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  1. You should have a shirt that tells the audience when someone is late. Bright pink shirt like the “replacement safety gear” shaming

  2. I will not have a bad word said against Saint Dom!

  3. I don't know if they're incredibly bad at this game, incredibly bad at designing tracks, or the game is just an exercise in frustration.

    Although I've heard other people praise this game, so I suspect this crew doesn't show it in the best light.

  4. Welcome to the Club Izzy, happy to have you in this video.

    Can't wait to see you in future episdoes 😊

  5. This was so much fun! Please do again 😂

  6. First rule of board game club: this is cheaper than therapy

  7. Couldn't recommend the uncut version of this more highly, if you can sign up to patreon do it, you won't regret it!

  8. Did not think I would enjoy since this is so different than usual BGC favorites but honestly all of y'all are hilarious and had so much fun and I had a huge smile on my face the whole time. 💗💗 This is why I watch all BGC videos no matter what they're about.

  9. I heard the real reason Dom was late was due to all the hookers and drugs he enjoyed the night before.

  10. I never thought I'd sit down and just watch a group of blokes play a board game for an hour but here i am.

  11. Clearly, Dom had begun the psychological race long before cameras rolled on this episode. He toyed with the lot of you for a while, then unleased his fury in another soul-inspiring bout of good sportsmanship. 😀  

    But seriously, ladies and rampjumpers (not you Adam and Sully), Board Game Club and NRB simply get better with every new episode. PItchcar is, by nature, always going to have some laughs in it, but it's the chemistry of the NRB team — with new recruit Izzy on board now! — that make YOUR playthroughs so entertaining and worth multiple viewings. All the inside jokes, the personalities, the grudges make BGC so fun in a branded way that keeps what small amount of money I scrape together worth transferring to your Patreon. I truly wish I had more right now to bump up my level, because you're worth it. Cheers!

  12. One my fave dexterity games. Such a easy idea and just wish they keep making track pieces in weired wonderfully designs. Also would love see pitch car league if you guys can make it regular thing id love to watch it

  13. Not often you see a board game where the player's circle it like vultures

  14. I feel like this game could also be played like golf trying to get the lowest number of flicks but the furthest back person goes.

  15. Love how quickly everyone forgot that Sully would've made it ages ago if Dom hadn't blocked him lol

  16. whenever Dom isn't on BGC, everyone should be asking "where is Dom?"

  17. Doing "The Chain" with Dom's makes too much sense.

  18. If you want a great racing game, you guys should play Flamme Rouge. Absolutely fantastic game

  19. For someone sharing the main charecters name, dom was Nethier fast nor furious

  20. Dom. Deserves to arrive late because he’s so well loved and respected by his peers!

  21. This looks cool, but to get all the cool stuff, it looks quite expensive. Though DIY looks pretty doable.

  22. Laurie being hatless made me almost not recognise him

  23. It would be much cooler if you were encouraged to knock people off the track. Like, when you knock them off they go back to the place you started. I could swear that's how you explained it in the dexterity games top 10 list, too.

  24. I'd love to see this where half the people go one direction and half go the other way. Would be a good base for a "House Rules" video, I think.

    Maybe add having to use something other than your finger as the flicker. Like a rubber band, or a spoon or something.

    Then throw in hazards such as sand or oil to make the movement less predictable.

  25. Minor thing, but can you add chapters/segment breaks for between each game?

  26. This episode was exhilarating!
    Jon's frustration as always welcome and izzy was great!

  27. Fully admiring that I’ve never played this game. But that first game looked miserable. The walls in the middle of the road fucked it all up

  28. You guys should play Alice is Missing. Or Ransom Notes! Those are some of by favorite board games and I haven't seen many people play them, unfortunately. 🙁

  29. At 50:18

    Obviously this would cause some upsets, but with track-skipping, why not take your first turn to get on the right side of the start/finish line, and then on your next turn, try track-skipping up to the piece three tiles before the finish line.

    Or, more practically, and probably one that people would allow, off the starting ramp and up so you skip past the two grades. This would then put you into position to do the "true ramp" that was pointed out.

  30. That final over-the-ramp win was epic…congrats Dom

  31. Sully handled that ramp about as well as he handled the admin.

  32. I really like the idea of track skipping, but to make it more fair, I think having checkpoints would be useful. Unless someone else bumps you past one, that is.

  33. You want us to pay for you guys and can't even show up on time….pathetic.

  34. Yeah I’d want to get my acrylics removed for this one.

  35. Add more light, please, you've got an amazing channel and it's really entertaining, but it looks really dull due to the lack of lighting on your faces.

  36. Was this one recorded pre or post Edinburgh Fringe? 🤔

  37. The way we play it, which I think is much better, is with these 2 changes:
    – Without the "upside-down car loses a turn" rule (it's kind of just random, and usually just happens because of the boards being warped and the attachment of 2 pieces of track not lining up, not because of skill)
    – We add a knock-off rule: if you knock an opponent's piece off and you're still on the track, the opponent goes back to where YOU started. It means you sometimes don't have the stuck problems you guys were having and also makes for some really cool shots sometimes where you move the racer in the lead way back

  38. Watch the uncut version. Its 30 minutes longer.

  39. That was the most intense ending ever!!! 😂😂😂

  40. After seeing the explanation of the game, I wasn't sure about this one, but as it turns out, NRB is one of those channels where I'd watch you all read the phone book because your chemistry is always entertaining 😀

    Also, Dom, your unprofessional behavior has been noted and a memo sent to HR to log your first strike 😁And Sully, we'll also be talking to HR about your poor performance when it comes to onboarding new crew members: "What's your email?" is not the end of the process, sir 😂(Related note: please speak to HR about NRB's free employee education provisions, as they're concerned you may not know how to count beyond the number 1.)

    How long until the internet clips Adam saying "my little bottom" and posts it places to make it creepy?

  41. Are you playing whiskey shots per flick or something? Oh and jumps cannot exceed 2 track sections, sorry Izzy.

  42. First cheese blindness and now ramp amnesia… I'm happy NRB are educating people on these real-life conditions, truly eye opening.

    We're with you Sully! We support you no matter what.

  43. I have noticed villainous on the shelf here forever and I would love to see a game of it on the channel.

  44. I can’t wait for tonight when the air is 80 degrees and not 115 degrees.. I can recline.. eat my baked potato’s, and watch a new episode of NRB!! Thank goodness one is out, I am excited! <3

  45. Such a simple mechanic but looks so much fun and you get a little exercise too

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