Sully got the medkit??
    He's definitely out to kill at least Sully.

  2. I'm not even 10 minutes in and there are already at least like 6 quotable lines that will live in my mind rent free

  3. Did Isaac and Sully draw 6 cards on their first turn, since they started in the Isolation Room? It seems to be a rule that's often forgotten.

  4. As a french guy, I must say this is outrageous ! And fun.
    Thanks guys !

  5. are you gonna post the nest video on friday like last time?

  6. My head cannon for this is that Laurie's character is just the same as his character from Fiasco. It is making this episode incredibly fun to watch.

  7. Can't wait to grab a bottle of wine and soak in the bath watching this when I get off work.

  8. Made it up to four pages of Patreon credits. This place is just glowing and growing, you love to see it.

  9. At 39:55 the careful move overrides the exploration token. That's the whole point of careful movement.
    What you gain when you reveal danger is balanced by what you lose when you reveal silence.

  10. Neutralizer… aka 'Tummy Sword' of the future.

  11. Its nice that Laurie decided to cosplay as the janitor. Helps with the immersion

  12. I don't even know where to start lmao! I think being on the Nemesis was probably better luck! Since I don't think Isaac (sorry if spelled wrong my brain is still laughing) ever got unslimed from the Nemesis does that mean he got reslimed lol? Sully whatever aftershave you're wearing that the queens seem to like I think it's time to change! Fantastic job guys!

  13. LOCKDOWN!!! The best version of Nemisis!

  14. Looking forward to watching this. I do hope in the future, you might do a series on some of the longer board games like Kingdom Death or Gloom-Haven.

  15. Yesssss!!! I was hoping you guys would play this 😀

  16. I love when these guys play Nemesis! Can't wait for part 2!

  17. This was really fun to watch! Also, nice attention to the rules! I'm excited to see the second part.

  18. Ok all i can see now is Laury's head on the feminine version of Scruffy, no idea why😅😂

  19. The most recent handful of BGC videos (ladies night excluded) it's been really nice to see Adam just let himself get taken over by laughter so often. I'm sure it's not a new thing but it's really nice to see and his laugh is super contagious!

    Also, Isaac, wtf, dude? really? again?

  20. The "Brothers in Arms" reference was the most brilliant part of this video! Bravo!

  21. Loved it! The drama. The suspense. The horrifying creatures. That was an awesome episode! Moppy!

  22. Another Nemesis? ohh boy time for the misadventures of Captain Sully.

  23. After this Adam must win 50% of the rest of Board Game Club, not to play 5 games of Monopoly.

  24. That episode could of ended in a one parter. 😥

  25. Of course Isaac gets slimed again.
    Of course Sully pulls out the queen.
    Of course Laurie is an evil prick.
    This round of Nemesis is gonna be fucking bonkers.

  26. 7:34 Pause. Scan the QR code on the character card to see a thoughtful thank-you message from the creator of the game.

  27. Is this better than the original nemesis? I can't decide which one to get.

  28. The spacesuits are a fantastic touch. Keep up the great work, NRB!

  29. I'm torn because it's split up into parts and I have no idea when this game will finish. I kinda want to wait til I can watch the whole thing…

  30. Don’t worry Adam, I’m only half visually impaired so I can tell you that it will (probably) not be as hard as you think.

  31. The fact that everyone in unison said “you idiot” to Sully was one of the best moments from this episode. 😂

  32. When does the "Tom says No Whimsy" T-shirt drop?

  33. I love this channel isn’t afraid to play heavier games! There is no channel like it on YouTube!

  34. I love nemesis so so much. This expansion is great. Jesus Christ Sully, you are oppressively bad at this game.
    Love you though! 😂

  35. Glad you realised Sully couldn't be saved. Although I wouldn't have been angry had you forgotten and he limped into part 2.

    What a mess this game is already

  36. Please do a gloomhaven or betrayal legacy play through

  37. Just want to say a big thank you to NRB for your quality show! Wil Wheaton’s tabletop got me into board games with it’s fun immersive gameplay and you guys remind me so much of that! Every time I watch you guys play a game, I want to run out and buy it! Thank god I already own Nemesis! It’s one of my favourite games and I’m glad you gave us the sequel! You make me laugh out loud and want to be at that table with you! Thank you and keep up the good work!

  38. I've been waiting for such gameplay of this game!

  39. I discovered your channel with your boardgame masterpieces video on Nemesis. After watching that and your playthrough, I purchased the game. We played it and it was every bit as awesome as you said it would be. Since then, I've grown to really love this channel and the dynamics between the players. Thank you for showing how much fun boardgames can be! Also, smart move by AR to send you Lockdown. I predict more sales out of that. 🙂 Really glad you brought back the Nemesis gang for this playthrough.

  40. Oh, yesss, I was hoping this one will come up, I got tired of rewatching you playing the original Nemesis 😀 Anyway, I'm waiting for my copy of Lockdown to arrive so I have to find my fix somewhere, and this will do…

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