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Let’s Play PITCHCAR | Board Game Club

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  1. Such a simple mechanic but looks so much fun and you get a little exercise too

  2. I feel like you should 100 percent be allowed to knock others off. Evidence the beginning of this game

  3. i love how everyone's energy is super high while lizzie's energy is quiet

  4. I need about 1000 more videos of this game, I have never been more delighted

  5. Izzy's nickname should be PaRampa the Ramper

  6. I stumbled on your channel over the long weekend and I'm addicted. I used to go to a monthly board game night before the pandemic, and it still hasn't restarted. It was full of bastards like you, I miss them, and hanging out at your table reminds me of what the pandemic took. Time to find your patreon

  7. 11:15:38 – Uh oh! You guys are going to have to glue a second blackboard on to that one to cover Adam’s future loses! ;p 🙂

  8. I really, really don't like Pitchcar. But this was a gem of a video, an absolute riot.

  9. Sometimes it's the dirt simple concepts that are the most fun and give room for the biggest characters. Bravo folks, that was a fun watch.

  10. You should try a Board Game called ‘Oath Chronicles of Empires and Exile’

  11. I'm gonna say it: Laurie with no hat is really doing it for me. Who's with me?

  12. Legend has it, Dom is still trying to jump the ramp.

  13. Giga Chad hatless Laurie > beta hat wearing Laurie

  14. I love the return of Jon Gracie, as well as the return of the patented Jon Unraveling.

  15. Everyone humming The Chain, which hasn't been the F1 music for about a decade at this point, at the end, really made this for me 😂

  16. Welcome to the wonderful madhouse that is Board Game Club, Izzy! She was like a sniper in that second race!

  17. I can see this game being used again if they find their Patreon memberships dropping.

    1:09:51 Does Adam know he's doing the Jurassic Park theme instead of Back to the Future?

  18. Thank goodness you pushed in the barrier partway through the rules introduction. That was distracting as heck.

    Also, for people who are interested, I'd recommend the mini version of this game over the normal one due to it fitting better on most gaming tables.

  19. You can tell this is a European racing game because hitting each other is illegal

  20. I've missed Jon's over-the-top reactions to everything on Board Game Club.

  21. Dom showing up and pulling a Life F1 is fantastic…and then going full Mercedes at the end

  22. Question, has this crew played Formula D? I have such a clear memory of you guys playing it but there's literally no evidence of it anywhere on the internet. Have I gone mad? Anyway, can you please play Formula D?

  23. I think a ramp just before the finish line would be good!

  24. If they do another lord of the board I'm hoping they use this game for one of their championship games

  25. I spit water out of my mouth when I heard the music for sully lol

  26. I think we finally have the actual 1st rule of BGC now XD

  27. Loved all the F1 references!! such a fun game to watch, had me in hysterics 🙂

  28. I’m gonna have to go back and check the videos but is this Adam’s first solo win?

  29. That opening intro segment looked like an indie band photo, so from left to right:

    Bass, Backing Vocals
    Guitar, Backing Vocals
    Keyboard, Various Horn Instruments

  30. Can I just say. 46:43 the way Sully tries to take a shortcut and then just stays frozen for a few seconds after. Dead ☠️🤣

  31. Oh this was beautiful to watch. The unraveling, the frustration, the support, the mess ups. Entertaining as always. I'd like to mention Dom in this comment but I won't.

  32. I don’t think 46:40 got the laughs it deserved. Maybe it was the camera angle the audience got but I rewatched that 5 times! This whole episode was so unexpectedly hysterical!

  33. Jon! I am in love with your hand bling!!!! Best way to show up to a game where your hands will mostly be seen! 🤣😂🤣😂

  34. The seating rotation literally gave me nausea

  35. The joke of the day surely was Sully failing to get over the ramp the entire last race

  36. An hour into the video and they've just about made it around the first corner

  37. Idk names but the guy with the painted nails is a little bit cringe, sorry. The guy who was late isn’t great either

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