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No Rolls Barred
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Adam Blampied & the gang from WrestleTalk are creating a brand-new channel all about getting YOU into board games!

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  1. how many times has adam changed his hair colour

  2. Same studio as the first one on PartsFUNknown board game episodes?

  3. new studio very nice but i personally liked the old intro better but as we always say ‘eat shit blair’

  4. Are you in a new studio? You didn't mention that!

  5. Wait… you all have legs?

  6. I played along, and imagine that 2 people guessed mine every round, so I added 2 every round… and I got 31 as well
    I got 3 in the first round, 4 on the 2nd, 3rd and 4th round, and 3 in the fifth round
    I got Jon's Lizard (tho I also thought of the dogs) and I also thought it was a diver and a snowy mountain, not a beach

  7. studio is looking very good, the brightness and therefore the contrast seems different so thats gonna need some time getting used to

  8. I'm just happy they kept the waving barista in the intro. He was the real champ.

  9. I'm really excited to see what you guys are going to do in the new studio! Love love love what you do and am happy for you to achieve this milestone!

  10. Congratulations on the new space. Beginning was a bit discombobulating to see you all actually have legs.

  11. I might be a bit too autistic for these changes 😅. I'm happy for yall tho😊

  12. Pleasant surprise to see Dom on Doctors 👍🏻

  13. The episode was great and the ending message was too. I’m stuck indoors studying for medical school with little human interaction, just praying to do well on my exams. For all the little interaction I’ve had, this channel has been there for me to help me feel not so alone. I honestly can’t wait to be past this phase and have a board game family like this. Until then, I’ll keep watching and wishing everybody in this channel the most success. Every episode is a reason to look forward to the week to come and that means a lot. So keep being great 🙂 Thank you!

    Also, sorry if the horse joke has caused any emotional harm. Can’t speak for everybody, but won’t contribute to it 😁

  14. Man I just found this channel and it’s incredible, even better than Wil Wheaton’s TableTop. And man I loved Adam at WhatCulture so it’s great seeing him back in the saddle.

  15. There's that terrifying yoga man in the intro!

  16. This channel has really grown into something special. It doesn't matter to me so much where it is filmed as it does who is involved in the videos. I don't think this channel would be even a fraction as good without the on-camera and off-camera talents that make it look so easy.

  17. Is this a re-dressed partsFunknown set..? That's not a dig. I was just wondering what it reminded me of and I think I finally figured it out. lol

  18. Guys, are they in a new studio? It looks kinda different.

  19. I usually skip the monologues but Sullys Hawt hawt hawt was unskippable

  20. Are Brooke and sully still together?? Hope so 😢

  21. I love the intro but I hope you get something more polished!

  22. The new studio is great but the intro definitely needs some work. That Draughts intro was top tier

  23. I'll back you up that the string was clearly meant to be a lizard and not a dog.

  24. I mean, I thought it was a lizard before I even looked at the possible images.

  25. I am absolutely LIVID that Tilly got those points. Is their no sanctity in the rules any more???

  26. I feel like that the tone of the new intro and studio need to be dialed in to match a cosy board game club show.
    The intro is absolutly wild and is in desperate need of editing. Partially due to YT 30fps, you can't appreciate any of what your looking at because it's all so fast.
    The set has a nice foundation but if the players weren't there it would lack the NRB cosy personality. Maybe add a few more wood furnishings and plants to contrast the soft orange curtain.
    Altogether congratulations on growing into a new space and all the best to you!

  27. Love the new studio, but what you really need is to take advantage of the extra space for MORE SHELVES

  28. Tilly doing the wrong picture 😂😂😂 that was great. Tilly is by far my favorite guest.

  29. My Score for what I got correct:
    Round 1 – Laurie and Tilly
    Round 2 – Adam, Sully, Jon, Laurie
    Round 3 – Adam, Sully, Tilly (I'm surprised people had a difficult time with Tilly's, that one was immediate for me)
    Round 4 – Jon, Laurie, Adam
    Round 5 – Jon (I thought I was doing so well up to this terrible last round [I'm annoyed that I missed the white bottom of Tilly's making me think it was b4])

    So I got a total of 13 out of a possible 25 points

  30. I guessed the lizard for Tilly’s cards and I’ve never been happier I was thinking lizards are slow and possibly deadly and just forgot about the car

  31. off to the stars with you…also Rosy f***ing rocks.

  32. the new studio looks lovely, but it doesn't have the same comfy-coziness of the room at draughts

  33. This is Tempest's attempt to take over BGC

  34. New studio looks great! The Lizard-Dog point ended up being quite the Chekhov's gun lol.

    Was fun to watch you guys play this but I must say I'd never want to play this game. Spatial reasoning = pain for me.

  35. To much red, don't like the atmosphere for the new studio.

  36. HUGE congrats on the new studio! Love the channel and all you guys do!


    I DO LIKE THAT BROOKE'S HEAD IS IN THE TOILET. Has Sully finally dumped her for Adam?

  38. What i like about this Channel, You can see and hear the friendship. I think that is why i like alot of Board game channels, you feel like a friend of theirs. Just watching buddies have a good time. So Wholesome

  39. Personally I think it would be really funny if that server was just inexplicably in 3d while everything else wasn't

  40. Not gonna lie, it is a little weird seeing everyone’s feet…

  41. People actually have legs … that feels … weird …

  42. this is awesome but im definitley gonna miss the old studio too

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