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Let’s Play PANDEMIC | Board Game Club

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  1. You know that copy of Twilight Imperium is continuing to sit ominously in the corner… Waiting. Patient. Inevitable.

  2. Laurie’s long ass wave got me- this episode is such a vibe already

  3. Apparently I've been playing this hard mode. No wonder I never win. Thought you had to cure AND eradicate

  4. My three Pandemic Hot Takes:

    1. Pandemic is a classic and should have a place in everyone’s collection.

    2. If you love Pandemic, you need to play Pandemic Legacy (at least the first one). As a side note, I’d love NRB to do a series where they do a legacy game (either Pandemic or Betrayal).

    3. The best version of Pandemic is Pandemic Iberia.

  5. I don't need a board game to play Pandemic

  6. I don't know if you have heard of it but XCOM has a boardgame if you ever wanted to look at another coop game to play that game can be intense to play.

  7. Wow they managed to snag a WATER sponsorship? What a huge moment for the channel 🤩

  8. (My boardgame hot take) Horrified killed Pandemic for me. Pandemic was one of the games that got me into the hobby, but too many times have there been one person alpha gaming and telling everyone else what to do. With Horrified each player can be doing something different to fight the monsters so that limits the alpha game issue

  9. Based on where the cubes were, yes. They won exactly because Adam choose Ho Chi Min to cure. That’s how close this game was.

  10. When we play our disease cube colours are
    Yellow fever,
    Black death,
    Scarlet fever and……

  11. How drunk is Lourie in this one? 🥴

  12. I see Adam has finally worked out how to get more wins on the board, play co-op games

  13. This game destroyed my 10 year friendship with 2 people.

  14. Like for real….how many pints deep is Lourie?

  15. 11 weeks left in the year and Adam needs 7 wins…what a final stretch indeed

  16. One of the best board games of all time!! I always play Pandemic when I visit Draughts, can't wait to see how the NRB family handle this

  17. Corona
    Monkey pox
    Yes it was obviously right there but this is more for myself than anyone else. Great vid

  18. Loved the game, loved all the players……. but…… it wasn't quite that close. Laurie had "One Quiet Night" still. When you take that into account the game was won on Sullys turn and it was just a matter of going though the turns. Still had a wonderful time watching this and would like to see you take on other versions of the game like Star Wars, Cthulhu, or Fall of Rome.

  19. They forgot to spread Sydney’s outbreak to LA.

  20. One ok how much did you guys drink before the game? by the way Sidney would went across the ocean and you forget to place in Chicago.

  21. "I'm working with the disease now!" Fun fact, there's an expansion where one player can play as a bio-terrorist to make the game partially competitive.

  22. Boy this version of Pandemic looks a lot more fun then the version I just finished playing 😂🤣

  23. The first rule of board game club: get vaccinated and wear a mask!

  24. 19:10 So Laurie's medic ability didn't stop the epidemic cubes for Beijing. I thought cubes couldn't be placed down on Medics spot.

  25. I love this game! I’ve never beaten it though ahah. I’ve heard it’s possible to beat though 😀

  26. Not a single Tank in your dungeon crawl party. Cheers to the nerds.

  27. Adam actually has four weeks to spare, and that's assuming there's no more weeks with multiple games in one episode. Adam could pull this off. He just has to play out of his mind for the next couple months. No pressure.

  28. Spoiler:

    7 wins in 11 more weeks? Break out the team games!

  29. Adam making a Professor Brothers reference cements my love for him.

  30. Laurie could have cured Algiers and then flown from one research center to the other rather than curing the black disease. Then Adam could have hit two of the red spots.

  31. 11. 11 weeks for anyone counting how many left, presuming it is released videos and not games recorded by year's end.

    (And a little inside baseball: looks like it my be close with that little livestream board slip.)

  32. 7:55 I wish Laurie’s wave just lasted like 3 more seconds 😂

  33. hooray! this is one of my favorite board games and I've never won, not once haha great job guys! ❤

  34. I have a hard time following and getting into the videos with games like this. I personally can’t get enough of when the BGC plays the simpler, more fun-based games. Snake Oil, Wavelength, Herd Mentality, Dream Crush, Mean Girls, 6 Nimmt, Tsuro, Good Cop Bad Cop, Telestrations…more of these please. Cosmic Encounter episodes are always bangers too.

  35. Out of curiosity, what difficulty level did you guys play? How many epidemic cards were in your deck?

  36. I’ve never felt more connected with Adam than when he made the internet deep cut to the George Washington song.

  37. This is such a weird feeling because I want them to beat the scenario but I also want adam to lose.

  38. I would love to see NRB play "Return to Dark Tower" sometime in the near future!!

    Talk about a challenging and suspenseful game. Ooof!

  39. some of the location cards are upside down it seems…maybe?

  40. What a cool coincidence! The same day this video went out, we had our game night with Pandemic! We won as well (easy mode because it was the first play for most of the group).

  41. You’d have a lot more time if you didn’t fall for the eradication trap. That just kills your time.

  42. Sully's inner Brian Children unleashed.

  43. So I noticed a thing. At about 42mins Sydney had an out break. Wouldn't a cube travel over to the connected city in America (can't remember which one) because of the travel line on the right hand side of the map??

  44. This is a game that I've seen more people lose than win so this was an important W lol

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