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  1. in the first game why did you mark the 4th adventure as good victory, in rules section you said if theres even one fail the mission goes to evil

  2. poor tilly's analysis paralysis 😭 me too girl

  3. Straight in with the Monty Python quote. I bloody love the pants off of this channel.

  4. "I'm not playing Monopoly" says the man who knows guilt over scoring almost all of his wins in shotgun games where a majority of the players at the table get a win will both push him towards calling out his actions shamefully…. And knowing the content he's set up at this point is too dramatically good to abandon. Oops.

  5. Always excited to see whether Jon's nails are serving this week, and lo, they are. They are excellent

  6. Really cool game! But damn after watching botc every other social deduction game seems so weak in comparison xD

  7. One player, three separate evil rounds. That's a rough go lol.

  8. I think the gang really needs to work hard against Adam. We all love you Adam, but it's for the content

  9. I think Adam marked the deck. Just kidding. I am guessing the next several games will be co ops and fast little games, I see Adam will do anything to manipulate a win.

  10. Will the real Morgan Le Fay please stand up oh wait.

  11. admitedly my social deduction experience is more from a mafia mindset but quest seems to heavily slanted towards good winning it seems near impossible for evil to actually win

  12. In the 2nd game evil should've known they were toast and outed themselves and helped Brooke figure out the roles

  13. Never forget that if Adam doesn't achieve 22 monopoly will be cursing our screens with at least one very long episode of real estate hell.

  14. Big props for the Monty Python reference in the opening explanation.

  15. The blind hunter should havd gotten to hunt in that last game. Adam made a blunder flipping his card over.

  16. This was very fun to watch, although I don't know if I liked the game that much. It seems like it has no info for the good team, there's little way of preventing the evil team from sabotaging the missions, and it's very weird that the blind hunter can only activate if the evil team won. It feels like too much of a risk when the good team hast just failed to identify the evil team, which means they already have a good shot at getting away with it. Besides, it means that the good team can just simultaneously claim their roles at the beginning of the game which will drastically increase their chances of winning at the expense of giving up their last shot. Secret Hitler seems better.

    The video was still very fun, and I loved how the role reveals were edited. At this rate, I wonder if we will see you playing cockroach poker in 2 weeks.

  17. Adams getting desperate, always playing games that put him in a good position

    Just give the people what they want, just play Monopoly and suffer

  18. Team games should never have counted towards Adam's total. All he has to do is ride the coattails of everyone else to pad his win count. A personal challenge is now a community challenge achieved by the group.

  19. Holly. The shoes. Need to see more.

  20. Is it just me, or is the camera on Adam, Holly, and Jon a lower resolution then the rest? It seems whenever it switched to them the image quality dropped.

  21. I think at this point no one on the crew wants to play Monopoly so they will go along with any plan Adam has to get to 22 wins

  22. And on today's episode of "Sully, are you evil?"

  23. Not sure about the magic rule, but I looove the not voting rule. This looks like a great alternative to Avalon.

  24. Laurie solves the game and wins? We’re in the twilight zone

  25. Is the evil team unbalance or something? This feel like the evil team especially with the changing have a hard time to win compare to good team.

    Anyone know was there a better evil team to make it more of a balance game? At least for the first game.

    2nd game seems slightly more balance but also more complicated

    Just got to the end of 2nd game. The blind hunter should not come out, also I feel like the blind hunter and good have to guess at the same time to Be fair. I also thought that the trouble maker has to lie about loyalty which includes when they check others, either I understand wrongly or the trouble maker didn't do it.

    Spoiler abit
    3rd game, y didn't the bad guys get a last chance???? Also Brook misplayed so hard. Aot least magic herself or throw suspicion to someone else like Laurie as Morgan.

  26. I can't figure out if it was bad luck or if this game is really quite heavily weighted towards good. Evil never seemed like they stood a chance.

  27. Holly's move on the third mission was really cool. Playing chicken with the evil team to either make them out themselves or gibe the good team a success 😀 it was dope

  28. Ok guys… For the content, Adam must be stopped

  29. In that last game I honestly thought Laurie was Arthur. The way he kept zeroing in on Brooke without much defense for it made it seem like he knew she was Le Fay even before the very suspicious two-fail quest.

    I should never have doubted his misdirection skills. Choosing to give her leadership was calculated.

  30. shame we saw no return of Ye olde B&Q or any precious bleach

  31. 1:11:35 the look of total frustration by Tilly at this moment is amazing, poor Tilly

  32. The next video will be "playing 10 co-op games in 90 minutes" just to inflate Adam's score 😂 No but really, this is the kind of game I love seeing from you guys: ones that make you paranoid and sus of each other the entire time 😁

  33. Apparently there's errata for the Quest endgame that would've changed the way the 2nd and 3rd game ended, making the game a little more balanced, perhaps. Nonetheless, excellent episode of BGC as always – this cast truly brings social deduction games to another level

  34. Join us next week on board game club where we play Snap!

  35. This may be a stupid question, but once a player plays their fail card in a round, how do they get their fail card back without telling the rest of the board that they are evil?

  36. Loving the Monty Python references from Sully in the intro.

  37. seems like QUEST should have just been an Expansion to AVALON as it's clearly a worse version of the game, the game is clearly leaning towards a Good Guy win and with them having a Majority that's clearly not a good thing

    the fact that the game just ENDS as soon as the good guys win 3 quests is also rubbish as it makes roles like the Blind Hunter actually BAD for the Evil Team, seems like they had a great thing with AVALO, should have stuck with it.

  38. I KNEW Holly was Arthur in that last round! It seemed weird that someone normally so vocal was suddenly so quiet. Almost like she really didn’t want to draw attention to herself…

  39. shame adam has to cheat to get wins by not infroming players in sniper of all posibilitys of moves and rules so he wins and countluss other cheating and unfair sportsman like tactics but thats why adam is not good at games and why id never play with him because even tho i can do card tricks i never cheated a card game in my life even thou i could wining the way adam has to just so he doesnt play monopoly is sad id never want to personally claim an unfair win and almost puts me off wanting to watch NRB anymore

  40. Would LOVE to watch you guys play Shadows Over Camelot!

  41. The too sweet bananza there for a minute was great lol
    "ehhhh is this a wrestling thing?"
    Yes Jon it most certainly is.

  42. Stop playing social deduction games, Adam is clearly cheating.
    Also, with all the talk about treason at the beginning, you folks should play Paranoia.

  43. So Quest is Avalon? And Secret Hitler? And Werewolf?

  44. I AM BEYOND THRILLED!!! Deception games are by far the best board games to watch, and a different version of Avalon is great. I would legit watch multiple games of Avalon, Coup, Secret Hitler etc every day I promise. xD

  45. Stout: (of a person) rather fat or of heavy build. (See also ‘fattish’, ‘plump’).

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