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Let’s Play SAY ANYTHING (feat. TomSka) | Board Game Club

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  1. I was sort of ready for the toilet story.
    I was not ready for the reptile pit.

    I don't think anybody was ready for the alligator.

  2. they aren’t even doing the finger hearts correctly i love my geriatric board game men

  3. Why is the best part of this game, the after game?

  4. 59:32, but watch the whole video. I immediately thought "Taking your mom to the vet."

  5. It makes sense that Brooke is from Florida (I am also from Florida)

  6. In the whole mum/dog saga, could have threw in a ‘Mum you bitch!’

  7. The look on Brooke’s face when she realised she had unintentionally killed maybe dozens of cats ☠️💀

  8. Laurie over here playing say anything like it's burn book.

  9. Given his well documented dislike of Newcastle, I’m surprised Adam didn’t say that for the Worst Place To Wake Up question.

  10. During adams explanation i lost it at 3 bucks

  11. British people hearing about the Average Floridian Lifestyle:

  12. I love that tiny Brooke Burgeoise has "Survived the Reptile Pit" on her CV, that is amazing.

  13. I think Sully must have stalked me. I bite my own toenails, but I highly doubt anyone else on this planet does

  14. Someone should have said horses at guilty pleasure

  15. 59:31 Sullivan is the only one doing the gen z heart right 😂

  16. I don't know any one person who hasn't fallen in a toilet to be honest. Like you need to go really bad, or you wake up in the middle of the night and stumble barely awake to the bathroom or it's dark, or you just to drunk etc, and when you sit you realized the toilet seat is up and you simply fall in.

  17. I understood that assassin's creed reference 😎👉👉

  18. With just the comments of "Hot bucket Cold bucket", and a "Reptile pit" instead of a zoo, I just knew Brooke was from Florida. The swamp and the gator just confirmed it.
    Peak Florida

  19. 38:22 I remember when he made the video where he calls 17 Again the greatest movie of all time, and for awhile it was my fav video on YouTube

  20. Playing along this game in my head made me realise my sense of humour is beyond fucked up.. XD
    Worst movie character to be? the boy in the striped pyjamas.
    Worst place to wake up? inside a cremation oven.

  21. I never saw the reptile pit but I remember travelling I-10 to Mobile (Just before you get to Pensacola) when I was a kid in the early 90s I think it was, we would stop at a truck stop that had actual tigers in an enclosure. The Tiger Stop, IIRC.

  22. This was one Laurie win he won outright but was cheated out since was not given 2pts in 12th round ..its clear Adam cheated and he showed it in his face.

  23. I swear me and Tom have the same brain this is actually terrifying. For the first question I thought "oh how could I elaborate on just a funeral" so I was like what about your own funeral? And then throughout the game I tried to think of a callback reference until the "where would you least want to wake up" round where I thought back to 10,000bc. Little did I know that Tom had put the same answer AGAIN?!! HOW??

  24. Is this just quiplash from jackbox but in board game form

  25. We all know it would be Laurie's greatest nightmare to wake up in the middle of a seminar for optimists 😆 🤣 😂

  26. "I just like war profiteering."
    – Thomas Ska, 2023

  27. "and she lived by the swamp", ok, that's where I completely lost it. I snorted so hard I gave myself an instant headache. It was worth it.

  28. 41:19 I’m surprised no one brought up The Shaggy Dog which is literally that situation

  29. It's like cards against humanity but less nazi related

  30. The system is the stupidest answer. Omg the patriarchy. Shut up

  31. You know what. I can see why Dan might be struggling on youtube

  32. Who would have guessed the flamboyant guy would be the least funny by a mile?

  33. ok this is one of the absolute funniest of the lot

  34. 13th year is the best. All the Disney Channel originals are the best

  35. "I thought my childhood was really normal, then I met… people, you know"

  36. I thought she was about to say they had to go knocking on doors to borrow someone's cat to lure it out.

  37. Brooke's answers were so good but then everyone was like "explain yourself" and all the things which make her answers funny like the lack of context and the absurdist shock value are forced away from her until other options look better. Brooke is my winner

  38. "in my opinion what is the most exhausting physical activity?"

    My mind: "Well genocide is pretty demanding on the body"

  39. The second i heard tom say the word habit i immediately thought of sister act 2 and am so glad dan had the same idea

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