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Let’s Play NEMESIS RETALIATION | Board Game Club

No Rolls Barred
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Make sure you grab your copy of The 7th Citadel and get adventuring before their kickstarter campaign ends on June 19th #AD

We would like to give a big THANK YOU to Awaken Realms for providing us with this prototype of the brand new NEMESIS RETALIATION.

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  1. Some things you can't betray. For everything else, there is Holly.

  2. Jon, the most unlucky marine alive… But he is alive! Ken, you bastard 🤣

  3. Ken have just won me with that Command and Conquer reference, didn't expect that niche reference in NRB. Great to say the least!

  4. Who needs to watch a movie when you can enjoy this masterpiece?

  5. Wait… so you actually have infinite oxygen? Zero-factorial (0!) is equal to 1, so when it drops from 0 to 0! it just goes back to 1 😉

  6. My name is Jeff… really strange sensation to have tv people speak directly to me.

  7. The player who triggered an attack is the one affected by the attack. It's only during the event phase where the first player would take the attack in the event in which there are more than two people in one room. Sorry, John. You got hosed.

  8. I want them to replay the older nemesis games

  9. thank you for this birthday gift video NRB, love it

  10. Watching this makes me want to go and late pledge this game after thinking I didn't need it because I already had Lockdown. Dammit!

    Also love that this was all released as one part instead of two, like the other two Nemesis plays.

  11. So…and I may be nit picking but if there's no oxygen in rooms, wouldn't fires in those rooms extinguish? Should be a rule for that when that happens, I would think.

  12. 1:26:40 Reminds me of a party member (Pathfinder 1e) who had a couple of uniquely enchanted (throwing) daggers. Dealing 1d4 damage, they then healed for 1d8 (cure light wounds).

  13. The Jon saga was absolutely wild!

  14. Hbomberguy mentioned. I knew I liked Ken, just more validation.

  15. Nemesis without Captain Bumblefuck just doesn't seem legal

  16. Crunchy game with Ken = Ken is very good = underestimate Ken on BGC. (Holly is also underestimated which is good in these games, but then is a master in BotC). Ken is at least as good, but is underestimated.

  17. @norollsbarred Ken is my hero. I used to turn up the computer speakers to max volume when my brother was sleeping in and just click in circles in red alert just to blare "ACK-KNOWLEDGED" over and over again LMAO

  18. I loved these 3 hours! Amazing stuff!
    Retaliation seems super fun, I didn't really enjoyed Lockdown that much, but Retaliation seems as fun as the base Nemesis… maybe even more? I don't do preorders/kickstarters, so I'll have to wait a long time, but it is fine 🙂

  19. John’s luck must have been destined for him from citadels

  20. I loved watching this one. Was rooting for John the whole time.

  21. Legend has it that if you listen closely on a still night, you can hear Isaac leaving the slime room.

  22. John luck is God tier 😆. Are we sure he doesn't have 9 lives or something lol 😆 😂😂😂

  23. Hi, formal request for nemesis , but… series

  24. Glad to see nemesis come back was one of the first videos I watched of nrb on another note Holly got that cowboy bebop t-shirt 👌👌 the chaos that happened so early on in this was insane 0 to 100 real quick

  25. Jon Unraveled, then reravled and rallied… with the support of everyone else.. this was an epic….

  26. This game seems both incredibly confusing and really good fun at the same time!

  27. With the Fury card at 1:16:46 should Holly have also taken damage as it says "All Characters" for the effect?

  28. if you trigger a hazard simbol in a room with someone with the firstplayer token, the alien attacks the one who triggered the attack, not the other one.

  29. You forgot the rule about securing corridors, would have slowed down the massive influx of aliens

  30. in the Ads Sullivan is to Laurie to what Dom is to Sullivan normally.

  31. Would love to see you lot play Shadows Over Camelot

  32. other missruling i saw you do, is the queen movement, she moves from corridor to room and from room to corridor, not from corridor to corridor like normar instruder

  33. If you've watched enough of these movies, you should know nothing good can ever come from bringing those eggs back.

  34. If I'm not mistaken, all those events that had you put a noise token/changed noise into hordes that affect every open corridor with a path to the lander should've been every corridor on the ends that aren't explored yet that have a path without doors to the lander room. You only did stuff with the 3 corridors around the lander. Would've made it harder.

  35. The original and lockdown look so much simpler. I love the series but I really don't need retaliation. And it needs a giant table.

  36. A Holly gun can only cause friendly fire.

  37. i love nemisis but sully should have been there in the background at least, being eaten by xenomorphs🤣

  38. John being on the brink of death for like most of the game made it really hilarious

  39. Best online game I have ever watched, fucken hilarious!!! Only 1 year to go for me to swear and cry.

  40. Love it. Just hope they do another play with the og players that are still there like sully and Issac.

  41. The perfect song in a combat: "Ich tu dir weh" from Rammstein ("I will hurt you").

  42. 7:05 Sullivan sounded like Kaiba’s evil spirit that yugi faced at duelist kingdom

  43. I'm SO happy to see Nemesis back! One of the best games on the channel, hands down

  44. Did not expect the C&C reference there. Now I want to boot it up again, it's been a few months.

  45. Yay!!! I have this game on kickstarter. Thanks for showing it off.

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